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Topic: The Immortal Padrino

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The Immortal Padrino

The Immortal PadrinoWed Jun 6, 2007, 5:10 PM
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My exact words to the Headline in the comment section below were, "Well of ****ing course - what else would they call him?"

The Google Search for the Immortal Godfather yielded the website below and I will give you the synopsis and then draw reasonable conclusions.

Their understanding is that the Immortal is a Face Stealer who trades places with younger men to steal their bodies via transmigration of the soul (basically the other side of the coin from reincarnation) which is best done through ones' own descendants - no surprise there. And thus this guy has been trading places with people's spirits for years according to the article.

Now, what this person does not understand - just like with those who believe in reincarnation in general and reincarnation through specific bloodlines specifically - is that this is just a cover for a person who is a true immortal. They 'trade faces' with their own sons that look enough like them when it would otherwise be obvious that they are not aging. This non aging is touched upon in the article but it was just an anomoly and lasted for only 30. Thus the Headline from one of the Insiders to myself was that, "the kids are just hair doo's" or cover for the fact that they never age.

Let me give you a run down on reincarnation here as well. As I have stated, before the flood Cain and his boys obtained some of the fruit from the tree of life and became immortal including one of Cain's step brothers who later had a falling out with Cain and became the Lone Wolf - this is the Immortal Godfather who lived through the flood while Cain and his boys were in the pyramid. Now, before the flood, Cain faked his death using Lamech either knowingly or unknowingly shooting the arrow that 'killed' Cain who then went into hiding. Then, when Tubal (Tu = Mark Ba = son and Al = Almighty, God, Lord and thus altogether you have "the Mark of Lord") Cain was born with the same Mark that Y'hova had placed on Cain, everyone thought Cain was reincarnated and this belief was taught to the masses even though Cain and his boys - including, probably, his step brother - knew the truth and that was that reincarnation was a myth. After the flood, Semarius wanted to consolodate her rule over the world's populous and, with Nimrod bearing a similar mark, she said he was Ba Al or the son of god reincarnated and thus, the Bloodline Reincarnation Myth has been propagated unknowingly among the Insiders who run the world and the rest of the masses for the most part have accepted reincarnation in general - i.e. that they might come back as a cow etc, and the only one who has known that this myth is false has been the Godfather and, because he knew it was false, he came up with the transmigration of the soul and face stealing, so as to cover over the fact that he was not aging and all he does is switches places with one of his numerous sons when the time is ripe.

Now, further proof that my understanding is correct is that he happened to settle down right smack in the middle of Gaul and this is where the Ten Immortals came from as I point out in that post meaning that, as an Immortal who has been alive for over 5000 years, he is probably in control, more or less, of all the Immortals. In the article they mention the Man in the Iron Mask who was played by Decaprio who is one of the people that I have tenatively identified as being one of the Ten Immortal Soldiers.

He specifically states that these immortals were the Nephilim which are people sired by the fallen angels from before the flood however, they can not extend their life by vampirism any more than anyone else. The only way these people could be immortal is if they ate of the tree of life from before the flood, and all their stories are simply to cover over the fact that they are immortal. I had assumed, for now, that there was only one that lived through the flood however, it could be that there were more - this will have to wait for more information.

So, after I composed the info above, I went back and looked at the article below which is largly based upon the life of Count Saint Germain and, sure enough, take a look at his portrait and then look at a picture of Hemingway (whom the Insiders identified through their Headlines as being this individual) and you will see that the eyes are almost, if not exactly, the same. I will add here that this individual is actually the one being referred to in the book by a local Denver Author called God's Assassin who was an Immortal that the author apparently has been in contact with telepathically.

According to Wiki, one person claims that this person was the original founder of the Rosicrucianers and that he was also Hiram Abiff or the Widow's Son, which I just had a post concerning that may be of interest and he is also linked to the Knights of Malta and the Maltese Circle via the Maltese Cross.

Alice Bailey says he trys to influence people telepathically that may be instrumental in bringing about the Age of Aquarius - now why doesn't this surprise me and get this in relation to yesterdays post - sometime after 2025 he will 'materialize' as "Lord of Civilization" with the Return or materialization of Jesus Christ as well.

His little "I love me Wall" says that he was one of the rulers of Atlantis which, once again, proves that he was alive before the flood and thus became immortal at that time.

Samuel Weor says he is the ruler of World Politics cause he is Jupitor's Rays Boy or something to that effect, but this is precisely as I suspected anyways, as the oldest of the immortals. He says that the 'saint' believed in sexual transmutation or - for the average reader of this website - this little **** continues to stroke my **** so that I will turn all that pent up sexual energy into initiating the Age of Aquarius.

**** you, asswipe.

If you're so great than do it yourself you little ****teaser fairy.

I don't need you or your little bitches to stroke it or "hold it" cause I can do that all by myself you stupid little ****ed up Angelic Premature Ejacuate.

Since you are apprarently right here in Denver and know where to find me anytime you want, why don't ya come on over tonight and suck my ****ing **** and if you ain't willing to do that then get your stupid little ****ing bitches the hell away from me so that I can concentrate on bringing in my version of the Age of Aquarius in my ****ing time, **** for brains, which I probably would have done by now if it wasn't for your goddamned interferrance.

And, I tell you what, little Padrino Pudwacker, you may be immortal, but I bet the **** that you can burn just like everyone else and we just might be finding that out before too long.


Welcome to my World...

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