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Topic: This Thing of Ours

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This Thing of Ours

This Thing of OursThu Jun 28, 2007, 1:08 PM
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So, last night (Sun in Sirius, Moon in Serpentaurus) for some reason, I got to thinking about Job's three 'friends' and I realized that they were probably immortals from before the flood with Bert and Earnie being Bildad ("For the Love of Bel") and Zophar respectively - and that the little **** Bert lied to me (see the Perfect Antichrist thread) when he said there were only two of them that made it through the flood - and this third immortal would be Eliphaz ("His god is gold" - Job 22:24 for the proof) who is the Padrino or ruler of all the immortals and thus all of the world. This seemed to be supported by the fact that this would make 14 Immortals and there are 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati but also the Merovingian Lineage for a total of 14 Lineages in the Global Family - myself being the Bastard Son of the Costra Notra - This Thing of Ours.

He it would have been who ordered the hit on Marduk, if I am not mistaken, and thus ordered the pyramid to be gutted out sometime after the flood in order to try and prevent the return of Cain. His friend Bildad uses the term, "King of Terrors" in reference to Cain "the first man born" and I believe that he is still afraid of Cain though he apparently is a very loyal follower of the "Son of the Destroyer". He wanted everyone to know that he "didn't say a word" about the existence of this last immortal in one of the Headlines this morning which I can no longer find which is probably true. It probably was from Cain or my other half or I figured it out for myself. In fact, I don't know why I didn't figure it out sooner.

Interestingly enough, Nostradamus also uses the title King of Terror in reference to the arrival of the Antichrist from the Sky in 1999 (which I have shown is probably referring to Nisan of 98) and I believe that Nostradamus was very possibly Eliphaz.

I do not believe that these were their real names, but that Elihu chose them as to symbolize these men and others like them and we can see from Eliphaz' name that he was in love with money and specifically Gold and Silver and thus he is probably the richest man on the planet today. This is the individual that, no doubt, planned 911 and the War on Terror as a smoke screen to steal all of America's Gold among other things and it is no surprise that as I walked to the Library this morning, right past the Denver Mint, that they made sure that I saw the Raising of the Flag Ceremony at the Mint which was Eliphaz saying that he owns all the Gold in America which is now over in Europe not-with-standing the Political Rumor about Dubya stealing Beth's Gold.

He it was who, probably before the flood, had seen the Specter that turned out to be Satan himself even though Eliphaz does not believe in a personal Satan (Job 4:15) and this is actually where he got the 'secret teaching' that makes up the core of the Illuminati - that Y'hova does not trust the Angels, or the Saints and that the Heavens (i.e. matter) is evil in His sight. He was specifically told by Y'hova himself that this was all a lie yet he has continued to propagate that lie for the last 4,000 years which is best known under the banner of Gnosticism.

He claims (Job 5:3) that he cursed Job and this was the reason for his calamity and if Job would submit to him he would restore all he lost and this is a common trait with the CIA - they claim 'victories' for events that they had nothing to do with - like my upcoming change - to try and gain some type of control and power over others and to try and impress them or scare them, etc.

Their reasoning in claiming that man is evil matter is to justify continuing in their personal sins and this is the Way of Cain and was the original teaching of the King of Terror pre flood which Eliphaz mentions (Job 22:15) as "the old way" and specifically mentions the flood - probably because he went through it as well, whether in the sphinx with the other two, or in his own bunker somewhere - in Job's day, the flood would have been fresher in the minds of the people of the day then the discovery of the New World is in our minds today.

Thus, as the leader of these three in their Secret Religion, and living for the last 5000 years, it is obvious that they would work their way into position of world rulership at some time in the past and currently reside in that position in our day and age and possibly they were in control at the time that the Ten Soldiers became Immortals. Thus, these three at least, are the Wandering Stars that Jude mentions who have, literally, gone in the Way of Cain with Eliphaz sitting on Cain's Throne for the last 4000 years, more or less.

So, when I got to the Library the next morning (today June 28, 2007), it was clear that the Insiders want me to think that none other than Tony Blair is Eliphaz (aka the Wizard of Oz) and it is certainly no coincidence that I figured this out on the very day that Blair stepped down from Downing Street ("It was no stunt") and, whether or not this is true, it is probably close enough to the truth that, for all practical purposes, Tigger is none other than Eliphaz from the Book of Job - or very possibly his son. Compare the portrait of Nostra with Blair and note the remarkable similarities in the eyes and chin. Thus Nostra is also probably the source for the Vampiric Prophecies and possibly some of the Catholic Prophecies, but this may not be the case.

In his last day in office, at his departure speech, Tigger made sure he was wearing the Rose on his lapel and, if he is Eliphaz, he is the leader of all the secret societies on the planet including the Rosicrucians making him also the Padrino of the Black Pope himself who is at the top of the Mortal Pyramid.

And; in a note of bad news for Chuckie and the Not So Green Tomatoes; Tigger is apparently in the process of stepping out of the Shadows and into the Limelight and the position of the Public Leader of the World with his bid to be the Middle East Peace Envoy Extraordinaire (Me Pee!) on his way to becoming your Antichrist - if you please - cause he knows what Cain the Son of the Destroyer is like and he ain't about to let him back on that throne to rule this world or there might not be anything left of this earth to rule over.

I guess this means Barney is on the way out too, hey...


Welcome to my World...

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