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While doing research into my lineage, I came across the book below and found some interesting information. It seems that there were an unusual amount of "natural disastors" that centered right around the time that I just happened to be interested in, concerning the Life of Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy. As you read through the quotes below, and look at the dates, you will see the occurances reach a crisendo and then taper off. Just to be sure I looked at the events this historian recorded previous to this time phrame (including the year 1000 AD when many, susposedly, thought the world was going to end, which this historian made absolutely no mention of), and subsequent to this time phrame. He recorded normal events like eclipses etc, but there was no extreme listing of events as the ones below.

Now, this is interesting for a couple of reasons for the events listed below - comets, eclipses, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, animals going crazy, water turning to blood, angelic and demonic manifestations, waves of the sea roaring, a pole shift etc, are all predicted by our Lord and the Word to increase in intensity and frequency during the tribulation, just as they appear here.

Further, this was during a very tumultuous period in man's history with the Norman invasion of the Isles you had "nation rising against nation" and this also saw the first of the Crusades when the Christians fought against the Muslims as "kingdom against kingdom" over the fate of Jerusalem, all of which will also be the case during the tribulation. And, this is also, basically, the time of the rise of the Ottomon Empire as I showed in my post on Daniel's Last Vision, and that same vision shows the revival of the Ottomon Empire in these last days.

So, as I was pondering all this last night, one of William's notes came to my mind and that was that they saw TWO MOONS in 1106 AD. Now, we know this to be impossible yet they obviously saw something. The question is, what was it that they saw?

In my post on the New Jerusalem and in one of my Editorials, I stated that I thought Planet X might actually be the New Jerusalem (which will be established on this earth at the start of the Millenium, not the end as I prove in that post). I also stated that I believed that the orbital period of the City around our Sun was around 900 years and not the 1800 that some think it is. I also stated that the events of the book of Revelation were the result of the return of the City to an orbit around our sun (Seals) then an orbit around our earth (Trumpets) and finally its descent through our atmosphere and touchdown on the earth (Vials). ?id=46f9873e10&Catid=46e6eae43

I based the orbital period on the words of the Psalmist who said that Y'hova "visits man every morning" and I took this to be one of the Lord's mornings or about every 1,000 years. Thus, around 1,000 years ago, the New Jerusalem and/or Planet X would have passed by the earth and caused a dramatic increase in natural catastrophes.

I have never actually made an attempt to research this until now, and I find it extremely interesting that it centers around the dates involved and I think that we will find that there is an almost precise correlation between those events and the events of the tribulation.

You can actually 'see' the approach of the City and/or Planet X in the waves of the sea roaring in 1099 AD which may actually be refering to a minor pole shift that effected the tides of the earth and especially England. This just happens to be the year the Crusaders captured Jerusalem. Then the city gets near enough to the earth that it causes four rings to occur around the sun in 1104 AD where it took up an orbit for a couple of years and then started moving away and it is the reflection of the Moon off the Transparant Gold City, that they saw in 1106 AD, and was responcible of actually pulling a comet out of its trajectory that was recorded in 1110 AD, as well as another Pole Shift that he records in 1114 AD that dried up the Thames and the sea for 12 miles - this could only be a pole shift. Further, all throughout this period he records numerous comets that were pulled into our system by the gravitational wake of the city.

The significance of these Signs in the Heavens and the War fought in Heaven and on Earth in these years all centered around the life of one single person (believe it or not) and that is none other than Robert Curthose. And the reason why is because he was a direct descendant of the Male Lineage of the House of David. It is no coincidence that, just prior to this, he unsaddled his old man in battle (who had become a tyrant) and almost killed him because he didn't know who he was and, because of this, he actually gained the Monarch's Crown in a manner of speaking. Further, it is no coincidence that he went on the first Crusade and was instrumental in the capture of the City of Jerusalem from the Muslims. And finally, it is no coincidence that they offered him the Crown of the City. For the first time in 1,000 years The Throne of David came just that close to being re-established in Jerusalem, on Mt. Zion, while the City of New Jerusalem was probably straight overhead and everything hung in the balance over the words that Robert said.

"No, that Crown belongs to Y'shua Messiah."

It wasn't the Lord's time to re-establish the Monarchy in Israel, so for another 1,000 years the Throne of David was left in ruins until the time came that another direct descendant of David, through this same Robert Curthose, was chosen by the Lord to build the ancient ruins, and to sit as Vice Regent to Y'shua Messiah. A thousand years ago, it was just a fly by, this time its coming back to stay, with Y'shua setting up his Kingdom on this earth.

That aught to give you all something to think about, huh...

