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Post Script


Post Script


Washington on his deathbed by Junius Brutus Stearns

Post Script Because Washington was chosen by the Crown and accepted the offer (and, by the way, George did actively campaign for the position of Commander in Chief - contrary to what some say while trying to give Washington a humility he didn't possess - by purposely wearing his military uniform every time he showed up to Congress).and subsequently failed to throw the war, I concluded that unfortunately for him, he probably would not be in the good graces of the Crown anymore.

So, I looked at his death and found some interesting side notes that I thought would be a fitting way to end this history and, given enough time, I may look at the deaths of some of the other players in the drama like Cornwallis, Howe and Burgoyne.

Towards the close of his life he started running into financial difficulties at his (Crown given) Mount Vermin so, the dip**** made the mistake of going to the (Crown-owned) bank to take out a loan to make it through the hard times. He probably justified this because, after all, the Crown had actually raided his home during the war so they were responsible for these financial difficulties he was currently experiencing.


Well, the Crown had, apparently, decided to leave the little maggot alone but that was rubbing salt in an open wound as well as adding insult to injury and so the Father of the Country was dead within the year.

He got sick awfully fast coming down with a swollen throat and the last name of the Doktor they sent him was Dick - does that tell ya anything?

His 'trusted' servant claimed, "he died as he lived" and you should be able to figure out what that means but, if not, then just ask Dr. Dick who treated his swollen throat, what the servant meant by that.  In the vulgarity of the day, ole George was a Backgammon Player - at least, that's what the Crown would have you believe and I guess I'll let you decide how you want to interpret that.

George was supposedly leeched to death (as the British army had been) and he was publicly buried on December 26 (the anniversary of his, unwanted, victory at Trenton thanks to that kick ass nor'easter that came out of nowhere and that he hadn't counted on) but he actually died on December 14th.

So, knowing the way the Crown operated, I wasn't disappointed when I found that he had written a (Catch 22 for him) dispatch to the Governor of the British Stronghold on the Eastern Seaboard of Connecticut with that date stamped on it telling the Governor that he was going to meet up with Lee and defeat Howe (i.e. or be defeated by Howe and he did neither) before he got to Philadelphia which, of course, he'd failed to do cause of the Battle of the Clouds which resulted in the beginning of the end of the British Empire.

From Philadelphia with love, you might say...


Independence Hall in Philadelphia by Ferdinand Richardt


Welcome to my World...

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