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Topic: The Male Child of the Apocalypse

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The Male Child of the Apocalypse


The Male Child of the Apocalypse

Many have tried to understand the twelveth chapter of revelation, and have come up with many different interpretations. A woman, clothed with the Sun, and the Moon at her feet and Twelve Stars around her head. The Dragon that sits at her feet to devour her child, and the male child who is 'born' and caught up to heaven.

This symbolism is drawn right out of the book of Genesis, and it is here that we must start are interpretation.

Joseph has a dream in which the Sun, Moon and Eleven stars, come and bow down to Joseph, who was the Twelveth star. Jacob, known as Israel, asks his son if he (jacob) and his (joseph's) mother, and his eleven brothers were going to bow down to him. So, in this symbolism, the Sun is a Father figure, the Moon is a Mother figure, and the Eleven stars are are the Sons.

If we take the entire teaching of the Word, and especially that of the Revelation, we can come to a proper interpretation of chapter 12.

The Woman, would be the believing remnant nation of Israel, that flees into the wilderness in the last half of the tribulation (and that at Yeshuahs words, 'when you see Jerusalem encompassed by armies...). I have already posted that at this point in time, they will probably flee to Mt. Sinai, for the reinauguration of the theocracy, which we need to keep in mind.

The Sun would be a 'father' figure in Israel at this time, and the Moon would be a 'mother' figure, and it should be apparent, that this would be the two witness-the two olive branches- which minister to the woman in the wilderness, during the latter half of the tribulation, and are responcible for reinagurating the theocracy during that time. So, it should come as no surprise that the typology of the Sun would be fulfilled by Moses, a definate father figure in Israel's history, and the typology of the Moon would be fulfilled by Elijah, a 'mother' figure in Israel, who 'nursed' them through their period of apostacy.

This interpretation is not hard to understand, except to those who insist that the two olive branches arrive at the start of the trib, and not the middle. They really have no internal proof from the Revelation, just a time line that they are trying to prove. And I ask, who better to minister to Israel at the time of the reorganization, then the two greatest prophets of Israel's history. Isn't this what they did the first time.

So, to continue, it should be obvious, from the book of Revelation, who the Stars represent. They are Sons of Israel, and these stars represent the 144,000 Jewish male virgins, 12,000 each from the 12 tribes of Israel. It should be noted that both Dan and Ephraim are OMITTED from this list, possibly for different reasons. Some say that the antiChrist might have blood from Dan in him, and that is why they are ommitted from the list of tribes concerning the 144,000. The reason for ephraims ommision will be stated later.

We all know who the dragon represents, and the ten horns asociated with him should also be kept in mind. What should also be remembered is that this same scenario IS NOTHING NEW. But this has been satan's stratagy IN EVERY GENERATION. He tried to destroy Yeshuah at His birth, and in fact many suppose that this chapter is refering to this event. As well, satan tried to destroy Moses in the same manner. And, it could be seen that he tried the same with Daniel, in a way, for he could as easily been killed as taken captive. But, if that had occured, then the prophecy of the Scepter not departing from Judah until Shiloh came, would have been destroyed. So, the concept of satan trying to destroy a child that God has callen, is nothing new, and perhaps this is the main goal of the age of abortion, The Spirit of the Age, as Michael Card calls it. And in fact, it has been the same battle that occurs in every generation, for God, "Will not leave Himself without a Witness", and every generation, He raises some one up to meet the challenge of the enemy. Sometimes it becomes more imperative that this individual be "raised up from amoung his brethren" which is never used of a ressurction, but more like an election, by God and man, concerning their leader.

So then, who is the male child of this chapter. I would point out a couple of things concerning this. When Joseph originally had this dream, his mother was already dead! So, how could the mother bow down to one of her sons (all the other ones did bow down to Joseph). This alone suggests that this event is still future, or the Word of God will be broken concerning this one point. We know that this can not be, for Yeshua tells us that One Jot and Tittle will not pass away, UNTIL ALL IS FULFILLED.

