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Topic: Ragnorok : War of the gods : Pole Shift 23* and New Ecliptic!

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Ragnorok : War of the gods : Pole Shift 23* and New Ecliptic!





I was re-reading through Robert's Book on the Sirius Mystery and saw where the Ancients stated that Orion was half below the Horizon and thus equated with the underworld and half above the Horizon equated with the sky and I wondered if maybe what this actually means is that the Ecliptic used to pass right through the Belt of Orion - if you look at the graph above you will see that this is the case at 0*.

Much of the confusion in the Ancient Astronomy can easily be cleared up when we consider that the Ecliptic changed after the Pole Shift.

To make a copy, what I did was to take the September copy of the Sinusoidal Star Chart in Astronomy Magazine and Xeroxed a couple of pages and cut one up on the ecliptic to use it as a template then moved it straight down until it was on the belt of Orion and drew the 'old' ecliptic and, when one does this, it is like putting the last piece in a jig saw puzzle, as we will see.

Castration of the Gods : Their are two of the constellations right now that have their loins on the ecliptic and three or so that had their loins on the ecliptic before the change. Thus, when the change occurred, it would have been perceived as a castration of some of the gods. Aquarius now has his loins on the ecliptic and this constellation was assigned to Enki by the Sumerrians who had virility problems cause his wife poisoned him. Anu and Lullu had a wrestling match and the latter bit off the former's you-know-what and swallowed it and this is pictured in the constellation of Serpentaurus wrestling the Serpent in Scorpio whose loins are very close to the ecliptic now. The most famous - which we will see again - is Orion/Osiris who was castrated by Set and, as stated, his loins actually marked the original ecliptic. Horus, his son, represented by one of the Twins, no doubt, came back and avenged his old man by castrating Typhon who is of course Set and this is pictured by the constellation of Hydra whose loins were on the old ecliptic.

The Clash of the Titans : When Earths Collide. If the Ecliptic was originally about 30 decrees below what it is today, the gods would have been described as fighting over the new positions as a result in the change resulting, of course, in many of the previous mentioned castrations as well as much of the sexual deviancy of all the gods. Zeus overthrew Saturn and Horus replaced Set, Gorgon getting its head cut off by Perseus, etc.

Patriarchal to Matriarchal Society : With the Male Gods all proving to be 'unstable' and quarrelsome, the change in the Ecliptic began to emphasis the 'stability' of the Maternal aspect of Society. On the old ecliptic there are no female figures anywhere near but on the new ecliptic, of course, the Heavenly Virgin has now been brought down to earth showing stability.

Jason and the Argonauts : Before the change, the planets would have passed from Orion right into the good Ship Argo where they went sailing around the world on the quest for the Golden Fleece Award now, of course, the ecliptic doesn't pass anywhere near Argo so the typology is no longer evident.

The Chariots of the Gods : Similar to the one above the circumpolar stars would have changed slightly - I have tentatively identified the old pole star not as Draco but the very knee that Strong Hercules has planted into the ground which would explain why he was associated with all twelve signs of the zodiac and this would have made some signs circumpolar including Cephus the King whose Chariot (big and/or small dipper) was pulled around the heavens by the Swans known as Cygnus. When the Ecliptic changed it would have looked exactly like Phaeton drove the chariots right into the ground.

The Age of the Gods : With the Virgin now on the earth and the planets passing through that constellation, it could be said that she was conceiving by them and giving birth to godmen thus showing the end of the Age of the Gods and the start of the Age of the Demigods. This would also serve to explain why some of the gods are pictured as half man half beast having come down to earth from the Heavens.

The Age of Taurus : With the Heavenly Bull aforetime above the ecliptic, when this changed it would appear as if the Bull had been brought down to the earth and Sacrificed and this is exactly what the Mithras religion represents along with another major typology.

The Sleeping Hero : Several mythologies show the Hero sleeping until some important time in the future and with the change in the ecliptic it would appear as if Orion had crawled into a cave which is where the Mithras religion and many others, celebrated their initiations. This is similar to the Egyptians who, according to Lockyer if I am not mistaken, at one time believed the departed spirits went up to the heavens but afterwards the departed spirits went to the underworld to be with Orion. And, further, this is when the Gods from before times would have been incarcerated in the underworld represented by Centaur fleeing underground.

