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Topic: The Via Sagularis : The Way of the Cloak

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The Via Sagularis : The Way of the Cloak


Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Via Sagularis




I read this term in a book a couple of days ago and thought that it might be important for some reason - if only symbolically.
Turns out I was right - in more ways than one.

I actually found this term while I was researching the city of Babylon, Egypt.
Since the Moon is in this constellation, lets see if you can figure it out...


Via Sagularis - The Way of the Cloak

This road is sometimes called the 'intervallum road' as it lay in the space between the rampart and the buildings in the interior of the fort, the intervallum.
The via sagularis thus ran around the entire perimeter of the camp within the rampart, encircling the interior buildings.

The etymology of its name seems to derive from the sagulum or small military cloak worn by the soldiers when on guard duty.

The road may be so named because it 'encloaks' the interior of the camp in the same manner the sagulum encircles the shoulders, or possibly, because the soldiers were required to wear the sagulum when on patrol in the interior of the camp along this road.

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