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Topic: The Times of a Generation

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The Times of a Generation


During the days of Abraham, a Generation was 100 years and thus, if we add those 100 years to the last Depression - which led to WW II and the formation of the Nation of Israel and were as close a type to the tribulation that we have seen this side of the flood, then we again arrive at 2030 AD and that will also have a psychological impact on the citizens of the world when it rolls around - the hundred year anniversary of the Great Depression. This is also the age of Abraham at the birth of Isaac.

By the way, if you add those 100 years to the Year Hitler became chancellor in 1933 AD you would end, again, in 2033 AD which will see the rise of the Antichrist from somewhere in the European Arena - like Byzantine, for instance.

During the Days of Moses a generation was knocked down to Ninety Years ninety years from That Generation in 1948 when Israel became a Nation brings you, once again, to 2038 AD which is also in the ball park.

David or Solomon decided that a generation was 70 years or, if by strength, 80 years and thus, 80 years from 1953 and the Sinai War is, again, 2033 AD and 70 years from 1967 when Israel took Jerusalem from the Arabs is 2037 AD, all of which are in the ball park.

The 40 years can either be taken from 1993 AD when Bubba 'confirmed the covenant' with Rabin and Arafat yielding 2033 AD on the nose or it can be taken from Rosh's 2000-01 AD (Theoferrum) ending in 2040 AD as mentioned above. It can even be taken from 1997-8 (when the Male Child made Aliyah) which yields 2037 AD again which would be, basically, the mid point of the trib and the abomination of desolation.

I believe someone else in the Word suggested that 60 years is a generation and add that to 1973 and the Yom Kippur war and you end up , once again, right at 2033 AD - quite the coincidence there, hey.

So, we have :

1815 AD plus 220 Years Empire Headless ends 2035 AD.

1917 AD plus 120 Days of Noah ends 2037 AD.

1933 AD plus 100 yr Abrahamic Generation ends 2033 AD.

1948 AD plus 90 yr Mosaic Generation ends 2038 AD. [1]

1953 AD plus 80 yr Davidic Generation ends 2033 AD.

1967 AD plus 70 yr Solomonic Generation ends 2037 AD.

1973 AD plus 60 yr generation ends 2033 AD.

1983 AD (First Beirut War if you will recall - see Time Magazine, they'll clue you in) plus 50 yr generation ends in 2033 AD.

1993 AD (when the Insiders forced Israel to deal with a Terrorist cause they couldn't wait for God's Timing on the confirmation of the covenant) plus 40 yr generation ends in 2033 AD.

2001 AD and Theoferrum I (or the war on Terror - take your pick), plus 30 yrs ends in 2031 AD.

2012 AD (end of Mayan Calender and at least one of my chronologies but I can't remember which - based on the Assyrian Deportations) plus 20 yrs ends in 2032 AD.

So, in other words, is it just a coincidence that, when we use precise Time Spans from Israel's History and add them to precise dates in their Modern History, that we end almost unanimously at 2033 AD as the Beginning of the End?

If you move the list one way or another, it throws the entire focus right out the window.

For instance, where else would you place the Head Wound on the Empire other than Napoleon's last Abdication? About the only one that comes close would be the Austrian's Abdication - the two last Emperor's of the Holy Roman Empire.

Where else are you gonna place the Times of Noah as starting if not in 1917? The only other date of importance to the entire world would be either 1945 or 1948.

Anyways, when these are augmented by the Times of the Church, Cyrus, Thermophile, Napoleon, Esau, Ephraim and Judah etc - all of which also target 2033 AD - then it becomes obvious the ones listed above are also correct and makes my new Chronology just about Carved in Stone.

Concerning the Mosaic Generation above which is taken from Psalm 90, this is actually inadvertent proof that this 'sliding' time line is correct for Moses is the leader that Y'hova chose to form the people of Israel into a Nation and that means that the logical place to start the count is when Israel became a nation again for the first time in 2000 years in 1948 AD.

And, for now I will leave it as is but I just discovered that I made a mistake cause it was Moses who stated that a generation was 80 years and add that to 1948 brings you to a major event in the life of Israel in 2028 AD as well as eighty years after the Yom Kippur war of 1953 brings you precisely to 2033 AD which is where all of these chronologies is locating the beginning of the tribulation - the time of Jacob's trouble.

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