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Topic: Introduction to the Doctine of the Ten Lost Tribes

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Introduction to the Doctine of the Ten Lost Tribes


The Ten Lost Tribes : Dedicated to the Regathering of the Lost Tribes of Israel


If you are like me, when you first heard of this teaching, you automatically wrote it off - at least two or three times. I encourage you to open your Bible and read through the posts below and you will see the Word of God unfold before your very eyes. I would recommend starting with the post entitled The Opposition and go from there.

The Doctrine of the Ten Lost Tribes predates Josephus and is supported by a Literal Interpretation of the Scriptures, and is not to be confused with British-Israelism which is a recent movement which contains some errors which are addressed in some of the posts on this site.

There are some groups of Orthodox Jews who believe in the teaching of the Ten Lost Tribes and are actively engaged in trying to identify them. However, they have no say in the final conclusion for they are from the Southern Nation of Judah and not from the Northern Nation of Ephraim and have, themselves, no place in this particular Birth Rite. This statement is made necessary for the simple reason that, they do not acknowledge the New Testament as Inspired Scripture, which the Christians involved in this debate do acknowledge, and thus, they are not qualified to decide the debate between America and England concerning the Birth Rite dispute between Ephraim and Manasseh and they would have to acknowledge and abide by the decision that is made by the parties directly involved.

The answer to the enigma is conclusively settled, once and for all, in my post on the Number of Ephraim by an appeal to the Inspired Word of Y'hova as found in the Hebrew Scriptures called the New Covenant.

Editor's Note : The last mentioned post is currently lost in cyber space and a summary is that the 12 tribes are listed in Revelation where the Woman is Israel in the End Days and the Sun and Moon according to the original symbolism given in Genesis would be a father and mother figure respectively and I believe is referring to the two witnesses Moses and Elijah who nourish the woman in the wilderness and, therefore, the 12 stars around her head would be the 12 tribes listed.

Two are omitted - Dan and Ephraim however, the woman is in the process of given birth to a 13th son - Ephraim's number - and thus Ephraim is the 13th born and where the Male Child arises from.

Further, this is actually the fulfillment of Joseph's second dream which was never fulfilled in his day and age (at the time he told the dream to Jacob, his mother was already dead and did not bow down to him and certainly by the time they went to Egypt) and so it must be fulfilled by one of Joseph's sons - Ephraim or Manasseh.

Thus, Revelation 12 tells us precisely who the 13th tribe is.


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