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Topic: The Times of the Gentiles

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The Times of the Gentiles


I've been trying to figure this one out for a couple of decades and finally understood it this last winter.  Sir Robert Anderson (and everyone else for that matter like, most recently, Grant Jeffrey) were wrong for they ended these Times in 1917 AD (2520 years from ascension of Neba in 605 BC) but Y'shua said they will continue (treading down Jerusalem) until the Abomination of Desolation (2036 AD).


So, they actually start with Hezikiah's Dumbspell when he showed his entire Kingdom to the Chaldeans thus effectively passing the Scepter of World Dominion to them.


So, the Pole Shift recorded at that time (when his life was prolonged by 15 years) led the Chaldeans to visit him and they would have showed up in the autumn or winter of 707 BC (with the actual pole shift occurring in 708 BC when the sun retreated 10*).  So the start of the Times of the Gentiles occurs precisely on Nisan 1, 706 BC and lasts for 2520 Years (7 X 360 - what Anderson called a Prophetical Year and which is our Golden Chronometer) ending precisely 2025 AD which is when, assuredly, Babylon will be restored as the World Empire.  Now, however, because Hezekiah had his life prolonged for 15 years from said Pole Shift then Babylon's Life is also prolonged by 15 years which, then, ends precisely on Nisan 1, 2040 aD and the Return of Y'shua at the end of the tribulation.


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