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Topic: Introduction to the Revelation

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Introduction to the Revelation


David Hill (1 Apr 1999)"The Book of Revelation (Intro)"

During a World Wide Economic Depression, there are four main things that occur. First, the people put one or two politicians in office and give them alot more power than they normally would, so as to draw the country out of a depression. This is easily seen in the Rise of the Antichrist.

Second, this person institutes New Economic Policies, in order to accomplish the goal. This is of course easily seen in the Mark of the Beast without which nobody can preform an economic transaction.

The Third thing that happens during an Economic Depression, is Revival. Materialism which is a big hinderance to Holy Living is killed overnight, and people start returning to the wisdom of their parents etc. This is also seen in the Great Multitude of the Tribulation that gets saved under the ministry of the 144,000.

And Fourth, a World Wide Depression always leads a World War. This is of course known as Armegeddon in the Revelation. These four points are almost exactly the fulfillment of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which is why I was so taken by the conclusion that most of the Book of Revelation is a result of a World Wide Depression.

By the way, concerning the Mark of the Beast, I wanted to say a couple of things. First off, American's are not real familiar with this aspect of it, but the Mark of the Beast is a form of a Ration Card. In Europe, they would know what I am talking about. Alcohol, Tobacco and Petro are all Rationed. You can only buy a certain amount per month, and as well, you need a Ration Card to purchase it. And as well, though it seems certain at this point in time that this will all be controlled by computers, it might be possible that this ends up being some type of actual visible mark. It really depends on what happens to the computers and how severe it is. Some say that this type of control couldn't be accomplished without computers, however if you look at what happened in WWII, I think that you will find that this could indeed be accomplished without the aid of a silicon chip. Different ethnic groups were given different 'badges' to where that identified them, of which the Jewish Star of David is the most well known. So, it could be a 'mark' as well as a chip. Remember as well that the Jews were also given a 'mark' of a number that they were tattooed with for identification purposes. Just something to keep in mind.

If this does in fact start the ball rolling, than I believe that the Y2K problem is intimately connected to the second seal of Revelation:

Editor's Note : September 20, 2007 :

But, as it stands right now, because we probably have another 25 years to go, you will see the Insiders float the economy, one way or another, for the majority of that time.

David Hill (1 Apr 1999)"The Book of Revelation (Part One)"

"Write the things that you have seen, the things which are and the things that shall be hereafter."

This is the Books outline for itself, and to ignore this outline, is to become bogged down in a quagmire of theories and 'chronologies' that have absolutely no way of making any sense of the entire book. I know, because I have followed them all out (including some of my own), and dead ended at everyone of them. There are just way too many contradictions if you toss out this outline. The Book of Revelation is not sealed. The last vision of Daniel is the only end times Prophecy that is specifically stated to be sealed. And because Revelation is not sealed, there is no reason that a logical understanding of it can not be achieved before the events begin to come to pass. This outline also establishes a predominantly chronological approach to the Book and again I have found that this is the only logical method for understanding all of the Book as well as the rest of the end time prophecies.

The Things Which Shall Be Hereafter: This would be the rest of the Book from Chapter 4 to the end. Chapter four opens with the words "After This" bringing you back to the outline. Again, this sets up a chronological approach to the Book and also shows that the Church age must end before the Redemption of the Purchased Possession can begin. This is also in accord with Daniel chapter four which states that Seven Times must pass over Babylon, before it can be restored. The Book of Revelation records the restoration and final overthrow of the Revived Babylonian Empire. Again, this is not America or the current catholic church, but the Revived Babylonian Religion married to the Revived Babylonian Kingdom.

This stage is known as the 'End Game' to the main players involved (see 'The Keys of this Blood' by Malachi Martin) which is otherwise known as the Redemption of the Purchased Possession, which entails aligning everyone into one of two camps: God's or Satan's. Then when this is accomplished Y'shua starts His Military Campaign to take the control of this earth away from the Prince of the other camp. The World belongs to God's Anointed, however it is 'controlled' by the Prince of this World, and will require King Y'shua to take it back by force.

