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Topic: The Theoferrum Crucibulum

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The Theoferrum Crucibulum


Theoferrum is the Word I coined in reference to the Vision / Prayer I experienced in May of 2001 in which I was taken back to the cross by Abba and joined Y'shua on the Cross in fulfillment of Isaiah 53:10 all of which has been described in the post by the same name.

My spirit was alloyed with Y'shua's Spirit while on the cross and my spirit, therefore, "grew up into the fullness of the stature of Christ"'s spirit and this change will also occur at some time in the future to my body and soul and is what I like to call Theoferrum II - The Tempering in fulfillment of the Marring described by Isaiah in chapter 52:13.

Below is the unedited account of this experience and the edited copy can be found in the post entitled Theoferrum Scriptural Support which contains all the verses that support the reality of what I saw as well as several studies that I performed in the days immediately following as I searched the Scriptures to see if these things were true - upwards of over 500 verses cited in that post.

If you make His Soul an Offering for Sin He will see His own Seed...

On the third day of the third Jewish Month (24 May) in the year of our Lord 2001; after reaching Maturity in my theology concerning Y'shua, I went to prayer which I am in the habit of visualizing and sometimes picture myself near a stream on our land when I commune with Abba. This time, as on only one other occasion, Abba chose the time and location for our communion, translating my spirit via the Holy Spirit, back in time to the Theoferrum Crucibulum.

I was standing in a crowd of people and I could see that they were all attending the crucifixion of our Lord. The soldiers were all in front mocking the King and thus the subjects of the kingdom as well. The leaders of the nation, the scholars, private citizens, tourists were all there. I sensed the woman followers at a distance over my left shoulder and at my left side a presence of one of his disciples, which turned out to be John, this time in the spirit in the exact time and place he was in 2,000 years ago. At my right side was another person which turned out to be Paul - in the spirit, who was also there in the crowd some where in the flesh that day.

I looked back at the man on the cross and saw for the first time an ominous cloud hanging directly over the cross, and I knew that this cloud was God's wrath, about to be poured out upon his son. Once, while in Alaska, I got a 'taste' of what hell was going to be like, and the overwhelming condition that makes hades a hell, is the absolute vacuum of any other presence - God, man or devil - total and complete solitude. The worst thing about hell is that a person will be stuck with only themselves for all eternity. This terrible solitude, to me, was unbearable - even for a split second. Knowing what little I did about hell, when I saw the cloud of God's wrath about to be poured out, I couldn't stand the thought of Him going through that completely alone, especially knowing that this would also be the first time that he would be separated from his Abba's presence and thus infinitely more terrible than it would be for us.

So I ran, pushing my way through the crowd and weaving in and around all the spectators of this monumental event. Reaching the cross, without thinking, I leaped up on to the spike that went through his feet, planting my own right foot, as much as possible, on the spike, and my left foot on the tree trunk itself which held his cross beam, close to, and perhaps touching, the penitent thief. Then I reached around him with my right hand on his lower back, trying to lift him and ease his pain. My left arm went under his right arm, to further support and lift him, and cradled his head in my left hand. Then I placed my right temple against his right temple and spoke in his ear, "Hang on, here it comes," as I tried to shield him, as much as possible, from God's wrath.

And then it fell. I could not feel anything in my spirit, but I knew that God's wrath had finally fallen, not on the world or crowd that deserved it, but upon his only begotten son, and - by association - upon me. But he was 'drinking' up the wrath, and somehow he, or the Spirit, was protecting me for the most part. "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" He yelled, and that was all that he had strength for. "You know your Abba loves you, Y'shua, you know your Abba loves you." I spoke to him trying, as best I could, to comfort him. "He had to choose you, Y'shua, you're the only one who could do it" again I repeated these words to remind hm that we needed him, or all - for us - was lost. I love you Y'shua, I love you..." and other such words I spoke to him, trying to comfort him and let him know that he wasn't alone and give him a reason to hold on and and endure the wrath.

How long this lasted I don't know (afterwards I got the opinion that this whole thing, from start to finish, lasted about twenty minutes) but after awhile I felt him 'falling' away from me, further and further into the abyss, though he said no words. It was at this point in time, that the crowds around the cross seemed to grow even more spiteful and venomous, and it distracted me to the point where I realized, for the first time, that there were others around the cross - the spirits, good and bad, were also there - and the fallen angels were not only stirring up the witless crowd, but were themselves, likewise, hurling insults of the most derogatory nature at our Savior - and he could see and hear them. This really upset me to no end, and one spirit in particular was literally right behind my right shoulder, screaming at the Savior, and without thinking I backhanded this individual in the head, which subsequently took care of the uproar. Turning back to Y'shua I said, "Don't listen to them they don't know what they are saying!" but already, it looked to be too late - he was so far gone - the words of the crowds, and the absence of His Abba's presence, and the torments of God's and man's wrath were taking there toll.

