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Topic: The Signatures of the Immortals

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The Signatures of the Immortals


One of the inadvertent proofs that there are immortals among us is that they just can't help bragging about themselves and they do so by leaving their Signatures all over the place. It is a proven fact that some, if not all, serial killers leave their Signatures at the scene of the crime and thus this is an established Modus Operandi with the people we are dealing with. I have tentatively identified some of those signatures and will list them here with relevant information and continually add to this list as new information comes to light.

The Immortal Signature They like to leave their signatures in movies and there are much too much to list here but they are scattered throughout this site and eventually I will start listing them in their own thread. The classic examples are the movies about immortals like the Vampires and Werewolves movies where the former are the immortals from before the flood and the latter are the ones from after the flood. The Highlander Series where two of the immortals actually had the two prominent parts in the movies. They are also using Machines to symbolize the Immortals (Terminator, Transformers, etc).

The Signature of Lamech is, without a doubt, the most famous of the Immortal Signatures. What it amounts to is that Lamech is the head immortal in charge of running the world system and he constantly signs his handiwork with the number 77 from his Lament in Genesis "If Cain shall be avenged Seven Fold then Lamech Seventy Times Seven Fold." He has left his signature on the death of Lincoln, JFK, at Waco, and Oklahoma City, on the Pentagon on 911 and a whole host of people who 'died' at age 77 and also on the death of Danny Casolaro and, most recently, the Bombings in London on July 7 - that's 7/7. The most recent Pope was elected by 77 Cardinals and that is Lamech claiming that he is in total control of this Pope. The first occurrence of this Signature, that I have found, was with the death of Zoroaster who was slain on his own altar at the age of 77 and Tiberius, who sacked the Roman Senate (undoubtedly controlled by Lamech at the time) in 31 AD also died when he reached that critical age.

The False Messiah Signature The most important signature that I have found is what I will call the False Messiah Signature. In my studies on Daniel's Last Vision, one of the verses stated that "the Robbers of your people will seek to Establish the Vision but shall fall" and when I had correctly identified the events in question I found out that this was talking about Shabattai Tzvi who was a False Messiah of the Jews who defrauded the Jews of their money and was escorted into the Sultan's Capital where he lived in luxury off their money until he was told to convert to Islam or die so he converted. Well, turns out that he was actually funded by the Rothschilds who, of course, run the world for the Immortals financially and they ended up, no doubt, inheriting all that money - this was in 1666 - and then they went and funded Joseph Smith - another False Messiah who was also trying to establish the vision - and the Mormon Church which then went on to buy the US Government cause they just happened to own all the Uranium this country needed when we started building nukes and now all the Intelligence Agencies in this country are owned, lock, stock and barrel by the Mormon Church - and thus the Rothschilds and the Immortals - and they are all pushing their little Armageddon Script (which is confirmed by the book a Certain Arrogance) and this includes the Mormon Church being commissioned to build the next Temple in Israel so that their False Messiah can then go into it and demand that everyone worship him as God. Joseph Smith taught that America was Babylon and thus anyone you see promoting that teaching is probably a spook working towards the same goal. This is why, every time a new President is elected, the CIA starts spreading the 'rumor' that he is the Antichrist.

The Killing of John Signature Throughout history which is especially noticeable in that of the Catholic Church, they have used the Killing of John Signature in many events and they usually pass the Scepter to another John. John F. Kennedy passed the Scepter to Lyndon Johnson at his death, as Pope John XVI passed it to Pope Paul VI whose given name was Giovanni which is Italian for John. John Lennon, according to Time Magazine at the time of his death, passed the Scepter to John Denver. Pope John Paul I kicked the bucket in thirty days and passed the scepter to Pope John Paul II. What it amounts to is that, I believe, Lamech was Herod who ordered the death of John the Baptist and the Roman Soldier (rumored to be a Black Man) executed the order and subsequently became immortal by tasting the blood of Y'shua and thus, the Killing of John is the one thing that links the immortals from before the flood with the immortals from after the flood. They celebrate the 'birth' of John the Baptist every summer but they do so sarcastically (as with the death of Able under his preflood Sumerian name of Tammuz) because John was not born in the summer but in the spring but he died on Herod's birthday which, probably, is the date in question - they are bragging that they killed John.

