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Topic: The Sign of Cain

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The Sign of Cain


And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed. It shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel...

There are several books available concerning the Constellations from a Christian point of view (Bullinger, Seiss and William Banks, "The Heavens Declare", Impact Books Inc, 1985 - see URL's below). Most of their conclusions are the same concerning each constellation though they have additional information of their own that is unique to each author.

I have noticed, especially in the first Constellation of Virgo and its three decans, that they have applied some things to Y'shua that should be applied to Cain as I will show here. This could be important, as the Message of the Stars parallels that of the Scriptures, and can give us a more detailed understanding of those events.

Regardless of your opinion of the Zodiac, there is no doubt that whoever named them, and gave to them their original story, that the individual involved was intimately aware of the verse at the top of this post and this War of the Seeds. The concept of crushing the head of the serpent is scattered throughout the story and this conflict is the main theme of the story. The other main theme, which is really inseparable from the first, is the redemption of mankind. Both of these are joined together in a star in the constellations Libra which itself unites the two themes together. The name of the Star is Zuben Al Akrab which apparently means, "The Price of the Conflict".

In Virgo, what you have, is the origins for the two Seeds. Y'shua himself is pictured by the Ear of Corn in the Virgin's Hand. It is to this sign that our Lord called the attention of the Greeks who wanted to see him (John 12:20-33), when he compared himself to The Grain of Corn or The Seed (Spica - the brightest star in Virgo). As well, he also directed their attention to the Cross which is in one of the decans of Virgo. The Greeks, educated in the mythology of the gentiles, would have immediately made this connection, that Y'shua was claiming to be the Seed of the Virgin. After all, they were seeking Y'shua to find out if he was the Messiah or not, so he addressed his response to their question, and need, in the medium that they would understand. Same as the Magi coming to Jerusalem at his birth.

The bulk of the Zodiac does in fact tell the story of "The Agony and the Glory" of this Male Child. However, there are some constellations (Scorpio, Cetus, Draco, Hydra etc) that tell the story of the Cursed Seed as well. The primary one is that of Centaur, and sets the stage for interpreting the rest of the constellations concerning him.

The Seed of the Serpent is pictured by the Plant in the other hand of the Virgin. This is where most of the Christian Astronomer Authors are wrong, who ascribe this to Y'shua. The Star names, however, tell another story. I have previously shown that Zavijaveh near the shoulder of the Virgin and what would be the Bud or the Blossom of this plant (making her look like she is in the process of smelling it - which is repeated in the Babylonian Religion of Sun Worship and is mentioned thus in the Bible) is connected to The Month of Flowers (when full moon is in Virgo). It would literally be "The Glorious Flower" and hence The Rose (The leaves pictured rule out the vine).

Murredin located in this plant is translated as either "who shall come down" or "who shall have dominion".

The fact that they have two different possible translations shows that they haven't got the picture. And this is because (as Banks points out) the original language of the Zodiac was Hebrew (before the confusion of the languages). But one of the above translations is gained from the Arabic which produced a different translation then the Hebrew itself would. Hence, to find out the correct definition we must go to a Hebrew Root Word Study. This same confusion is noted by Alex. Hislop ("The Two Babylons") several times and provides a means of keeping the mysteries secret to only those who know the real definition.

Now, just take this star name and note how closely it resembles Merodach, the god of Babylon, and we have our clue, for this means The Rebel. Din is kin to Don or Judge or Prince, so what we have with Murredin is "The Rebel Prince" or the Rebel Seed as opposed to the Virgins other Son. And this interpretation is supported by the other words that are close to this in the Hebrew and is very similar to the second interpretation given by Banks and others, showing that we are on the right track.

This same star is called Vindemeatrix by the Latin Zodiac and translated as "The Son" or "The Branch who Comes". Vin has connotations of victory or conquest. Demi means Half (as in half breed) showing his ancestry to the seed of the serpent or the elohim - the sons of god (which is what Dema in Latin means) which the picture itself shows, and matrix is from maternal and refers to the womb, and this shows the lineage of the Rebel Prince from the Serpent as Gen tells us. The rough translation would be The birth of the branch of the gods" or something to that effect.

This same star was called Prometheus by the Greeks, which they say means "The deliverer or Branch who comes" however, in the Greek it literally means "The Fore Thinker". Again, what we have is a Hebrew Word with a Latin translation (Math in Latin means to instruct or to think) ending in confusion. In Hebrew Math means A Man (Methuselah means Man of God). So this star means The First Man (born) or in other words Eve's first son - Cain.

There are several stars which can't be placed any more as to their original location, one of which I think is referring to the cursed seed and that is Azal which literally means To Disappear!!! It is related to Kindle, Bundle, "At that time", Heap together etc. And this has the connotation of bundling thorns together and heaping them to be burnt at the appointed time.

