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Topic: The Burning Bush

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The Burning Bush


America and specifically George Bush Sr are being set up for the fall and the Headlines in Europe and the rest of the world are gonna read, "Burning Bush".


They have actually been setting him up from the time he was born, for all practicle purposes, to take the part of George Washinginton number two and he didn't even know it.


The Crown, to this day, hates America for the beating they took from us in 76 and, the story they told Poppy was that America will rise from the Ashes like a Phoenix - this is the teaching about Atlantis II from the Bavarian Illuminati (Skull and Bones their lineal descendants and sister organization to the "New World Order" Thule Society that spawned Hitler).


But the Crown has no plans on letting America rise from the Ashes but they needed the Politicians to sell their own country out, so they made up this little story for em to swallow, hook, line and sinker which they, of course, were happy to do - no one wants to believe that they have been betrayed not even among the Insiders.


The Skulll and Bonehead Soceity itself fostered this "delusion of grandeur" when they gave Poppy the name Magog upon his initiation and they have continued to stroke his vanity through the years and he, of course, believes it as well, bound and determined to be your Antichrist - i.e. ruler of the Nurd Ward Odor.


Everything he has done in his political life since the death of JFK's Double has been to promote himself to be ruler of the Nurd Ward Order when it is finally launched but they have run out of time cause that quote about the New World Order of the Ages comes from Sybil of Cumai and implies a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Virgo at the start of said Order.  This only happens about every 20 years and won't happen again until 2038 AD. The last time was in 1993 when Bubba "confirmed the covenant" between Rabin and Arafat which was designed to look like the start of the 7 year Tribulation ending, of course, in the year 2000 where Grant Jeffrey in his, now failed book, Armageddon appointment with destiny, placed the Return.  This would have been Poppy's second term but, of course, he was not re-elected, much to his dismay.


So, Saturn was in Virgo for the last two years and just recently left it over the last couple of months so this was his big chance to launch the Nurd Ward Odor but he lost his chance by failing to invade Syria.  This was significant because, along with Iran, Syria is the only other nation not part of the IMF - the Insiders want them to toe the line with everyone else and, as the World Policeman, it was Bush and America's 'responsibility' to bring em into the fold and he failed miserably when Putin called his bluff.


So, that was in the Seventh Jewish Month, then, he told em he would default the Government in the Eighth Jewish Month (just as Saturn is leaving Virgo) and, of course, he failed at that also.


The situation was aggravated, of course, with the web 'rumor' this month that Dick Cheney died which was, 'supposedly' a hoax yet I see he still hasn't made a public appearance to confirm this even though he was in the news everyday for a week straight which is probably what led to this conclusion.  The reason this was significant is because he published his memoirs called, "In my Time" implying they would establish there little Odor before he kicked the bucket but it appears that Time is up for them.


Which explains why Israel and Turkey decided to take Syria to the task ("How Long of Habakkuk's Prophecy - how much longer you need to bring Syrian in line, Shrub Bush?  Apparently another ten years from recent news stories) which, then, places George and America on the sidelines to warm the benches which is, basically, the end of America's greatness - Turkey being the real Magog of the Scriptues (including Meshech and Tubal as well). 


So, he jumps on the phone and calls CNN and tells em to run an article that the Conspirators are right and the New World Order is here which has been repeated ad nausium over the last couple of weeks but doesn't change the facts that it ain't.


So, when Israel bombs Syria a couple of days ago, what does he do but makes a big announcement that it was Israel and Turkey whom bombed Syria cause he was upset cause that's what he was supposed to do cause, don't ya know, he's the real 'magog' - get it?  But the rest of the Insiders are getting a little restless and then, of course, we might have this problem with Planet X so they are going ahead without America, so you got Putin testing missiles and China testing rockets, etc., which doesn't look good for America and is, of course, pictured by the Apocalypse of Ezra concerning the demise of the Republic of the United States of America after which we will see the rise of the Monarchys in Europe as described in my post the Dominicus College.


Anyways, all of this and more was planned for George by the Insiders which can be seen by his recent memoirs about his little Bush Dy Nasty where there is a picture of himself and JR on the cover in a specific pose - which for some reason can't be found on the Internet but you can find it in Barnes and Noble - with the two goofballs posing with their heads resting on their right hands which are supported by the left hand.


This is the Ancient Esoteric Sign of Dispair...

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