Joseph, as stated, was the twelveth star in his dream. And, in Revelation, the Male Child would be the 13th 'star' in this vision (the 13th son). This is no coincidence, and every dot of an i and cross of a T is important in the Word, so it is no coincidence that the 13th tribe of Israel, is the lost tribe of Ephraim, the other one missing from the list. "And a little one will become a strong nation..."

This shows that this passage is not refering to Yeshuah, who was from the tribe of Judah the Royal Tribe.

But there is other evidence that this is not Yeshuah from the context. MJAgee states that Yeshuah was to be born "Before the time to bring forth" but that this child is born as the Birth pains arrive. This is a logical interpretation of the symbolism, and supports this teaching. And this concept of the birthpains is scattered throughout the Scriptures, Old and New Testaments, concerning endtimes events- all of which bring the focus upon the birth of a male child in Israel ('I will hasten it' -endtimes events- 'in his time' - maturity, like the birth pains, and obviously not Yeshuah).

The structure of the book suggests that these events occur after the Rapture. All these passages occur "after these things", which is the outline for the book that has stood the test of time, and all of these passages occur after this. This shows us that the birth of this male child, also occurs after the Rapture. It should be noted that this 'birth' is refering to his commissioning, not physical birth. For, if you look at Yeshuah's baptism, which was His Annointing as Israel's Messiah, in other words their King, that God speaks from Heaven and says you are my Son, which is also a reference from the psalms, "Thou are my Son, this day have I begotten thee."

The ten horns of Daniel, find their counterpart here, but notice that here they have their crowns, hence they have received their kingdom. These kings, and the dragon who controls and uses them, are contemporaries with this male child. Now, John received this vision in 90 ad, and the angel then told him that these kings had not yet received their kingdoms. This is well over 40 years after our lord was caught up to heaven, yet these kings are not yet on the scene. Again, this supports the teaching that this male child is not Yeshuah, only a type of Yeshuah.

And this will also be supported by other passages in the Book. In one of the letters Yeshuah tells the overcomer, that he will rule the world with a rod of Iron. This passage, from Ps 2 is specifically Messiahic and is refering to Yeshuah. But He Himself applies it to the overcomer of one of the churchs. And is also finds its fulfillment in 12:5 with the exact same words, concerning this male child. Hence, the male child is an overcomer from the endtimes church of thyatira. He is specifically left behind at the Rapture, to be "A witness, leader and commander" which is a quote from the old testament, concerning this individual. This is important, for God will not leave Himself without a witness, and if the two olive tree's show up at the mid point, the who witnesses to Israel in the first half of the trib? Here you have the witness internally recorded in the revelation ("The voice said cry, and he said, 'what shall I cry'" who is this individual that asks the voice what he should cry, as recorded in Is 40 dealing with endtimes events?)

Here we lose tract of this individual, and must go to other Scriptures to find him again. But it should be remembered that the individual pictured in Rev 12, is not Yeshuah, but that he is described by Yeshuah Himself, as sitting on the throne of David (Ps 2), acting as a Regent to Yeshuah Himself. For again, in one of the letters Yeshuah says that 'he will sit on my throne, as I overcame and sat down on My Fathers throne.' Yeshuah's throne is the Davidic throne. Yeshuah's Father's throne, is the throne of the entire universe, and Yeshua, as God's Son, is HEIR TO THE ENTIRE CREATION, and not solely the Davidic Throne.

So, when Yeshuah ascended into Heaven, and sat down on His Father's Throne, it was to reign over the entire universe! The Davidic Throne, which shall be restored in the endtimes, is Yeshuah's throne, that this male child will sit down on, and rule as regent in the old Jerusalem, while Yeshuah Himself will rule over the entire universe, and this earth, from the New Jerusalem, which will also be on this earth. Hence the words, that the Old Jerusalem, is God's Footstool. This will literally be the case with the New Jerusalem butted up against the land of Israel, and the old Jerusalem.

Now, this teaching is also supported by numerous other passages in the Word, one of which is in reference to the Prince of Ezekial, which will be the subject of tomorrows post...

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