The Twin Signature This is primarily due to the Insiders view of the Duality of the Cosmos which then led them to try and produce Twins from the Shroud of Turin - myself and my three twin brothers the classic example. They, of course, left their Signature on the Twin Towers as well as killing two Denver Nuggets while I lived in Denver and there are other examples on this website the most recent of which was the Twin Power Outages that hit Twin Cities in June and July of 1991.

The Signature of David The third most common signature of these people is the signature of David cause they know I am the Monarch who is gonna 'clothe' himself with deity. The World leaders just met at Davos Switzerland which is also the location for the death of the last Romanov. David Mark Chapman killed Lenon, etc. Most people rent their movies on DVD's now adays and that is no coincidence. Alot of movies now have the hero by this name - most notably Independence Day and the last Bourne movie. In the book, God's Assassin, which was about immortals, for some reason they liked King David.


The Guantlet Signature  I originally came to the conclusion that it was Herod's Soldiers who had whipped Y'shua and tasted his blood and became immortal for he had surrounded himself with men from Gaul which was the area the Ten Lost Tribes were from who were in the habit of drinking the blood of their enemies.

Now, however, with a signature that I picked up from Mel's Passion Movie - he played the part (his hands) of the Soldier who nailed Y'shua to the Cross - I began to suspect that the Soldiers who Crucified him may also have become immortal by contact with His Divine Blood. I assumed it must have been still in contact with his body physically for the Eternal Life to be transmitted but now it would appear that this was not necessary and that the blood was still efficacious for a much longer period of time.

The reason this is important is because it would be the soldiers that were responsible for the actual crucifixion that were forgiven from the cross. The problem is that, according to Edersheim referencing Josephus, Pilate drew his 'body guard' from Syrian Conscripts and none of the people who I have been led to believe were immortals from Y'shua's Blood were Syrians and, in fact, they looked more like Caucasians which is to be expected from the Lost Tribes.

Be that as it may - requiring further thought as it does - I personally don't think that the immortals would lie about the Signatures the Symbolize how they became immortal - it would be a matter of pride for them, one way or another, and they certainly would not let someone else claim their own signature. This is evident by Prince's Signature for he is very probably Herod's Soldier who was responsible for beheading John the Baptist - legend has it that this execution was accomplished by a Black Man and, as far as I know, he is the only one that has been presented as an Immortal.

Now, with that in mind, I was watching Clint's movie the Outlaw Josie Wales the other night and caught two signatures. One was at the beginning when he was burying his wife and child he pulled the Cross down to the ground forming a St. Andrew's Cross which is precisely the same as the Mark of Mithra which was then also portrayed as the second signature on the cloth of the covered wagon which held the Gatling gun - two swords in saltier.

Point being that Clint played in the movie the Gauntlet. It doesn't matter, really, what the movie was about for the name itself was the main Signature and he was claiming to have been one of the Soldiers the led Y'shua up to Golgotha when He had to pass through the crowds in a Gauntlet of His own.

Thus, when Christopher ran the Gauntlet at the beginning of the Highlander Movie on Immortals, this was also his signature as one of those same soldiers.

Clint's pulling the cross down to the ground to form the Mark of the (Ten Lost Tribes in Exile Monotheistic) Religion of Mithra - which these soldiers were probably members of - he was also claiming to be one of the Soldiers who took Y'shua down from the Cross.

As such, then, I have to do some more research and reconsider my views of this mainly - and only because - my old man forgave them from the Cross. If it was important enough for him to endure the pain of raising himself on the cross just to utter one phrase for their benefit, then it is definitely important to me.

Let me give ya another example. Sean played in the Search for the Holy Grail movie with Harrison Ford and is saved from death (becomes immortal) via the Grail. The Grail was used to catch Y'shua's Blood (according to legend) while he was on the Cross. Sean is claiming to have been there.  He and Mel have both played in a movie called Ransom yet with different plots and he and Clint have both played the character of the man who escaped from Alcatraz.


Welcome to my World...

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