So the major constellation Virgo tells us the Origins of the two seeds of Gen 3:15. And the minor constellations (decans) of Virgo tell of their progress to maturity. Coma and Bootes are both the story of the Blessed Seed Y'shua - "The Desire of the Nations" who is to come and rule.

However, again, the cursed seed is mistakenly applied to Y'shua via the constellation of Centaur. The name Cain actually means A Spear and hence, Centaur is literally The Spearman - The Rebel Prince of the first constellation. On his shield we have The Rose that is in the hand of the Virgin showing this connection. And, by the way, this is actually the oldest record of heraldry in the world - extremely ancient - and in fact is probably the origins for the science of Heraldry.

[It is interesting to note that the R.C.'s went public in Germany at the same time that the Hapsburg's, with "The Spear of Destiny" belonging to Cain, began their rise to prominence in Austria. This may yield some interesting info if pursued].

The star names in Centaur will also support this view. Bezeh in Arabic means The Despised, however, in Hebrew it would probably mean The Spoiler and is connected to The Vile One (see my post on the Antichrist's Arena).

Asmeath they say means The Sin Offering but this is slightly off, for Asym is the sacrifice itself (in Hercules and Strong's number 817) and Asmeath (Strong's number 819) is the one "Who slays the Sin Offering" as pictured by the sign with Centaur in the process of piercing the victim, and must be specifically referring to the Roman Soldiers, who were very possibly direct descendants of Cain himself.

Proxima they translate as "The Pierced" or "Who Pierces" and the picture shows us that the latter is the one intended, and this is supported by the Hebrew which is connected to Split or Break in Pieces and Cruelty.

They say that this Centaur was given two names (Cheiron and Pholas), but the first of these two names is more appropriate to Sagittarias - The Archer (Cheryts in Hebrew means Arrows so Cheiron means The Archer). A side note to this is that centaurs in the mythologies, in general, were vile and reprobate creatures with few exceptions - with Cheiron the most prominent of the good ones, which is another entire post of its own.

Pholas is translated as "Mediator" presumably because he is the one who slays the Sin Offering, however, in the Hebrew it is connected to Scatter, "This Place", A Prince, To Pierce, Escape, etc and this is simply a continuation of the description of The Rebel Prince or The Rebel Priest if you will.

Note that we have the significance of "This Place" and in Azal we have the thought of "Disappear" and "At That Appointed Time". And this mystery of iniquity is cleared up by the last star name. Toliman is translated as "The Here-to-fore and the Here-after" which they apply to the Lord "Who was and is and will be". But we have shown that this constellation is referring to Cain and not Y'shua which would then rule this application out. As well, this name implies the past and the future but leaves the present out of the picture. This is exactly what you have in Revelation 17:8 "The Beast that you saw Was, and Is Not and Shall Ascend" out of the Abyss and this is the meaning of the star Toliman, and taken together with Azal etc, we have the Rebel Prince in the past and returning at the appointed time for Judgment Day.

And, as I pointed out in my series of posts on the Mystery Religion of Cain (in the archives of this site), this belief in Cain's return for judgment day was believed by Cain himself and his followers, who drew their religion from these stars and signs and this must be where the belief originated. And, as I have shown, this does have Scriptural support. And I remind you that the passage of Scripture (1John) where the term 'Antichrist' was first coined, the Holy Spirit made it a point of mentioning Y'shua's name and Cain's name and no one else's name while expanding on the war between the two seeds. IF he is involved in politics now, he is assuredly using a pseudonym, and won't "be revealed" (1Thes 2) as Cain until the Ab. of Des. when his true nature and ancestry can no longer be concealed.

So the constellation of Virgo and its decans tells us the origins of the two warring seeds and their progress into maturity. The rest of the Zodiac then tells us of the Final Conflict between the two. And with this foundation you should be able to tell the rest of the story as it unfolds in the heavens.

And on the earth.

Editor's Note : September 20, 2007 :

Most of the other writers got the majority of their material from Frances Rolleston's work and drew, basically, the exact same conclusions and threw some additional Biblical Astronomy information in their works. Seiss, for instance, had a section on the Pyramid itself, etc. Thus, she is basically the one who decided for all these Christian Astronomer's what each Constellation and Decan represented and thus, the possibility remains - as I feel I have shown in this study - that she drew an incorrect conclusion as to the symbolism and story represented.

Another one that I need to type up some time is the simple fact that these first five constellations and there respective decans show, conclusively, that before the flood their was a battle for the Tree of Life and, from the mythologies and subsequent events in the history of mankind since the flood, some of that fruit was obtained by Cain's Lineage - the same lineage that Adam records in Genesis and I suspect that each person listed became an immortal.

Along these lines, from some of these people themselves, traced back from 'rumors' from their world, when a person becomes immortal, due to the sin nature, it has the instantaneous effect of rendering them sterile and thus, Cain's lineage doesn't go any further then what is listed in Genesis.

Rolleston's Mazzoroth

Bullinger's Witness of the Stars


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