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Topic: The Jubilee Chronology

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The Jubilee Chronology


David Hill (12 Mar 2003) "The Jubilee Chronology of The Revelation"


Write the things that you have seen, the things that are, and the things that shall be hereafter...


Here is the final draft of this post and please see my upcoming post the Unveiling which supports this outline with a point by point comparison with other scriptures.


Intro: While great advances have been made in interpreting this book, we believe that God will raise up some, who, for the sake of the truth pertaining to the Christ will be enabled to give in regular order a correct interpretation of the Apoc. As the time approaches for its fulfillment, as the interval draws nigh in which its most stupendous scenes will be witnessed, as a preparation to those who shall be persecuted under the Antichrist, as a source of comfort and hope to the believing, and even as a warning to the world, such will be the result...we may concede the unsatisfactory character of all attempts yet made to explain it, from Irenaeus down to Lucke and Hengstenberg - and for our own part we must confess that none of the many commentaries are altogether satisfactory, however much light they may throw on the details - we may be honestly persuaded that the Proper Key to the full scientific and Historical understanding of this remarkable book has not yet been found...Dr. Bonar in his 'Opening Address' at the prophetic conference at Mildmay Park, London, says: 'I feel uncertain in reference to systems of interpretation of the Apoc. I confess that I do not adhere, I may say, to any of the different schools. I profess to be a learner still in regard to the Apoc., and I am waiting for light, and I believe the Holy Spirit will give it, and that we shall erelong, it may be, understand that marvellous book which the Church has been, age after age, trying to comprehend, but which I believe it has hither to failed in great measure to unravel.' We are learners, waiting for light... The researches of recent writers and the fulfillment of prediction before our eyes explanatory of divine utterance, paves the way for such a work. Happy the man who shall thus be favored in becoming the instrument of interpreting so glorious a RevelationGeorge Peters, "The Theocratic Kingdom" Kregel Publishing 1988


I)Principles of Interpretation


The Chronological Interpretation of Apocalyptical passages was established by the Holy Spirit in Daniel 2, with the statue Prophecy. Here, each kingdom was described in its chronological appearance on the scene (Babylonian, Medes/Persian, Grecian, Roman and Revived). The same order is followed in the description of the four beasts with the rise of the British/American Griffin, the Russian Bear, the Islamic Leopard and the European Dragon (Dan 7). This same chronological method of interpretation of apocalyptical passages were continued in the description of the Persian Goat and the Grecian Ram (Dan 8), as well as in the final prophecies of Daniel's Last Vision (Dan 10-12). In fact, it was prefigured in Joseph's two dreams recorded in Genesis, where the first - The Barley Sheaves - was fulfilled in the seven year famine in the days of Joseph, and the second - sun, moon and stars - to be fulfilled in the end times (Rev 12) in the exact chronological order given. As a host of eminent writers have stated, the letters of the seven churches are also to be interpreted as a chronological history of the Church age (Peters, Seiss, Darby, Schaff etc). Whether or not each particular author believes all seven will be present at the end is not important for this discussion. What is sufficient is the exact chronological outline of ALL their views. With this chronological interpretation of the Apocalyptical passages firmly established by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures - in accordance with a logical approach and respect to those events for the benefit of the readers - it is to be expected that the remainder of the book, in accordance with the internal outline included, will also be fulfilled in an exact chronological order. And, I might add, the Scriptures were meant so everyone can understand them, so assuredly, it is the simplest interpretation of the book that will be the correct one. The proper interpretation will be verified in the future, but its eloquence, in shear simplicity, should speak for itself.