There is a classic book on Military Strategy called "The Art of War" and the author's main premise is that War is not an end in itself, but the means to the end. And the art of war is to accomplish your goal, with the least loss of life on both sides. Taken to a Higher Spiritual plain, in which God is primarily concerned with the Spirit of man (and angels?), then it can be safely assumed that God's plan of overthrow of the enemy, is with regards to the least loss of Spiritual Life on both sides. And He has appointed His Son to accomplish this: "Behold, The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah, The Root Of David, hath prevailed to to open the Book and to loose the Seven Seals Thereof!" This is no longer Y'shua the High Priest, but Y'shua the Theocratic King.

So, it is not surprising that the outline of The Things That Shall Be Hereafter (The Redemption of the Purchased Possession), that the Lord has shown me, that makes the most sense, is based upon The Sacking Of Jericho.

David Hill (1 Apr 1999)"The Book of Revelation (Part Two)"

The Things That Shall Be Hereafter: The Redemption of the Purchased Possession and the Fall of Jericho (Babylon).

I have tried many, many times through the years to make sense of the Judgments of the Book of Revelation. I have searched out the predominant theories of the pretribbers, the midtribbers, the prewrathers and the posttribbers, and none of them made any sense at all of the entire book of Revelation. Just when one of them started to make sense, than another part of the Book was thrown in total disarray. I have tried several of my own theories as well, with the same result. The main problems that I have found is this: 1) People come to the Book with their pre approved (prejudiced) theories (opinions) and 2) cut and paste the Book to conform to these theories, especially the chapters that I call the Retrospective passages, which I will post on later. I had finally decided that the interpretation would have to wait until the events started occurring, and then all of a sudden, while I was talking on the Prophezine web site, I kinda tripped over the actual interpretation that made sense. I told stated that I thought it had something to do with Jericho and started looking at it and it kinda fell into place. My view is that the Seals haven't been opened yet, but soon will be. 

God commanded the Israelites to march around Jericho every day for Seven Days. This is the Seven Seals of Revelation. The entire Tribulation is the 70th week of Daniel and lasts four Seven Years. For reference it should be stated that the early church fathers believed that the entire 70th week of Daniel was still future. So, each one of the Seals is one Year. It has been realized for some time by many scholars that the Seventh Seal judgement contains all Seven Trumpet Judgments, and that when the Seventh Seal is Broken, than the Seven Trumpets Sound. This follows the Chronological approach to the Judgments as established in chapter one, and actually is the simplest explanation, and is therefore, probably correct. As well, the Seventh Trumpet Judgement contains all Seven Vial Judgments and when the Seventh Trumpet Sounds, than the Seven Vials are poured out. So, what you have is that the Seventh Seal contains All Seven Trumpet Judgments, and All Seven Vial Judgments. And this is confirmed and explains the verses that state that there were, "voices, thunders, lightnings and a great earthquake." (6:12, 11:19 and 16:18). These are probably talking of the same event, and they all occur after the Six Seal has been opened, in other words, the Seventh Seal.

Now, on the Seventh Day around Jericho, God commanded the Israelites to march around the City Seven Times. This would be the Seven Trumpet Judgments. All of them occurred on the Seventh Day, which is exactly what you have with the Seven Trumpets occurring in the Seventh Year.

And then, on the Seventh Day, and on the Seventh Time around the City, they were supposed to shout, and the Walls would fall down. This is the Vial judgments, which are contained in the Seventh Trumpet which is contained in the Seventh Seal. In fact, it could be said that the Seventh Seal is the Seven Trumpets, and that the Seventh Trumpet IS the Seven Vials. And at the end of the Seventh Vial is the staement that, "and the cities of the nations fell" just like Jericho (16:19).

The only verse that I have found that might have a problem with this is where it says to Loose the Four Angels at the Euphrates (Babylon!)which had been prepared (bound) for a hour,day, month and a year (9:15). I had always assumed that this verse meant that there was that much time left until the end of the Trib, and it totally threw off every chronology and outline I tried. Even with this view however, it could fit in with my outline above. But I got to studying that verse and found out that the Four Angels are mentioned in one other place in the Book, and that is in chapter seven verse two, and it is talking about the Four Angels being Bound until the 144,000 have been sealed. So, when they are mentioned as being Loosed in chapter 9, it can be assumed that they had been bound an hour, day, month and year previous to this event. 

David Hill (1 Apr 1999)"The Book of Revelation (Part Three)"

There is one more area, in the interpretation of the Book of Revelation that needs to be addressed, and that is what I call the Retrospective Passages.

