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Topic: Black Dwarfs and Revelations

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Black Dwarfs and Revelations


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Black Dwarfs and Revelations




So, in my quest for Ancient Wisdom I picked up a book the other night called The Lost Star by W. Cruttenden which postulated the possibility that our sun is in a binary orbit with Sirius and, frankly, he blew the opposition out of the water.

Basically, without getting into the mechanics involved, there is no way you can look at the facts and not conclude that we are in a 'binary' system.

So, as I was looking at his diagram on that orbit (pg 167) I personally concluded that there may be a third star in this system that the other two are orbiting around that holds them on that course and I decided that it may, in fact, be a Black Dwarf.

While just recently re-reading The Sirius Mystery by Temple, I had postulated the existence of Black Dwarfs because of the Black Rite of the Religion of Osiris who is Lord of the Perfect Black and, turns out that, in fact, Black Dwarfs do exist.

In Theory, anyways.

A Normal Star goes ballistic and blows itself up and the remaining mass contracts upon itself into a tight ball forming Dwarfs such as Red and Brown which, if I remember correctly, are also known as Neutrinos which are, in fact, the smallest and heaviest stars that we know of.

Then, after it has had time to Air Cool (which is the problem for Physicists cause it would, supposedly, take longer then the Universe has been in existence) which in Metallurgy would be called Tempering, it then becomes a Black Dwarf.

Well, this, then, set off the bells in a manner of speaking cause this would be the only true Star - a Black Hole is not a Star - that would be Invisible.

You know, like described by the Dogon.

So, I went back and checked all my notes on the Sirius Mystery and found further support for all this which I hopefully will type up and place on this post sometime but, for starters, they compare this to the Seed of a Small Plant and Y'shua (Hebrew name for Jesus) parallels this when he mentions the Faith of a Mustard Seed which was the smallest cultivated seed that the Hebrews sowed. It is from the Plant called Brassica Nigra otherwise known as Black Mustard.

The formation of this Star via the Supernova is probably what they are talking about when they say that this star was Circumcised which, actually, is a pretty good description of the process from a stellar point of view.

So, with that information and formative theories, I went looking for anything in the area to the left of Orion which is where, in theory, our orbits meet which should be where this Black Dwarf is and on the Dendarra Zodiac, lodged directly between Sirius (pictured as a Cow sitting down) and Orion is a Glyph of a Bird of Prey perched upon a Fish. The the picture below shows it right at lower center.


The Bird would Picture, I believe, Procyon which many think is somehow connected to Sirius and the Fish, then, represents the Elliptical Orbit of a Black Dwarf.

The Fish symbol is connected to Narmer the Farmer whom the Dogon call Nommo and is also, assuredly, the source for the original Fish Men Story and also represents the Cosmic Egg which is why there is a Duck, Duck, Goose who laid the Golden Egg just to the left of Orion having laid that Egg right where that orbit is depicted. This would be the Secret Chambers of the South referred to by Job (chapter nine compliments of Michanowsky) as well as the Secrets of the Abyss (per Temple I believe).

This area just happens also to be the location of the Super Conjunction that occurred in the Constellation of Orion that I have mentioned in the Day of Creation and on my website which all Cultures seem to connect to the Creation Cosmologies in one way or another, but not quite so clearly as the Dogon.

A Stellar Explosion of this magnitude, by the way, according to Michanowsky in his book the Once and Future Star, in 1977, was determined by Scholars to be possibly the source for the formation of Solar Systems such as our own thus the star would fulfill the description - in every way - of the Dogon Po Tolo or possibly the Thrid Star in their system - I forgot the name.

I also want to mention that the Dogon have an incredible Christology which includes three Great Mysteries that most, if not all, Christians are totally unaware of. I mention this because this indicates that, since their Christology is not a result of 'contamination' from outside influence then their Cosmology which is intimately connected with their Theology, is also uncontaminated and original to their system which, in my opinion is actually a Record of the Oldest Astronomical System in existence.

That dedicated to the Age of Gemini, which was replaced by the Age of Taurus circa 4KBC (four thousand years before Christ) which all the other Astrocosmologies embody.

As for the three great mysteries, well, they have all been expounded on my Message Board in various posts which I may elaborate upon here on this post when I get the time. But, for the record, they are the fact that Y'shua Nommo has a Twin Brother, that when this Nommo returns he will be bringing his Star with him which is the New Jerusalem (at the start of the Millenium not end as Christians place it) and, further and, perhaps greatest, that he is actually going to be Physically Married and have kids.

I'll be Dogon...

Anyways, this would be the area of sky that is taken up by Monoceros.

The Unicorn :

This weekend we move on to the constellation Monoceros the Unicorn. Unicorn's are mythical creatures with the legs of a deer, the tail of a lion, and the head of a horse. There is one horn growing straight out of the center of the head. The stars of the constellation are faint and illusive, just like the Unicorn. In many cultures, the tiny crescent moon is said to represent the horn of the Unicorn. Given that Orion is a mythical hunter, it's pretty funny to have a highly prized Unicorn standing right behind a mighty hunter.

The Rosetta Nebula - gee, like, can Nebula's form from, like, Supernovas?

Inquirering minds want to know...

Yup :

There is also a Cone Nebula in that area.

From Wiki :

Rosette Nebula : It is believed that stellar winds from a group of O and B stars are exerting pressure on interstellar clouds to cause compression, followed by star formation in the nebula. This star formation is currently still ongoing.

Bull Loney.

Something else is causing that compression.

Like, a Black Dwarf at the very center.

I have just been reading through Olcott's Star Lore and Cancer - the Rosette Nebula could be considered between Gemini and Cancer - was anciently known as a Red Flower and, of course, the most famous Red Flower is the Rose.
So, anyways, I believe that all this was known by the Ancients and especially by the Dogon who possibly believed that there was a Black Dwarf somewhere near the constellation of the Unicorn and I believe that it may actually be precisely in the middle of the Rose Nebula which would explain why Cancer was anciently known as the Red Flower (per Olcott's Star Lore).

Proving the existence of a Black Dwarf would be similar to proving the Existence of the Creator in two ways.

The first is that both a Black Dwarf and the Creator hide themselves in that the only way you can tell they're there is by the effects they have on their environment. Like the Proverbial King of the Beasts dragging their tail behind Him swishing it to and fro and erasing all his tracks, He hides himself as Lord of Perfect Blackness.

The second is that when it is proven that there is a Black Dwarf in the Constellation of the Unicorn it will be proof of instantaneous creation ex nihilo because any Black Dwarf that exists would have to be 'older' than the known universe.

Perhaps, this is what the Dogon meant when exercising their faith of the Black Mustard Seed when they said that the Black Dwarf was the first star the Creator fashioned - older then the universe.

Suffer me a little and I will show you that I have yet to speak on God's Behalf. I will fetch my knowledge from afar and ascribe righteousness to my Maker. Surely my words shall not be false and he that is perfect in knowledge is with thee.

You know, they say that in Heaven, a Rose doesn't have any thorns...

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