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Topic: The Night

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The Night

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recently I have gotten the feeling in the spirit that the earth may experience a meteorite strike of some magnitude - possibly multiple strikes and that involving ancient Gaul and other places.

I have also seen this verified by the Word of Y'hova in at least one place where the Beast of Revelation 13 already has a Head Wound when it rises from the Sea.

The 'Head' would be referring to one of the ten countries that make up the beast and, therefore, one of those countries receives a head would of some kind.

The ramifications of this - that I have also received in the spirit and seen verified by the Word, are many and varied. One or several or all of the effects listed below may result like dominoes falling over.

Pole Shift

See John White's Book by the same name. If the meteorites hit is multiple, it could set up wave propagation out of all due proportion affecting one location on the earth more then others and, in this case, that would be the North Pole resulting in this shift. If that were to occur, I would suspect that it would interrupt - possibly permanently - all satellite communications over the entire globe - basically Y2K style.

Antarctic Ice Cap

A pole shift of large enough proportions could send the Ice Cap into the Ocean - see Richard Noone's Book 5/5/2000 for more information. This, of course, would end up flooding a large proportion of the world's coastlands however, there is another result as well.

Yellowstone Super Volcano

With the added weight of the ice cap on the water this, as well as the previous pole shift, could very easily set off the Ring of Fire triggering that volcano in particular and this could also trigger several more major catastrophes.

Great Basin

One author has suggested that if Yellowstone were ever to let go that it would end up cracking the Great Basin in Nevada possibly to the point where it would be flooded by the ocean pouring in down by California.

Methane Explosion

David Dun has recorded in his book the Black Silent that trapped Methane and Natural Gas is, basically, a ticking time bomb with very serious repercussions were they ever to light off including large marine and animal deaths and possibly setting the atmosphere on fire. These could easily be set off by earthquake, apparently.

Anyways, I am convinced some or all of these events will be affecting the globe in the near future and many other people have also gotten this feeling, what everyone seemed to lack is a general time frame.

I have just recently seen that the Year 2009 is being targeted by some of the Chronologies in the Word especially as it relates to the Nation of Ephraim which, today, is America and it would appear that its judgment day for this country.

This will be the start of what the Scripture calls the Night with the Rapture of the Church occurring Yom Kipper 2033 AD about 25 years from now and during this period the geopolitical situation across the globe will change completely.

So, that is where it stands right now and, whether or not anything occurs, this will probably be my last post for I feel that my ministry is now going to change and I am being told to walk away from the "Tools of an Idol Shepherd" as Zechariah calls them.

If the Meteorite Strike occurs as stated, it is probably a safe bet to assume the rest of this post is going to occur as well and one would want to copy anything off the web that they think they might need and then head to a secure location.

I would suspect that the Pole Shift would occur within a week of the strike, but that is, of course, just guess work.

Via con Dios.


David T. Hill

Post Script : October 15, 2009 : The Day of the Vengeance of our God

All of the judgment symbolism and typology (Basket of Summer Fruit, Whirlwind Season (Hurricanes), Early Rain, Plowing Season, Migration, etc) applies to the date that Ephraim chose to celebrate Tabernacles which is the 15th day of the 8th month which, on some years, falls on America's Thanksgiving and there should be a post on this subject somewhere on this site however, this year it happens to fall on November 1, 2009 (plus or minus two days) and, of course, it starts at sundown the night before - October 31, 2009.

All Saints Day also known as All Soul's Day and Halloween and Mardi Gras and Octoberfest and which is anciently the Anniversary of the Flood (per Olcott's Starlore and Davidson's Great Pyramid) and which every culture on the planet celebrated on the 17th day of the 2nd month which, before the flood, occured in the fall around October and which is the day that Jeroboam was trying to garnish to his own appointed holiday when he switched Tabernacles from the 15th day of the 7th month to the 15th day of the 8th month, and, it just so happens, that this the High Occult Day that Luther chose to nail his Heresy to the door of the Church - "which thing I hate" - starting the Protestant Apostasy from the True Faith. Thus, since the Protestants walked away from the New Covenant and are now under the Abrahamic Covenant, then they will be judged when Ephraim is.

Thus we are to look for Y'hova's judgment against Ephraim on his own holiday of Tabernacles one month after Jewish Tabernacles which, as stated, will be October 31. If Y'hova decides to use an annual meteorite storm to effect this judgment then this would fall under the Taurids which is the result of Comet Enche which is pronounced Enki as in the Sumerian texts, whom I have identified as Adam himself. Thus this judgment is also a result of them not disclosing to the world the existence of Adam's Body which they have had for forty years now. This meteorite strike would perfectly reflect the symbolism used in Ephraim's Judgment passage in Isaiah 28 of the Plowman breaking up the ground.

I also found out today that "in that day" of judgment, Y'shua will raise up the tabernacle of David (Amos) thus implying that my change as a result of the Eucharist will occur on the same day that Ephraim is visited by Y'shua (visitation - Isaiah, Hosea, Micah etc), in judgment. This Visitation was symbolized the first time when Y'hova sent the Prophet to the Northern Nation to curse the altar (the Lion and Ass episode) which was broken and the ashes (volcano) spilled out onto the ground.

Post Script : December 2, 2009 : All of the above typology also applies to the Second Tabernacles known as Hanakkuh and, further, there are additional types that come into play at this time that do not occur earlier and specifically that of the Plumbline described by Isaiah and Zechariah and specifically, Amos.

Post Script : June 10, 2010 AD :  All of the above may potentially apply for I have determined that the year 2010 AD is assuredly the year of judgment based on the Sacking of Samaria in 721 BC, when Sargon ascended the throne, and not in 722 BC as some experts believe. 

No matter how you look at it, this country and world are on borrowed time...


Welcome to my World...

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The Hastening of Isaiah is the same as the Old Man running to embrace his youngest son and can only be placed sometime after judgment has fallen on the nation of Ephraim - America.

Hence, strictly speaking, the hastening has absolutely nothing to do with my change or, specifically, with Veraison or a Trap Springing Shut except as the latter refers to the start of the Tribulaton Nisan 1, 2033 AD.


Welcome to my World...

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