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Topic: The Name of Blaspheme

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The Name of Blaspheme


Not only must the name of the Antichrist add up to 666 in the Hebrew, it must also be a name of Blaspheme.

Both of these requirements are met perfectly in the name Cannibal Merodach which bears Cain's name as the founder of that particular lifestyle.

The Hebrew spelling is this :

Qof -   100
Yod -    10
Nun -    50
Ayin -    70
Bet -        2
Ayin -    70
Ayin -    70
Lamed - 30
Mem -   40
Rosh - 200
Daleph  - 4
Kaph -   20

Notes :

1) The original spelling of son was Ba as here displayed with the proof being Baanah in 2 Sam 4 (Strong's # 1195 - supposedly from 'ana' the root for afflicted but much more likely from 'na' prayer or supplication.  Ben actually means 'son of' so the suffix 'n' means 'of' with 'ba' meaning son.  This is exactly the same with the Egyptian where 'msn' means 'born of'.  In fact, the original spelling was assuredly 'beit ayin' subsequently spelled as it was prounced - i.e. 'beit nun'.  A little further explanation is needed at this point.  This is what is called a Geminate Noun formed from a Double Ayin Root.  Thus, when they combined Ba with Al they dropped the redundant ayin.

"A geminate ("doubled") noun is derived from a double-ayin root, which is to say that the root of a geminate has the same letter in the second and third consonant positions.  Geminates tent to shorten by assimilating the doubled letter, and a dagesh-forte appears where possible (when the doubled letter is not a guttural and is followed by an ending or pronominal suffix)."  Learning to read Biblical Hebrew by Robert Ray Ellis

2) The name Ba'al, therefore, would mean Son of the Highest which Cain was not and, therefore, it becomes the name of Blaspheme.


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