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Topic: The Golden Ratio of the Revelation

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The Golden Ratio of the Revelation

I) The Outline of the Revelation

A casual reading of the book shows that all Seven Seals are broken BEFORE any of the Trumpets sound, and all seven Trumpets sound BEFORE any of the Vials are poured out. This is a logical and chronological interpretation which, actually, is not an interpretation at all but a simple understanding of the book at face value. All others interpretations, that wrest the judgments out of their proper position, are faulty and lead to a chronological quagmire. The judgments of the Seals do not run at the same time as the Trumpets and the Vials, but each follows in succession as laid out. We only needlessly complicate the Word of God when we ignore the simplest and straightforward understanding derived from the Book itself.

Now, it can be shown that the seventh judgment of each group climaxes together with the description "voices, thunders, lightnings and earthquake" (Rev 8:5, 11:19, 16:18-21). This then shows us that all three judgment groups end concurrently. This is based on the sacking of Jericho. They circled the city once each day for seven days (Seals). On the seventh day they circled the city seven times (Trumpets), and on the seventh time around they shouted (Vials) and the walls came tumbling down (Rev 16:19, Zeph 3:6). This then makes each of the Seals to be one year of the trib, with the Seventh Year unleashing the Seven Trumpets at one month each, and the last Trumpet unleashing the Vials which are one day each. This is the ONLY SYSTEM of interpretation that meets the very strict chronological requirements AND allows the seventh judgment of each set to climax together.

The book of revelation is the final week of Daniel's 70 weeks of years (chapter 9). It has been shown, and Scripturally it is true, that each of the previous 483 years all started on Nisan first (Sir Robert Anderson, "The Coming Prince"). It is to be expected, as well, that each of the remaining seven years will also start on Nisan first in concert with the Word of God that commanded Moses to start the year on that day (Ex 12:2). Thus, regardless of when the Rapture occurs or when the covenant is confirmed, the first year of Daniel's seventieth week will assuredly start on a Nisan first.

However, the judgments themselves will start in the fall of the year. This is determined by my posts on the Rapture (see the GreenFlash section of this site), which show the Cutting Off of Ephraim and the Church as occuring during the Veraison Stage of the Grape Harvest which occurs every year (in Ephraim) between mid August to mid September - Rosh Hashannah. This is also determined from the context of chapter 1 where the Angel "signifies" the entire book as he is standing in the Holy Place, as the Priest did on Rosh Hashannah. This intermingling of the two Jewish New Years, has served to keep the book sealed - until now.

This then explains the shortening ("consumption") for, though each year of the 70th week begins on Nisan First (including the first year - see my post the Bands), the judgments themselves are not poured out until six months later, in the fall. This itself is implied in the 2300 days of Daniel (220 days short of a full seven Biblical years). Thus, each Seal will probably be broken on a Rosh Hashannah, and in the Seventh Seal Year, on Rosh Hashannah, the Seventh Seal will be broken AND the first of the Seven Trumpets will begin sounding - one month each thereafter. For the breakdown for the current year see Endtimes Chronology.

These 2300 days also serve to show that the Seventh SealYear does not start in the fall of the Sixth SealYear as the start of the Jubilee Year would occur, but would start in the following year. When this is taken into consideration, then the outline I have presented here is assuredly the correct view. [1]

The Jubilee Year would actually start on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur - the Tenth Day of the Seventh Month) in the Fall of the Sabbatical 49th year of the cycle. This would be referring to The Seventh Seal Year of the tribulation, at the end of the 70th week itself. Thus the seventh year of the trib is a Sabbatical year, with the Jubilee Year starting in the fall of that year.

That each one of the Trumpets is one month long can be seen in at least two points. At the New Moon of every month, the Israelites were commaned to sound the Trumpet (Num 10:10). But further is that, from the Seventh Month on The Feasts of Trumpets when the Trumpets begin to sound, there is exactly seven months before the following Nisan First. That each one of the vials is one day long is supported by Rev 10:7 where the judgments will be finished when the seventh angel begins to sound - implying that before the first quarter moon of the 7th Trumpet Month, all the judgments would be concluded.