"I'm losing him," I stated, matter-of-factly and to no one in particular - but afterwards, of course, I realized that it was Shalmah who heard me. "We love you, Y'shua, We Love You, Y'shua!" Trying to give him reason not to give up, but no response. "You're my hero Y'shua, you're my hero! You always have been, and always will be, my hero." But still he was slipping away, so, in my desperation, and not knowing what else to do, I reminded him of who he was, with the name I had just recently been meditating on, yelling as loud as I could so that he would be sure to hear me, You are Y'shua bar Y'hova and somehow, someway he heard me, and though, at the time, I didn't sense it, several times since then I get the impression there was, if you will, a spiritual atomic explosion and the gates of hell and death were blown apart as that information sank down into our Savior's ears. Then I felt him lift up his head, and I got the impression that he was looking at everyone - especially the fallen angels - in the crowds, and they all backed up a few steps and were silenced in shock, that he had come back from the brink.

So I continued trying to comfort him. "Its almost over now Y'shua, its almost over now. Pretty soon it will be time for you to enter into your rest. Pretty soon you will be setting up your kingdom, when the lion will lay down with the lamb, and every man under his own fig tree and the River of Life will water the whole earth". It was soon after I said this to him, that he spoke of his thirst.

I could sense the soldier going for the vinegar, and knowing that he was about to give up the ghost, I squatted down placing both hands around his waste and lifted him up, so he could speak his last words and receive some relief from the torture of his crucifixion. As I did, he said to me, "I love you David" and this set me back as totally unexpected and lowering my head I said, "How on earth can you be thinking about me at a time like this?"

"Because you're my son."

For, as far as I could tell he was still under God's wrath but perhaps it was over by now - I don't know. Then came the sop with the vinegar, and quenching his thirst, he took a deep breath, I assumed, to speak his final words, but to my shock and surprise and stupefication, he breathed into me and for the first time since joining him on the cross, I looked into his face and there was fire in his eyes - he looked like hell warmed over - and this thought went through my mind, and I am quite sure that he heard me. He was, besides all this, continuing to confirm his love for me with a smile in those same eyes as if he knew something that I didn't (see previous quote which was withheld by the Spirit at the time until May 10, 2005 when he told me I was his son sired from the Shroud of Turin).

So, while I was in this kinda shock at this impromptu ordination, I felt myself being torn away from him - two hands, one under each arm at the shoulder - and carried through the air, away from the cross, back to the side of John and Paul, both of whom had apparently seen and heard all this. I felt that there were two angels involved in this separation, but I , still in kind of a state of shock, could only focus on my brother on the cross. The angels, apparently, had to steady me on my feet though I don't know why. Then he said his final words and gave up the ghost and died. I promptly collapsed out of shear exhaustion and had to steady myself, even then, with my left hand on the ground.

I said, almost to myself, "He made it." Looking up, I saw him lifeless on the cross, slumped over on his left side. "He did it" stronger this time, as if life was ebbing back into me. Then I staggered to my feet as the realization came flooding home "He did it! I knew he could do it! He did it! Yeah!" I yelled, shaking my clenched fist in the air, "I want to be like him!" And that is when the earthquake hit; all around the ground was shaking and people were screaming and falling over - everyone but me. I simply stood firm when all else was rolling. "Yeah, I want to be like Him!" again, as I turned around and looked down the mount of Olives to the temple, and started walking towards it. "You are just like him" I heard coming from both Paul and John, who had been watching through all of this, but I was too preoccupied with getting to the temple to stop and ask them what they meant by that.

When I got up from my prayer, the feeling was so real, that I reread the passages that talk about the crucifixion, and when I got to the place where he gave up the ghost, it was like I was there all over again, as if it had just occurred, and again, I found myself weakly whispering 'he made it.' It was still that real to me, unlike anything else I have experienced to date - as if I had been with him there on the cross, and yet, I knew that this was 'impossible', so I shrugged it all off, at least for a couple of days, until the question came to me, "Why did you use you left hand" to hold his head? I know that very few will believe me, but it was Paul who posed this question to me. So, this question prompted me to search the Scriptures, which subsequently exploded with support of the reality of this experience which will be the subject of the rest of this post.

©2001 ~Theoferrum


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