Hero with a Thousand Faces : Campbell talks about the Hero and one of the major points of that mythology is the descent of the Hero into the underworld. Sometimes he is stuck there and sometimes - like the Gemini Twins - he successfully arises from the grave. With the Old Ecliptic the Gods - the planets - would have passed from Orion and started their descent into the underworld around Centaur and Scorpio and then climbed back up into the world around Orion.

Whale Mythology : Similar to the above is the Hero, like Jonah, being swallowed by the Whale and then being barfed back up and this would literally be the case with the old ecliptic where the Gods would get barfed back up by Cetus.

The Age of Aries : Along with the end of the Age of Taurus you also have a clear representation of the start of the Age of Aries which is now right on the Ecliptic and was steward of the period of time that saw more animal sacrifices then any other period of time before or sense.

Now, that is just some of the major points and there are several other minor points that I can add.

A Little Bird Told Me : You know the story, you should be careful what you say about other people cause a little bird my take your message and place it in the ears of the wrong person. Solomon in his wisdom himself warns us of this. So, it is no coincidence that Apollo's Gossiping Bird the Raven would have been right on the old ecliptic and would have whispering in the ears of the sun god on his way past.

Tipping the Scales : Self explanatory, ain't it.

Stork Bringing the Baby Home : Now, back to the original point of this thread. With the old ecliptic you would see that it would look exactly like Orion was siring the gods by shooting his seed right into the Cosmic Egg in the same manner that a Male Fish would fertilize the eggs previously laid by the Female Fish and this is why both the Sumerrians and Egyptians and Dogon used the fertility symbol of the fish itself and why the fish is located in the Dendera where it is but further, this symbolism is what gave rise to the legend of the Stork which holds the baby in a sheet hanging down from its beak in that elliptical orbit described in this area by the glyph that I previously posted.

Axis Change : Now, there is really only one problem and that is that the only way you can change the ecliptic is if you lower the earth in its orbital plane to the sun and planets making them look as if they have risen into a new ecliptic and this event must have taken place in recorded history and the only thing the Ancients - who recorded this change - give as a possible explanation is the World Wide Flood (the explanation for the source of the flood waters from a Water Vapor Canopy by Creationists such as Henry Morris, the Biblical Basis for Modern Science is no longer tenable and actually came from the destruction of the Planet that used to be where the asteroid belt is now) that poured onto the earth and remained here thus changing the gravity of the earth and causing it to 'ride a little lower' in the plane of our orbit and increased its mass to twice what it is today which also thinned out its atmosphere (determined by the magnetic core?) to half of what it used to be all of which explains the fossils that neither Creationists nor Evolutionists can explain.

Hey Diddle Diddle : This, in turn, about 100 years after the flood, with the breakup of Pangaea led to the earth tilting off its axis due to the bulge in the earth not being balanced as well as the mass of the earth. The Sun, acting on that bulge, pulled the earth off its axis to where it is today.

This change in axis is what is being referred to by that old folk song where Diddle is actually to tremble and the Cat (Leo) and the Fiddler (Crab of Cancer and the Cow (Taurus) jumping over the Moon with the little Boys (Gemini) Laughing (falling over backwards) to see the Dish (Big Dipper) run away with the Spoon (Little Dipper).

So, anyways, I believe that all this was known by the Ancients and especially by the Dogon who possibly believed that there was a Black Dwarf somewhere near the constellation of the Unicorn and I believe that it may actually be precisely in the middle of the Rose Nebula which would explain why Cancer was anciently known as the Red Flower (per Olcott's Star Lore).

Proving the existence of a Black Dwarf would be similar to proving the Existence of the Creator in two ways.

The first is that both a Black Dwarf and the Creator hide themselves in that the only way you can tell they're there is by the effects they have on their environment. Like the Proverbial King of the Beasts dragging their tail behind Him swishing it to and fro and erasing all his tracks, He hides himself as Lord of Perfect Blackness.

The second is that when it is proven that there is a Black Dwarf in the Constellation of the Unicorn it will be proof of instantaneous creation ex nihilo because any Black Dwarf that exists would have to be 'older' than the known universe.

Perhaps, this is what the Dogon meant when exercising their faith of the Black Mustard Seed when they said that the Black Dwarf was the first star the Creator fashioned - older then the universe.

Suffer me a little and I will show you that I have yet to speak on God's Behalf. I will fetch my knowledge from afar and ascribe righteousness to my Maker. Surely my words shall not be false and he that is perfect in knowledge is with thee.

You know, they say that in Heaven, a Rose doesn't have any thorns...

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