Now any interpretation and application which violates the order laid down, and fritters away the meaning of prophecy, must be discarded as untenable. We cannot, therefore, accept of a past and present continuous fulfillment of the seals, trumpets, and vials, or of a dislocation of their order.  The diversity and antagonism of all such schemes are great, as e.g. illustrated by The First Seal; one (as Elliot, etc.) insists that it refers to the Roman Empire; another (as Lord etc) to the Christian Church; one (as Brightman etc) to truth' another (as Mede etc) to the Son of God; one (as Woodhouse etc) to ecclesiastical affairs; another (as Barnes etc) to secular; one (as Ralston etc) to the Papacy; another ( as Baldwin) to the union of Church and State; another (as Craven) to science, etc. As we proceed the diversity increases.  Some schemes are so palpably absurd, and others so shocking to propriety, that it seems strange that they should ever have been published...No book has ever received such outrageous treatment from the hands of its enemies and professed friends.  Much of the interpretation receives a distinctive coloring from the Theological standpoint of the interpreter. Few, comparatively few, have been the writers who have approached this book unbiassedly.  Such illustration could be multiplied, and they teach us how guardedly we should approach this book, lest we add our mite to the number of those who have, more or less, misapplied [mutilated] its predictions. (ibid)


The outline of the book is the verse that I started this post with, with chapter one as 'the things you have seen' and 'the things that are' referring to the present church age consisting of chapters 2-3, and 'the things that shall be hereafter' the events of Daniels 70th week recorded in the rest of the book. Notice he did not say to record the things that he will see hereafter, but the things that will be here after. It is then, no mistake, that the first after recorded is in chapter 4:1. This is the internal outline of the book that all would do well to consider, if they want a logical and simple interpretation of this great work.


Hence then, a casual reading of the book shows that all seven seals are broken before any of the trumpets sound, and all seven trumpets sound before any of the vials are poured out. This is a logical and chronological interpretation which, actually, is not an interpretation at all but a simple understanding of the book at face value. All others, that wrest the judgements out of their proper position, are interpretations, and faulty at that. The judgements of the seals do not run at the same time as the trumpets and the vials, but each follows in succession as laid out. This is shown by 15:1, where the vials are called the LAST plagues. If they all overlapped, it would be the 7th seal,trumpet and vial that would be the last plagues, not the 7 vials.


This includes the Retrospective passages (chapter 7, 10-14, 17-18, 20) for they look no further back in time then 4:1 and they climax in the judgement passage that introduces them. This is a common and well known Hebrew Literary practice, where a subject is brought to the end, then the writer goes back and fills in the details. And these principles include the chapter on the new Jerusalem, which is introduced in chapter 19, then the writer continues the description of the return and binding of Satan and his loosing at the end of the mill, with final judgement, then the author goes back to where he left off and finishes the description of the Wife of the Lamb. This shows that the N.J. is established on this earth at the start of the Mill, and not at the end.


Now, however, it is also shown that the seventh judgement of each group climaxes together with the description "voices, thunders, lightnings and earthquake" (Rev 8:5, 11:19, 16:18-21). This is based on the sacking of Jericho. They circled the city once each day for seven days. On the seventh day they circled the city seven times, and on the seventh time around they shouted and the walls came tumbling down. This then makes each of the Seals to be one year of the tribulation, with the Seventh Year unleashing the Seven Trumpets, and the last Trumpet unleashing the Vials. This is the only system of interpretation that meets the very strict chronological requirements and allows the seventh judgement of each set to climax together. And we will have some conformation of this as we proceed.


II) The End Times Chronology of Revelation


The book of revelation is the final week of Daniel's 70 weeks of years (chapter 9). It has been shown, and Scripturally it is true, that each of the previous 483 years all started on Nisan first. It is to be expected, as well, that each of the remaining seven years will also start on Nisan first (with only ONE exception as we will see, which nails this interpretation down). Thus, regardless of when the rapture occurs or when the covenant is confirmed, the first year of Daniel's seventieth week will assuredly start on a Nisan first.


The Jubilee would actually start on the Day of Atonement in the Fall of the Sabbatical 49th year of the cycle. And this is where it gets interesting. Above I stated that the seventh seal includes the trumpets and vials, and that all the judgements conclude together with "voices, thunders, lightnings and an earthquake" recorded in the last seal and trumpet and vial. Now, however, something that has always pondered me is that this SAME phrase is recorded in the Sixth Seal/Year as well (Rev 6:12-13).


How could this be? Well, it is because that the Sixth year of the tribulation is a Sabbatical Year (from our Lord's point of view), and a Jubilee Year. Hence, the Sabbatical year starts on Nisan first, and then in the fall of the same year (under the sixth seal) the Jubilee Year starts (the seventh seal) and they all climax together on the following Nisan first (or the new moon of the 13th month during a leap year). This is supported by the description of Rev 8 where the seventh seal is broken and the trumpets sound, with words that echo the Day of Atonement in the Old Testament.


