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Topic: The Times of the Bands

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The Times of the Bands


This is another one that I never typed up and it is referring to the amount of time that the Restraining Band will be on the Babylonian World Tree - see my section on Daniel for the details.


So, it is based on the events of chapters three and four of Daniel.  Remember that Neba had a Dream of a Statue and Daniel interpreted it so Neba makes a Statue and has everyone worship it but Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego so they get tossed in the furnace and survive so in the next chapter God judges Neba.  The Tree is cut down and a Restraining band put upon it for seven times.  Now, those were fulfilled in his life but his kingdom will also be restrained for seven times or, in this case, Eons but we don't know for how long.  Knowing the precision of God and his Times, and knowing approximately how long the Bands will be on - having been placed there sometime in Y'shua's Ministry (i.e. the Holy One who came down from Heaven) then we can narrow it down to a fairly accurate number.


The Bands were put on place because 4 Men were in the Furnace who represented all of Babylon which, back then, was made up of 70 Gentile and 1 Jewish Nation and they would be in place for 7 Times because he heated the furnace seven times more then it should have been so, the total judgment period is 7 X 4 X 71 = 1988 Years Total.


Seven of those years were served by the King himself thus 1988 - 7 = 1981 Years total that the Bands will be in place.


The start date would be 33 AD except for our principle of Judgment Period Ascension Year Principle and thus we should actually start the count Nisan 1, 34 AD ending precisely on Nisan 1, 2015 AD however, Neba was given one year of peace and prosperity so also the Bands will be in place for one more year - the Barren Sycamore Tree Parable - thus, the Bands will be coming off precisely on Nisan 1, 2016 AD.


Not one day earlier and not one day later and Ephraim will be judged in the fall of this same year.


Welcome to my World...

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