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Topic: The Good Earth

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The Good Earth


David Hill 11 Oct 2002 The Enemies of the Lord

But Jesus stooped down and with his finger wrote on the ground...

Here is another mystery for you. The woman taken in adultery is presented to the Lord, and he ignores them and starts writing in the ground. They keep pressing him so he says whoever is without sin cast the first stone, and then finished his 'Book' in the dirt. They were moved, not only by what he said, but also by what he wrote in the Earth. And then, one by one, they departed from him.

There are some 'higher' critics who say that this event never transpired, apparently based on the structure of the previous and subsequent events. Others say, because of this, that even if it didn't occur, it is so much like what Jesus would do and say, that it is rightfully included in the canon. However, I will show from the Scriptures that this event did in fact occur, which means that the author of this gospel, after he had completed the manuscript, remembered this event and then included it into his manuscript as close as possible in the narrative to when the events transpired in our Lord's life. So much for higher criticism.

This is one of those "bored theologian" questions. Everyone seems to want to know exactly what he wrote in the dirt. This question was kicked around in Bible College one day. One individual said that he must have written their names in the dirt. One of my friends (not to be outdone) said that he must have written their girlfriends names in the dirt.

The answer is found in Jeremiah 17, "O Y'hava, the Hope of Israel, all that forsake you shall be ashamed and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken Y'hava, the Fountain of Living Waters."

By writing their names, he showed them that he knew them and their own sins very well (ask yourself why the man was not also brought before Y'shua and the very obvious answer is that he had been paid to seduce the woman, which also clears up our Lord's response to her - he new that she was used to get to him).

But further is this. These men were learned in the kabbala ("None might sit on the Sanhedrin who didn't have a knowledge of magic") and he taught them a lesson they would understand, and that is their belief that there is power in words and especially in names. By writing their names in the dirt not only showed them the transient nature of their lives, but he also displayed (in their eyes) that he had power over them.


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