John will be writing along about his vision, and then all of a sudden he will seem to get sidetracked as he expounds on something else he saw, that looks back in time. Everybody knows that these passages exist, however no one that I know of has set down any principles to interpret these passages, and because of this many erroneous interpretations result from this. People will take these passages out of their context, to make them fit into their own theological theories. It is to be expected that the Angel that showed John the vision, and that John himself, would have placed these passages in a logical place, and therefore there should be some logical principles that will guide us into the proper understanding of their interpretation. I have come up with two, and I don't think any other ones are needed.

First off, the Retrospective Passages are Chapters: Ten and Eleven, which deal with the Two Witnesses. Twelve, which deals with the Male Child. Thirteen, which deals with the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Fourteen, which is concerned with the 144,000. Seventeen and Eighteen which are concerned with the Fall of Babylon. Twenty, which deals with the period of time that Satan is bound. Twenty One and Twenty Two, which refer to the New Jerusalem.

Now, the first principle for interpreting these passages is this: 1) All Retrospective Passages look no further back in time than to the start of the Seventieth Week. This is basically chapter four, verse one. This principle is supported by the outline that occurs in chapter one concerning The Things That Shall Be Hereafter. All the retrospective passages occur in this portion of the Book, and logically they won't look any further back in time then the start of this section. Now, none of the above passages present any real problem to this view, except one.

The 12th Chapter of Revelation, which talks about the birth of the Male Child which is referring to the Davidic Leader of the End Days who must be from the Loins of Joseph and is thus the Messiah bar Joseph and the Lion of II Esdras 11.

The Dragon that is mentioned in this chapter, is said to have Ten Horns. These are the same Ten Horns of Chapter thirteen and also of Daniel chapter seven. These horns are Kings,and they are contemporaries of the Male Child. The dragon, in control of them seeks to destroy the Male Child and the Woman. This is clear from the 12th Chapter. Well, if you look at Chapter Seventeen, verse twelve, you will see the interpretation of these horns, and that is that they are ten Kings, who have not yet received a kingdom. This was written in 98 ac, after Y'shua's first advent and the ten kings had not received a kingdom at that time. This means that the passage was still future at that time. This Retrospective Passage, like the others, looks no further back in time than the start of the Seventieth Week, or Chapter Four verse one. That should establish the first interpretive principle of the Retrospective Passages. All the other passages conform to this rule with no problem that I am aware of, and I don't think anyone else would disagree with me, except in this one passage.

2) All Retrospective Passages culminate in the Passage that introduces them. This is the real reason for these passages. John is describing a particular Judgement, and then he goes back to fill in some detail, and then he completes the judgement. This principle will clear up alot of problems in interpretation, and it is clear to see in one particular passage, and that is the one dealing with the Two Witnesses. Many people are of the opinion that they minister to Israel in the first half of the Tribulation, and then are killed at the half way point. However, if you look at the passage it specifically says that the earthquake that occurs at the resurrection of the two witnesses (completion of their ministry)is the end of the Second Woe which is the Sixth Trumpet. Those who believe that they minister in the first half of the week, would have to believe that all seven seals and six of the trumpets all occur in the first half of the tribulation. However most, if not all of them, contradict themselves in this. It is obvious that the two witnesses minister to Israel during the 3 and one half years that she is in the wilderness. There is no other logical conclusion, that does justice to the entire Book of Revelation.

Now, that said, there is one Retrospective Passage that seems to disregard this principle and that is the passage that talks about the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven. Most people interpret this as occurring at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ. However there are many problems with this view that I will go into in another post. For our purposes here, to verify this as a valid principle of interpreting the Retrospective Passages I will confine myself to one point. The New Jerusalem is specifically stated to be the Wife of the Lamb. This occurs in 21:9. Note, it doesn't say, 'Like the Wife', but it says "I will show you the Lamb's Wife." And then the angel shows him the New Jerusalem Coming down out of Heaven. However, the actual first mention of the Lamb's Wife in the book of Revelation occurs in Chapter Nineteen verse seven where it says, "for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his Wife has made herself ready." So here we clearly see that chapter nineteen introduces chapters Twenty, Twenty-One and Twenty-Two. And just as the Wife herself descends from heaven with Y'shua, so also will the city that is called the 'wife' also descend at this time, at the start of the Millennium. This shows the proper interpretation of all the Retrospective Passages. And thus ends my 'outline' of this great book. Any other subject that comes up will be interpreted along these guidelines, and I think you will find that it is correct.


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