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Topic: Antediluvian Nuclear Reactor : The Oklo Reactor

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Antediluvian Nuclear Reactor : The Oklo Reactor



A naturally occurging controlled Atomic Reactor?  I don't think so and neither did the world's scientists when they first head about it.  This is Fukushima in about 4,000 years...

The Oklo Reactor

The mystery uranium was eventually traced back to the Gabon mine at Oklo. You need to understand that what was so incredible was that a nuclear reaction had occurred such that plutonium was created and that the nuclear reaction itself had been “moderated”! This means that once a reaction is initiated, if you want to harness the power output in a controlled manner, you had better be able to keep it from exploding and releasing all the energy at once.

As a matter of fact, many people today know that the reactor is a relic from a prehistoric civilization. This civilization was technologically superior to today's civilization. Compared to this huge "natural" nuclear reactor, our current nuclear reactors are far less impressive. The question is: why did such a highly advanced civilization disappear? That's something to ponder about.

The Oklo Reactor is the only known naturally occurring nuclear reactor on Earth. If that sentence gives you room for pause, it should; normally, generating nuclear reactions requires a great deal of energy and effort, which makes it all the more remarkable that the Earth basically managed to build its own reactor. Unlike man-made reactors, of course, the Oklo Reactor wasn't used to power anything, but it's certainly a spot of scientific interest, and it attracted a great deal of attention when it was discovered.


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