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Topic: The Times of the British Empire - Literally!

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The Times of the British Empire - Literally!


Wow - this one is kinda interesting.


So, The Kingdom of Israel (i.e. the Northern Kingdom after the Civil War) started precisely with the death of Solomon in 979 BC and lasted until the fall of Samaria in 716 BC for a grand total of 263 Years.


So, in 1752 AD the British Empire adopted the Gregorian Calendar so the count would start in 1753 AD on Nisan first plus those 263 years ends on Nisan first of 2016 AD.


Further, with the plucking off of the Eagles wings in 1776 AD, the start for the Times of America would be Nisan 1, 1777 AD plus 263 years ends Nisan 1, 2040 AD.  Now we know the Eagle is going to perish never to be seen again so this date is the return of Ephraim to the Land of Israel from its exile in the last year of the Tribulation at the Return of Y'shua.


Welcome to my World...

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