Topic: Poly Stratic Trees : Explained by Mount Saint Helens

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Poly Stratic Trees : Explained by Mount Saint Helens



Then, of course, there is the ever Popular (poplar - get it?) Poly Stratic Trees : 

Polystratic trees are fossil trees that extend through several "strata" of rock, sometimes penetrating 20 feet deep. According to evolutionists, a 20 foot deposit of rock would take place slowly and uniformly, over a great many years. However, the tops of such tree trunks would have decayed long before the new rock layers had a chance to surround them. At Katherine Hill Bay, Australia, a fossilized tree can be seen extending over twelve feet, through several sedimentary layers. This tree is testimony to the catastrophic and rapid burial that must have taken place.

Picture compliments of :DefendingGenesis.orgwith Sirius Knott


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