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Topic: The Times of Isaiah

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The Times of Isaiah


This is actually referring to the Blindness that hits Israel when Isaiah is caught up to heaven (chapter 6) and sees Y'shua in His Glory.


So, the sixth year of Uzziah occurred precisely in 753 BC and the period of time (can only be) = 2790 Years (Holy, Holy, Holy or 3 X 930 years which is Adam's total years with Y'shua being the Second Divine Adam) otherwise the blindness will last, approximately another 900 years (doubtful) or would have been removed about 900 years ago.


So, the count starts Nisan 1, 752 BC and ends on Nisan 1, 3039 AD in the fall of which is the year of Jubilee which is the actual start of the age to come and will see a manifestation of Y'shua to the Israelites in some way - probably to the woman who had fled to the wilderness.


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