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Topic: Pole Shift

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Pole Shift


David Hill (18 May 2000) "Pole Shift"


There is ample proof from natural history to support the belief that in the past the earth has suffered a Pole Shift. Almost assuredly the long day of Joshua, and the Sun retreating on the dial of Hezikiah, were two very minor pole shifts. In fact, it couldn't be anything else.

In the Word of God there is also ample evidence that the earth is going to experience another catostrophic pole shift, at the end of the tribulation. In Isaiah it says something to the effect of the "Earth realing to and fro like a drunkard, and falling and not rising again." And there are other verses as well that can only be describing a Pole Shift. It appears that this Pole Shift will result in a new permanent axial placement of the earth, that will continue indefinately into the future. It is also possible that this would cause the two continents to begin to come together again, if the earth is indeed turned completely upside down.

Now, as far as I can tell from the Scriptures, this Pole Shift occurs towards the very end of the Tribulation, and is almost assuredly synonomous with the Messiah touching down on the Mt. of Olives, and/or when He 'treads the high places of the earth'. It is my belief that the two sickles of Revelation are these two huge tidal waves, from both the atlantic and the pacific, that rip through the earth exactly like two gigantic sickles, literally leveling everything in their paths. Only those who are in tune with the Spirit in those days will possibly be able to survive this event, which is why the Revelation says that, 'blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on'.

You can read more about this concept of Pole Shift in the book by that title, which came out several years ago. The author proves that we have experienced several in the past (polarity of different earth strata). He also shows much proof that the earth is much younger then evolutionists believe, but he still believes that the manmade dating methods are right, though he proves that they aren't.

It is impossible to tell if this pole shift is a result of a comet or just time for one, or actually a result of the Return. Many thought that this planetary alignment on the 5th would trigger this shift. But, it is apparently sudden enough and complete enough to destroy most of the life on this earth. It would, I suppose, also go a long way to 'purifying' the earth from all the radio-activity that man has undoubtedly loosed previous to this event.

P.S. I believe that some time before the actual Pole Shift itself, that the earth will experience a Polarity Shift. I don't know this for sure, just an educated guess. And, I have no idea how much before this would occur, whether hours, days, months or years. A compass would show this (I think), and perhaps give people time to make an educated guess as to the best possible course of action. Supposedly, according to that book, the Rockies and Appalacians would be the safest place, at least at first...

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I have tenatively decided to try and nail down exactly when this Pole Shift occurs and the main passage is Isaiah 24 where the verse above occurs however the passage goes on to time it precisely with the destruction of the City of Confusion which can only be the City of Babylon which is at the very end of the tribulation with the touchdown of the New Jerusalem under the 7th and last Vial on Nisan 14, 2040 AD.

And, now this is confirmed for in the section above I mentioned that the Pole Shift would cause two massive tsuami's and referring to the sickles and these are listed under the Seventh Trumpet which, in fact, contains the Seven Vials proving that this Pole Shift occurs at the touchdown under the 7th Vial.

Now, there may be a minor Pole Shift at the time of the Rapture (Ps 77) and even during the Sixth Seal Year (possibly Ps 97) - as David Lowe believes - but these will be 'minor' compared to the one that occurs when the City touches down.

As stated in my post on the Gravel Tipped Arrows, Ps 77 is specifically talking about the trembling of the earth at the time of the Rapture and Ps 97 at the Return and now I will turn to the latter one to see if I can differentiate between the Sixth Seal or the touchdown of the City.

This Ps mentions that all his enemies are burned up which echo's Isaiah 24 above and the Vials in Revelation therefore, Ps 97 is definately at the end of the tribulation in the Seventh Seal, Trumpet and Vial and not the Sixth Seal and that, as far as I know, should wrap up my studies in the Prophecies and Chronologies thereof.


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