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The Chronology of the Apocalypse

The Chronology of the Apocalypse

Year 1 - Nisan First Mar 31, 2033 AD : Seal 1 - Yom Kippur Oct 03, 2033 AD
Year 2 - Nisan First Mar 21, 2034 AD : Seal 2 - Yom Kippur Sep 23, 2034 AD
Year 3 - Nisan First Apr 10, 2035 AD : Seal 3 - Yom Kippur Oct 13, 2035 AD
Year 4 - Nisan First Mar 29, 2036 AD : Seal 4 - Yom Kippur Oct 01, 2036 AD
Year 5 - Nisan First Mar 17, 2037 AD : Seal 5 - Yom Kippur Sep 19, 2037 AD
Year 6 - Nisan First Apr 06, 2038 AD : Seal 6 - Yom Kippur Oct 09, 2038 AD
Year 7 - Nisan First Mar 26, 2039 AD : Seal 7 - Yom Kippur Sep 28, 2039 AD

Notes :

The Davidic Leader of the end times, whom is the person who finalized this time line, achieves Theosis circa 2013 AD and becomes the Angel of the Apocalypse.

America Judged circa 2013 AD by God as he removes the Restraining Band from the Babylonian World Tree (Daniel 4) which will immediately start growing branches. This event sets the stage for the events of the tribulation. Isaiah chapters 18 and 28 and most of Amos and Hosea begin to be fulfilled as well as the Song of Moses in Deuteronomy Chapter 32 and the Apocalypse of Ezra and the Apocalypse of Zechariah. Indications from the Scriptures is the judgment is a result of the approach of Planet X resulting in a Pole Shift and Asteroid Swarm starting the period of time the Scriptures call the Night. Between now and the start of the tribulation the ancient City of Babylon is rebuilt ending the big Mystery which is made possible via the diversion of the Euphrates back to its ancient course as well as diverting the Tigress into it and, further, with the complete melting of the polar ice caps the ocean level climbs by thirty feet bringing the ocean right to the door step of the city causing it to become the ruler of the end times earth.

Church Age Ends Autumn 2032 AD on Hanukkah with Rapture in the Sabbatical Year in which Jewish (Christian) Slaves set free. Global effects of the atomically regenerated bodies of 2000 years worth of saints may result in a Y2K effect hitting the world with the most damage resulting in the most technologically advanced nations. May also result in earthquakes and another minor, or major, pole shift. Chaos results with a breakdown between the nations. The Olivette Discourse begins to be fulfilled when False Prophets and Christs begin to appear.

Daniel's 70th Week of Jacob's Trouble begins precisely on Nisan First (where all the other years of the previous 69 Weeks started) in 2033 AD. Should include rebuilt Temple with sacrifices.

One Year Liberty for Groom (Y'shua) who takes New Bride (Church) before He goes to War ends on October 3, 2033 AD on Yom Kippur with the breaking of the First Seal and declaration of War against World System. Antichrist begins his rise shortly thereafter by attacking the first three beast kingdoms of Daniel 7 - Lion of England with Wings of Eagle America, Bear of old USSR, Leopard of the Arabs which results in the Antichrist invading Egypt in this first year. This campaign results in famine and pestilences and more war and riots under the next three War Horses of the Apocalypse.

Abomination of Desolation occurs, after the Antichrist's second invasion of Egypt, exactly on September 31, 2036 AD on Yom Kippur starting the 1260 Day countdown that ends, precisely, on Nisan First 2040 AD. The Antichrist is revealed as being the immortal Cain (who became immortal from a battle for the tree of life before the flood attested to by the constellations and mythologies including the Gilgamesh epic which is his personal historical account) when he offers up a cannibalistic sacrifice (as he had done with Able) on the Temple Mount. The False Prophet, which is the immortal Judas (who became immortal through the blood of Y'shua which he tasted when he betrayed him with a kiss on His bloodied cheeks in the Garden), presiding and calling on everyone to worship Kynabaal Merodach which adds up to 666 in Hebrew and is where we get the term cannibal from.

Jubilee Year starts September 28, 2039 AD on Yom Kippur with the New Jerusalem in the form of a four sided equilateral pyramid with a base of 350 miles square takes up a geostationary orbit over the eastern Mediterranean Sea in preparation for touchdown seven months later which is seen by the entire world including the leaders who cry for the mountains to hide them from the face of the one on the Throne. The city pulls meteors in its wake, and destabilizes any satellites still in orbit, including some with nuclear payloads, which begin to pummel the earth under the Trumpet Judgments.

First Trumpet Sounds September 28, 2039 AD on Yom Kippur with the remaining six trumpets sounding on the New Moon of each succeeding month. Antichrist starts the Armageddon campaign with a third and last invasion of Egypt on his way to the Valley of Jezreel; Second Trumpet Sounds October 19, 2039 AD the New Moon of Cheshvan; Third Trumpet Sounds November 18, 2039 AD the New Moon of Kislev; Fourth Trumpet Sounds December 18, 2039 AD the New Moon of Tevet; Fifth Trumpet Sounds January 16, 2040 AD the New Moon of Sh'vat; Six Trumpet Sounds February 15, 2040 AD the New Moon of Adar I.

Seventh Trumpet Sounds March 15, 2040 AD the New Moon of Nisan with the Vials starting to be poured out at two days each (similarly to many of the plagues of Egypt in the days of the Exodus) and which are a result of the entry of the New Jerusalem into our atmosphere, which rolls the heavens back like a scroll as it descends to the earth over those 14 days, ending 'precisely' on March 28, 2040 AD on Nisan 14 the Passover. The touchdown of the city sends a massive concussion wave over the entire globe destroying the remaining cities of the world including rebuilt Babylon. Y'shua starts his campaign that ends at Megiddo with the destruction of the Antichrist and his army which then becomes the body that the Eagles gather over who are the Angels and Glorified Saints who return with Y'shua. Daniel's 70th Week Ends March 15, 2040 AD on Nisan First. The Consumption (Isaiah 28 etc) or Shortening (Matthew 24) occurs with the judgment concluding on Nisan Fourteenth instead of continuing to the end of the Jubilee Year until September 17, 2040 AD on Yom Kippur for a total shortening of 176 Days.

Return of Messiah Y'shua ben Y'hava Amin onNisan 14, 2040 AD...

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Couple of comments are in order.


Concerning the "Day and Hour" that no man can know is actually fulfilled by this very study for it is determined by the actual sighting of the New Moon of the First Month in 2040 AD which will not be able to be sighted until that very day.  There is always a two day error factor around new moons (sometimes three days if it is an 'extreme' moon) and thus we won't know until then but I can say with the upmost assurance that his return will occur on Nisan 14th.


And this is the second point.  Under all three sets of Judgments (Seals, Trumpets and Vials) it says, "It is finished" in one form or another and this is exactly what he said when he had paid the price for our sins and then gave up the ghost.  Thus, the New Jerusalem touches down on that very day and it will be finished and it is the one day that they will be talking about for thousands of years.


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