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Sticky Topic STICKY: Planet X Reloaded!
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  Published on Jun 7, 2013 Physics prove there was a Dwarf Star past Saturn in its original orbit as pictured on the 3K BC Akkadian Cylinder Seal. This reconciles Bode's Law as well as the Standard Acretion Model and the Mass missing from the So...
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Cosmic Maelstrom : Planet X Thermonuclear Micronova and Solar System Catastrophism!
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  Published on Jun 21, 2013 Scientists have discovered that our Solar System is immersed in an Aluminum 26 Cloud which is proof that it was struck by some type of Nova Event.   The Earth's 23* Tilt is due to this Micronova that struck the entir...
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Planet X for Dummies! The Nicaraguan Meteorite an omen of things to come! (Video)
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  NASA has been telling us for decades that Planet X does not exist and then they tell us they were still looking for it this past April.   What does that tell ya?   Tells me someone is a dummy and it ain't me...
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No New Posts Xtreme (Preview)
Xtreme While doing research into my lineage, I came across the book below and found some interesting information. It seems that there were an unusual amount of "natural disastors" that centered right around the time that I just happened to be interested in, concerning the Life of Rober...
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No New Posts Planet X and the Background Hum (Preview)
And, once again, David Hill the Intrepid Investigator of all things Mysterious has solved one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe. Or, at least, our planet anyways. Pears that the Kolbrin Bible tells us that when Planet X passes through we will be able to hear the Trumpet of the Destroyer and,...
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No New Posts Unknown Cosmic Rays
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Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious Nearby Object Nov. 19, 2008: An international team of researchers has discovered a puzzling surplus of high-energy electrons bombarding Earth from space. The source of these cosmic rays is unknown, but it mu...
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No New Posts The Nibiru Effect - Nature Gone Wild!
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17:22:36 Nov 16, 2010
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No New Posts Planet X
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  The New Jerusalem is called the City of Nommo by the Dogon and the Silver City by the Burmese and the New Jerusalem by Christians and Mount Zion by Judaism.   It will return at the start of the Mill and it may be possible that when it left this eart...
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No New Posts The Flowers of History (Preview)
"The Flowers of History" by Matthew of Westminster, translated by C.D. Yonge, B.A., AMS Press, New York, NY, 1968, Vol 2   "A.D. 1076. On the twenty-seventh day of March the earth trembled and a general earthquake took place all over England and a heavey frost and great abundance of i...
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No New Posts Black Dawn : Planet X is here!
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  Planet X passed Sun July 15 popped Io's cork Aug 23 its outgoing wake passed over the earth and we'll probably hit debris from its incoming wake between April to June.   Two days after it broke the Ecli...
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No New Posts Planet X is the Philosopher's Stone : Mysterious Black Boxes
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  It's Black Dwarf Material from Planet X!   Carbon compressed at 1/20th the Mass of the Sun and it is a Telluric Energy Magnet - a Geo Magnet.   If you look at the Indian Names for this Stone in the Wiki art...
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No New Posts Transpermia from Planet X
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  Mysterious current events indicate that we are moving into the debris field from the destruction of Tiamat captured by Planet X's Magnetosphere resulting in past, and future, transpermia - i.e....
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No New Posts The Riddle of the Sphinx : Planet X
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