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Topic: Blaze of Glory : The Thermobaric Apocalypse?

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Blaze of Glory : The Thermobaric Apocalypse?

Re: L.A. gas blowout — Oil begins raining down on homes — Official: “It’s on the brink of pandemonium”
State of Emergency now underway for L.A. gas blowout — Oil begins raining down on homes — Official: “It’s on the brink of pandemonium” — Many worry plume will ignite, cause explosion — Concern over geysers, sinkholes being created — Company: Experts have “never seen anything like this” (VIDEO)

David Balen, a local businessman on the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council] showed me photographs of a white dust that had collected on concrete surfaces around his property; an expert was coming to test the substance, which Balen thought was something toxic.

BBC, Jan 7, 2016: the company is installing large mesh screens around the leak site to try and hinder the oily mist from spraying down on the community.

Bloomberg, Jan 5, 2016: “Life there is not on hold — it’s on the edge and it’s on the brink of pandemonium.”

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That sounds like a fuel air bomb ****tail to me...


Thermobaric explosives apply the principles underlying accidental unconfined vapor cloud explosions, which include those from dispersions of flammable dusts and droplets. Previously, such explosions were most often encountered in flour mills and their storage containers, and later in coal mines; but, now, most commonly in discharged oil tankers and refineries, including an incident at Buncefield in the UK in 2005 where the blast wave woke people 150 kilometres (93 mi) from its centre.

A typical weapon consists of a container packed with a fuel substance, in the center of which is a small conventional-explosive "scatter charge". Fuels are chosen on the basis of the exothermicity of their oxidation, ranging from powdered metals, such as aluminium or magnesium, to organic materials, possibly with a self-contained partial oxidant. The most recent development involves the use of nanofuels.

Thermobaric Bombs use Powered Aluminum and a NitroMethane/Aluminum Detonator :

They are making a Thermobaric Bomb...

Don't know who owns Semper Energy but they are a big fan of Senator Dianne Feinstein who was on the 911 Panel :

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She is the oldest Senator from California and not only inaugerated Obama she has oversite over the entire Intelligence community nation wide.

The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (sometimes referred to as the Intelligence Committee or SSCI) is dedicated to overseeing the United States Intelligence Community—the agencies and bureaus of the federal government of the United States who provide information and analysis for leaders of the executive and legislative branches.

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