There are two principles for interpreting what has been called the Retrospective Passages. The first is that all Retrospective Passages look no further back in time then Rev 4:1 which is the time of the Pretrib Rapture and supported by the internal outline ("Write the Things you have seen, the Things that are and THE THINGS THAT SHALL BE HEREAFTER"), and the second is that all these passages (chapters 7, 10-14,17,18,21) climax in the Judgment Passage that introduced them. Special notice is that the New Jerusalem as the Bride is first introduced in chapter 19, proving that it is established on the earth at the end of the trib and start of the Millenium and not at the end of the Mill.

I want to state here, again, my view that the Seals will assuredly be the result of the NJ taking up an orbit around our sun and slowly, in concentric circles, move outward and toward our earth. It will still be hidden in the glare of the sun, and will not be visible until almost the very end of the trib (see Rev 6:15-17 where the Throne of God IS the New Jerusalem). With the start of the Seventh Seal the NJ takes up a geocentric orbit around the earth directly over the eastern portion of the Med sea, and the Vials are the descent and touchdown of the New Jerusalem on this earth, with the Lion embarking on his campaign sometime (like a thief) after that monumentous event. It is the touchdown itself that destroys the cities of the world, it is the orbit around the earth that plunges the AC's kingdom into darkness, and all the resulting shaking of the Heavens and Earth (Hag 2). Some may scoff at the New Jerusalem being established on this earth at the start of the Mill however this is the original view of the early Church and is supported by Scripture, as I have shown in several of my posts on this site (The New Jerusalem, The History of the Mystery of Iniquity, The Throne of Glory), whereas the view that the NJ is established on the earth at the end of the Millenium is an erroneous teaching that arose at the time of the Reformation, when the Church returned to the Premillenial position of Eschatology.

You will see that all the other Scriptures can be easily fitted into this outline, as my post The Unveiling shows. But I want to close with this. When I first started really getting into the book of Revelation, I determined that the judgments enclosed, in theory, could easily be graphed on an E-Curve ("The Golden Ratio"), which is a naturally occurring mathematical effect. The sides of a shell follow this curve, rat population studies follow it, as does the Dow Jones from its inception to about 2 yrs ago etc. So, I found that, after I had come to the outline included in this post, when I compared it to that first graph (rough draft above) I made years ago, that it was an almost perfect match. My belief had been correct. And this fulfills our Lord's words about the beginning of sorrows and the great tribulation, because you can also plot a women's birth pains (slow and less intense and then speeding up and getting more intense until the actual delivery) on a graph, and you would come up with this exact same E-Curve. All this shows the simplicity of this outline and interpretation making it assuredly the correct one, as time itself will prove. There may be a few minor adjustments that need to be made (and there might not be), but the overall outline is assuredly correct. You will see on the above graph where the years run along the bottom, that each Seal is about one year long and that all the Trumpets occur in that last year and all the Vials occur in the last quarter of that last year. As I proved Scripturally in one of my posts, this last year is what is known in the Word as "The Year of God's Vengeance." Feel free to send this to whoever you want.

1 That the Seventh Seal is not contained in the Sixth Seal Year is actually proven by the binding of the Angels at the River Euphrates under the Sixth Seal Year and their subsequent loosing under the Seventh Seal Year and that under the Sixth Trumpet which would be the New Moon of the 12 Month circa February or March, for it is stated specifically that they were bound for "an hour, day, month and year" before they are loosed which places their binding circa the New Moon of the Eleventh Month in the Sixth Seal Year circa January or February and, therefore there is no way possible that the Seventh Seal Year is contained in the Sixth Seal Year.

Further proof of this is simply that I had asssumed that the earthquake mentioned under the Sixth Seal was similar - the same - as that mentioned under the "voices, thunders, lightenings and earthquake" but that phrase is not repeated in the Sixth Seal indicating that they are two separate years and that, then puts the finishing touches of my understanding of the tribulation and I will include an outline of the judgments and the 70th week below.

So, from my finalization of all the chronologies, this would be the breakdown which I will end up applying to several more studies now that it has been concluded.

70th Week : Seal Year

1Year - Nisan 2033 - 2034 : 1Seal - YK2033
2Year - Nisan 2034 - 2035 : 2Seal - YK2034
3Year - Nisan 2035 - 2036 : 3Seal - YK2035
4Year - Nisan 2036 - 2037 : 4Seal - YK2036
5Year - Nisan 2037 - 2038 : 5Seal - YK2037
6Year - Nisan 2038 - 2039 : 6Seal - YK2038
7Year - Nisan 2039 - 2040 : 7Seal - YK2039

Jubilee Year - Yom Kippur 2039 - 2040 AD


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