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Sticky Topic STICKY: A Dirge for Darwin : Driving the final nails in Darwin's Coffin
  Press Release November 13, 2006 Press Release Contact Information: David Hill Theoferrum II Freelance Journalist E-Mail: Website: Visit...
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Adam's Body in Noah's Ark
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I believed the theory of evolution that I was taught in school because I assumed that the teachers were telling me the truth based on facts. I was a little dismayed when I found out that man didn't live at the same time as the dinosaurs, however, I didn't lose much sleep on it or on questioning the theory. I...
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No New Posts God's Fingerprint (Preview)
This is Polonium Halo found inside Granite and it had to form in solid granite in less then 3 minutes : POLONIUM 218 THE KEY Only in polonium 218 can we know the beginning and ending and thus exact time cycle—of a very short radioactive isotope! Because of this, in every instance in which we can find the po...
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No New Posts The Cave of Treasures (Preview)
I came across an archaic book on the net via the Dictionary of Symbolism called, "The Cave of Treasures" which is apparently an ancient preflood account. It is similar to "The Book of Adam" and "The Book of the Bee" and I believe that they all originated from a common s...
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No New Posts Untanglement (Preview)
I form the Light and fashion Darkness. I create Peace and craft Chaos. I Y'hava do all these things... Here is one for you. I am hoping to send it to the Institute for Creation Research for comments, and if they respond I will let you know what they say. A while back I got into a tear against evolution, and in...
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No New Posts Given enough time anything is possible, right? (Preview)
Wrong.   This is the philosophical foundation for the entire Theory of Evolution and Creationists should never have let it get off the ground because it is not Factual, it is not Logical and it is not Scientific - it is pure fantasy, plain and simple.   In a Uniformitarian System, even given all of Etern...
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No New Posts The Expanding Earth proves Global Flood
  The Expanding Earth Model proves that the earth has expanded greatly in the past.  All of the Land Masses would fit together perfectly on a smaller planet.  Scientists don't know what caused this drastic expansion of the earth however th...
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No New Posts Megalodon
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David Hill (6 June 2003) "Megalodon : The Chief of all the Children of Pride" On earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. He beholds all high things. He is King over all the Children of Pride... In the book of Job, Y'hova describes many of his own creations to show his own glory and p...
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No New Posts Monatomic Hydrogen : The Key to the Apparent Age of the Universe
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  Last night I found the Key to understanding the Apparent Age of the Geologic Strata that Creationists have been looking for. What Yull Brown did was to recreate the second step in the creation process. And, he did that under laboratory cond...
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No New Posts Poly Stratic Trees : Explained by Mount Saint Helens
  Then, of course, there is the ever Popular (poplar - get it?) Poly Stratic Trees :    Polystratic trees are fossil trees that extend through several "strata" of...
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No New Posts Human Skull in Carboniferous Rock
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   The Human Skull in Ancient Rock - June 1981"Physical evidence currently exists that proves man inhabited the earth while coal was being formed, shaking the very foundations of who we really are and how we really got here. An assortment of human bones and soft organs, transformed to rock-lik...
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No New Posts The Question that neither Creationists nor Evolutionists can answer : The Size of the Dinosaurs!
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I just sent this comment into this site in reference to their article at the link below :   "Just read your article on the problem of the size of the dinosaurs and that neither evolutionists or creationists can answer the question although it appears obvious that a difference in the barametric pr...
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