"The Flowers of History" by Matthew of Westminster, translated by C.D. Yonge, B.A., AMS Press, New York, NY, 1968, Vol 2

"A.D. 1076. On the twenty-seventh day of March the earth trembled, and a general earthquake took place all over England, and a heavey fronst and great abundance of ice continued from the beginning of November to the middle of April."
"A.D. 1077. On Palm Sunday, which fell on the sixteenth of April, a star appeared about six o'clock, while the sky was quite clear." pg 8

"A.D. 1079. On the night of the nativity of our Lord a violent storm of wind shook several solid buildings." pg 9

"A.D. 1081. The same year, a great earthquke, accompanied with a terrible subterraneous noise, took place all over England, in a manner contrary to the usual course of nature..." pg 10

"A.D. 1087. A great disaster happened in England. For the nation was attacked by such a great disease and pestilence, that those who escaped the fevers died of famine. For God sent tempests, and thundars, and lightnings, by which many men perished, and He spared neither animals nor cattle; but even the domestic birds of England, the pea****s, and poultry and geese, fled from the houses, and all became wild birds." pg 13

"A.D. 1087. The same year, while some men of patrician rank, debating at Milan on affairs of state, were sitting together in a tower in that city, a voice sounded in the ears of all of them, calling one of them by name, and begging him to depart with all speed. And, as he delayed to comply, a certain person appeared to him, who, having called him, prevailded upon him by entreaty to depart. And, when he had gone out, the tower suddenly fell, and crushed all who were there miserably." pg 15

"A.D. 1091. A violent and mischievous wind struck London, shaking the towers, and buildings, and fruit bearing trees." pg 18

"A.D. 1092. This same year also a great deal of rain fell, and an inundation took place, a greater than which had never been seen."
"A.D. 1093. After some excessive inundations which had been caused by the rain, even the large rivers were covered with such a thick ice, which lasted a long time, that they became passable for men and loaded carriages and waggons. At last, when the snow melted, the fragments of ice floating down the river left scarcely one sound bridge in the whole country." pg 20

"A.D. 1094. The same year, stars were seen to fall from heaven." pg 21

"A.D. 1096 Stars were seen to fall from heaven." pg 24

"A.D. 1098. This year, the convent of the Charter House was begun by the brotherhood, who were seeking a suitable dwelling. And a voice was heard above, saying in the language of the country, 'ciestavus,' that is to say, 'stop here;' on which they stopped where they were, and founded a Church and other buildings, which daily prospered and increased in temporal and spiritual things." pg 25

"A.D. 1099. This year also, the sea broke its bounds, and did such a quantity of mischief as no one had ever seen or heard of before... on the tenth of April, Jerusalem was taken by the Christians...and the Christians offered the Kingdom of Jerusalem to Robert, Duke of Normandy, and, because he refused it, God was offended with him, nor was he ever prosperous in any subsequent undertaking." pg 26

"A.D. 1100. This year many disastors happened. And the devil appeared visibly in out-of-the-way places and woods, and accosted passers-by. Besides this, in the county of Berkshire, in the village of Hampstede, blood flowed out of the ground for fifteen days together; and flowed from so abundant a spring, that it made a horrible pool." pg 27

"A.D. 1103. A deadly and too-fatal mortality took place, both of men and animals." pg 30

"A.D. 1104. On the seventeenth of April, four circles were seen around the sun, white and spotted, and marvellously entwined together. A comet appeared in the month of February." pg 31

"A.D. 1106. The same year, in token of this event, two moons were seen in the heaven, one in the east and the other in the west, and a comet about one cubit distance from the sun, about three o'clock." pg 32

"A.D. 1110. This year also, a comet appeared in a marvelous manner; for it rose in the east, and when it had ascended into the firmament, it appeared not to advance, but to retrograde. A.D. 1111. On the second of April, a terrible mortality of animals began, and likewise a great famine in Normandy."
"A.D. 1112. There was a great mortality of men." pg 34

"A.D. 1113. The same year, in the month of May, a great comet appeared, and a little afterwards there was an earthquake, which threw down part of the city of Manistre, not far from Antioch, with two castles, called Triphalet and Mariscus."
"A.D. 1114. The same year, in the month of December, the heaven suddenly appeared red, as if it were on fire and the moon was eclipsed at the same time. On the twenty-ninth of March the Thames was dried up and so was the sea for twelve miles and this lasted for two days...A comet appeared in the month of May." pg 35

"A.D. 1117. On the first day of November a terrible storm of lightening, thunder, and hail alarmed mankind. There was an earthquake, and the moon was turned into blood, on the eleventh of December. Both events took place at midnight." pg 36

"A.D. 1120. On the nineteenth of March, the light fell twice on the tomb of the Lord." pg 37

"A.D. 1123. On the fifteenth of April...the sun appeared like a new moon." pg 38

"A.D. 1125. This year also there was a great famine." pg 39

Editor's Note : September 21, 2007 :

At the time I was researching all this, I specifically checked to see if any of the authors including this one had made mention of the, so-called, Millennial Fever, and not a one of them did and, in fact, the increased pestilences and natural occurrences did not start increasing until the time span above.



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