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Topic: The Times of the Jubilee

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The Times of the Jubilee



Well, here we go again.  I actually made a few mistakes on this one, going from the First Beirut War (Lebanon War) which I thought started in 1983 (that's when the Marine Barracks was bombed) but it actually started in 1982 and, near as I can tell, was over in the fall of the same year so our start date - based on the Judgment Period Ascension Year - would be Nisan 1, 1983 and then, adding those 50 years nails 2033 AD - right?


You are SO WRONG, GENIUS cause you forgot that a Jubilee is only 49 years! which, then, targets 2032 AD once again supported the Jubilee Year for the Church sometime during that year or, in other words, Hanakkuh 2032 AD.


Welcome to my World...

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