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Topic: The Times of the End (Video)

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The Times of the End (Video)



And, here you have it.


From the famous Handshake on the White House Lawn between Arafat and Rabin in September of 1993 we must start the 40 Years for a Generation precisely on Nisan 1, 1994 which would end around Nisan 1, 2034 AD - if he has not done so already, then this is around when the Antichrist will confirm the Holy Mosaic Covenant for (the duration of) one week.


But, I think I have targeted this for Pentecost the previous year so this requires further thought...


Nope - I know what it is - this is the same as the Times of Isaac - the handshake occurred precisely on the 24th day of the 6th month (same as 911) and means we are to go from the Day of Atonement of 1993 AD which hits 2033 AD and the start of the breaking of the Seals.

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