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Date: 13:25:27 Jun 8, 2013
Planet X Reloaded!


Published on Jun 7, 2013

Physics prove there was a Dwarf Star past Saturn in its original orbit as pictured on the 3K BC Akkadian Cylinder Seal. This reconciles Bode's Law as well as the Standard Acretion Model and the Mass missing from the Solar System and the Kuiper Belt Perturber and Solar System Catastrophism. Sitchin's work has been verified by an expert in the Sumerian according to Jim Marrs latest book, "Our Occulted History". Only two of his points were challenged by someone from Goddard, if memory serves, in an interview he did with Sitchin and that was the 3600 year Orbit and Pluto being a moon of Saturn (which it was not, being formally a moon of Neptune instead). For the orbit see the Notes below.

Notes :

1) Bodes Law : Planet X was originally at the Lagrangian point between Saturn and Uranus or about 15 AU from the Sun. It's mass, via Electromagnetic and/or Gravitational Wave Propagation reset Bode's Law to O at that point and boosted the multiple from 3 to 5. Thus, 15 AU plus 5 equals 20 AU which is exactly where Uranus is. The multiple then doubles to 10 added to 20 AU yields 30 AU which is exactly where Neptune is and it doubles again to 20 added to 30 AU yields 50 AU which is exactly where the Kuiper Belt ends "sharply". Pluto's orbital elements are almost exactly that of Neptune's moon Triton which proves it was one of its moons and not a moon of Saturn as Sitchin mistakenly thought. Thus the object between Saturn and Uranus on the Akkadian Seal from 3K BC is definately Planet X and not Pluto.

Centaurs, which are "half asteroid and half comet" indicate this original orbit of Planet X for some reason being captured by the Physics of Bode's Law II of the Planets right there starting at Saturn and continuing out to Neptune.

2) Standard Acretion Model : The primary element that would have been pulled from the inner solar sytem to the outer system, of course, would have been Hydrogen. Thus, this is the waters above and below the "firmament" mentioned by the Scriptures and the Mythologies and this actually takes on a physical manifestation also for this is exactly where the Solar System "Snow Line" begins, just past Jupiter.

3) Planet X's Orbit : Sitchin, and everyone else, got the 3600 year orbital period from Berossus's mistranslation of the word Sar (or Shar) as 'years' when it is just circuit. The Sumerians, though they knew we were in a Heoliocentric sytem, still described it from a Terreocentric point of view (as we do). Being fascinated with multiples of 36 they looked at the Sun and described its orbit or circuit as 360 earth days. Thus, apply that to Planet X and that 3600 is not years but earth days for one orbit. Thus, its original orbit was 10 Earth Years which is not impossible for a Dwarf Star at that distance. After it was pulled out of its original orbit it was blown into outer space by a micronova from its first confrontation with Tiamet and is now on a 900 year orbit.

Here is a Thread on this Video - GLP isn't interested in it for some strange reason :

Computer Model proves one time existence of another giant Planet in our Solar System :



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Date: 18:53:03 Sep 9, 2014


There is a lot of ambiguity concerning this Rogue Star so I thought I would put some of the basic facts in video form.


This is made necessary due to an Article that was written awhile ago by one of Terral's 'friends' who ended up stabbing him in the back later proving he is a shill and his article is all disinformation which was soon apparent once you start researching a Dwarf Star.


This is the background for Terral's Model which, then, may contain errors which need to be considered when trying to determine when this Black Dwarf will pass through.


Post Scripts :


1) For those who say that Black Dwarfs can not exist there are three arguments against your position.  First being that Astronomers have found White Dwarfs that are 20 Billion Years old indicating, very strongly, that the Universe is substancially older than that.  The next is that "Burnt out White Dwarfs" could easily account for up to 50% of the missing mass of the Universe but, for some reason, there just ain't too many of them.  Well, maybe they're Black Dwarfs by now, huh - Occam's Razor would say so.  The third is that in my opinion the Back Ground Radiation is actually the amount of Energy in the Universe that has entrophied to the point of uselessness and can, therefore, be used to date the Universe.  A rough estimate would place the Back Ground Radiation at 10% half of which probably became useless almost immediately upon the Originating Event leaving about 5% of the Background Radiation to be an accurate estimate of the Age of the Universe.  It is estimated that the Universe will exist, from start to finish, for 1 to the 100th power and 5% of that would make the Universe about 5 Trillion Years Old which is more than enough time for Black Dwarfs to form.  I would add for any Creationists out there that this particular Solar System has only been in existence for 6000 years and, the above model can be reconciled with Young Universers simply by saying that all 10% of that energy became useless immediately upon Creation - God's Tithe, you might say.


2) Most of the info is straight physics concerning a Black Dwarf such as its size (Equitorial Diameter) being, basically, the same size as the earth and its Mass about 1/20th of the Sun.  Its original Orbital Position at 15 AU (Astronomical Units) from the Sun is from the Acadian Seal that placed Planet X (Nibiru) at that location subsequently confirmed by Physics - see my Featured video at the top of my Channel.  Its original Orbital Period was actually 10 years.  Sitchin, and other Experts in Sumerian who have verified most of Sitchin's Work (Jim Marrs, Our Occulted History) got the 3600 Year Orbit from Berosus who mistranslated the world 'Sar' (Shar) which simply meant 'circuit'.  The Sumerians, though they knew we were in a Heliocentric System still described it from a Terrocentric point of view.  Being fascinated by 36, they described the Sun's 'Orbit' as being 360 Sars which would be, of course, Earth Days.  Thus, when they describe the orbit of Planet X as being 3600 Sars, it means Earth Days and equates to about 10 years.  From its Orbital dimensions we can then calculate its original orbital speed at 3 Million Miles an hour making it a Hypervelocity Star.  This Forward Velocity would have been affected by its collision with Tiamet so I suspect that its Forward Velocity now, at Perihelion, is probably about 1 Million Miles an Hour which is how fast I clocked its Gravity Wave the other day (approximately) on my Black Dawn Video.

3) As with a Brown Dwarf a Black Dwarf would have a Blanket of Dust around it held in place by its Magnetosphere thus it would not reflect any light.

Thus, we are not looking for a Ghost gliding across a darkened room at night.

We are looking for the Shadow of a Ghost gliding across a darkened room at Night...


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