Hence the Sixth Seal contains the Seventh Seal which contains the seven trumpets and the seven vials. This also proves that each trumpet is no more then one month long because there are exactly seven months between Atonement and Nisan, making the Seventh year the year of Jubilee, which itself is a result of our Lords Ministry (3.5 years plus 40 transition to 70 ad and then 6.5 years of tribulation for a total of 50 yrs or one Jubilee cycle).


That each one of the vials is one day long is supported by 10:7 where the judgements will be finished when the seventh angel begins to sound - implying that before the first quarter moon of the 1st month, all the judgements would be concluded.


Hence Peters, That the finishing of the mystery includes the open revelation of Christ, the vindication of God's ways, the judgments of Christ, the overthrow of Satan and his disposition from being 'the god of this world', and the exultation of the saints, is admitted by our opponents. In Rev. 10:7 it is asserted in the most express terms, that 'in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to his servants the prophets.' Under this seventh trumpet (and mark, too, at the beginning of the sounding and not at its close)...this mystery relating to the kingdom, the general theme of the prophets, is finished. If the mystery is indeed finished, then the king has come and the kingdom is established. If we notice the events occurring under this last trumpet, they are precisely such as include the advent of the kingdom...a most intimate blending of the purest theocracy with the restored throne and kingdom of David.  It implies, in view of finishing the mystery of God (which appertains to the kingdom), that to the believing there will be such a manifestation, that before the epoch is concluded this will be done.


I want to state here, again, my view that the seals will assuredly be the result of the New Jerusalem taking up an orbit around our sun and slowly, in concentric circles, move outward and toward our earth. It will still be hidden in the glare of the sun, and will not be visible until almost the very end of the tribulation (see Rev 6:15-17 where the Throne of God IS the New Jerusalem). With the start of the trumpets the New Jerusalem takes up a geocentric orbit around the earth directly over the eastern portion of the med sea, and the vials are the descent and touchdown of the New Jerusalem on this earth, with the Lion embarking on his campaign sometime (like a thief) after that monumentous event. It is the touchdown itself that destroys the cities of the world, it is the orbit around the earth that plunges the a.c.s kingdom into darkness, and all the resulting shaking of the Heavens and Earth (Hag 2).


This overview explains the Shortening (Mt 24:22,Rom 9:28, Is 10:22) because the seventh year is a jubilee year and runs consecutively with the six, and will end, prematurely, on the following Nisan, where God preforms his 'strange work' (see my post of same name) of harvesting the grapes in the Spring (itself portrayed for us by Gideon threshing Wheat in a Vineyard). As well, the 2300 day countdown itself (Dan) would assuredly start with the first daily sacrifice offered on the new altar, which will assuredly also be the day the the a.c. "Confirms" the Holy Covenant - the Mosaic Covenant. Both of these events are tied together by "The Daily Sacrifices" showing us the connection to the Temple Sacrificial System instituted by God via Moses.


With a spring rapture and start of the tribulation, that gives Israel about 7 months to complete the temple (they wouldn't have to wait to start using the altar). It is in prefab form now and will only take about 7 months to build, not 3.5 years. It will be up and running probably before Hanakkuh of the first year of the tribulation.


I also want to say that no where in the Word does it say the Antichrist is responsible for the building of the temple in any way shape or form. Where as in Zech 4 Zerrubable, who is a type of someone in the future, is intimately connected to this building process. He is probably the 'prince of the covenant' in Dan 11 and in Ez 40. This is not the Antichrist.


And finally, the five months that the angels plague men (Rev 9:5) is understandable from Daniel's words (12:11-12). The judgement starts under the fifth trumpet which would be the 11th month. Daniel mentions 1290 days which is one month longer then a 3.5 years of 1260 days. Then, another month and a half to the 1335 day. This brings us from the 11th month to the mid of the third month, or five months long. This will be the time of the judging of the nations that make it through the tribulation, and thus the five months is accounted for.


Welcome to my World...

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