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Topic: Pure Anarchy : Effects of a Pole Shift

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Pure Anarchy : Effects of a Pole Shift


I was wondering last night if a Pole Shift would generate a Global Electro Magnetic Pulse frying all the world's computer chips and, turns out, it definately will.

Below is a list drawn up by Patrick Geryl - one should consider that this is a worst case scenario and even he admits it depends upon the severity of the shift - and I suspect it won't be as bad as he spells out here but I also suspect he's right about the satellite and communications systems. I am gonna go through and tone it down some so the quote below is not really a quote but the URL is provided.

He also, like people like John White and others put too much stock on the dating methods when they themselves provide proof that the dating methods are incorrect. He has an interesting section on how the Pole Shift may literally may rocks out of mud instantaneously which is something that could require more research for, if correct, it throws the dating methods of the various strata right out the window.

He is very probably wrong about this shift occuring in 2012 AD for more reasons than I care to go into right now so what I will probably do is put my own comments in [brackets].

Now the Pole Shift that he is talking about will affect the globe at the end of the tribulation with the touch down of the New Jerusalem and probably on the scale that he envisions however, the Pole Shift we receive will be minor in comparison but will still create a lot of Pure Anarchy.

One way or another, its not gonna be dull...

Effects of a Global Pole Shift :

The polar reversal of the magnetic field of the sun will send a huge cloud of electromagnetic particles into space. As a result all satellites around the earth will be completely destroyed.

[Wrong - the Sun reverses its polarity every eleven years and, though it is possible that it might trigger our own reversal, it is also possible that the reversal will occur before 2012 AD.]

Immediately hereafter, the poles will crash and the magnetic field of the earth will be supercharged within a short period of time. In an instant, all electronic equipment will be destroyed through an internal short circuit, as a result of the electromagnetic pulse and our computer-dependent civilization will be wiped away completely.

Huge earthquakes and volcanic outbursts destroy buildings and installations, leaving them in ruins including high-rise blocks and everything else will be leveled. Completely leveled. The following earth crust shift and tidal wave will bury that knowledge in the ruins.

Almost all regions will have a climate change. All of a sudden Europe and the United States of America may be thrust into a new ice age.

[He, obviously, has never lived in Vermont in the wintertime - however, he brings up an interesting point and that is Fimbleveter - three years of winter across the globe do to the climate change and the resulting volcanism from even a minor Pole Shift.]

 As we do not know how big the earth crust shift will be and which parts will be shifted, we also do not know where to restart a civilization.

[And we don't know exactly how bad the damage will be - a good estimate would be to take the worst case scenario as he spells out here and the best case scenario and take the mean or middle ground and that is probably what we are gonna get.]

Because of the tidal wave and the huge storms that torment the earth's surface, food supplies will be destroyed.  Trees will be uprooted and growing fields will be lost or drenched with salty and contaminated water. It can take years before sufficient food will be able to be grown again to feed the survivors.

[In the areas affected which could be a very large portion of the earth and he is probably correct in that the majority of the world is going to be going very hungry after this shift.] 

Most, if not all, of the drilling installations in the world's oil fields will be torn apart. The wells will either leak into the surrounding areas, or the earthquakes will cover the holes. It is certain that it will be impossible to revive the installation works. They will be lost forever.

Most, if not all, energy supplies will be destroyed. Tanks with petrol derivatives will be torn open and the freed substances will overflow into the environment worldwide. Huge oil slicks from destroyed oil tankers will contaminate oceans.

Tidal waves of up to two kilometers in height may be possible.

Besides an almost complete decimation caused by this disaster, the people and animals that are left will perish in super contamination.

[The Doctor was referring to the contamination of the land by the oil but you are gonna have mass contamination on a Global scale for with this many dead bodies around the animal population will explode and turn against society and with those bodies you have mass plagues as with the Black Death, etc.]

Harbors and ships will also be completely destroyed in the catastrophic events.

The wide-scale transportation of goods will be virtually impossible.

[And, of course, vandalism will explode on the globe again as well as piracy which will be a big hinderance to the transportation industry.]

On top of this is the remaining problem of the destruction of many energy supplies the manufactoring of essential products may not exist anymore. 

Most, if not all, Hospitals and all other health services will be reduced to ruins. Life-supporting systems may will be gone forever. Should you be hurt and even have a small injury, the result could be fatal.

[The refrigeration of Penicilan and Insulin will be drastically, if not completely, curtailed and thousands will die from lack of proper medication and don't forget all those Bi-Polar Psychopaths that will no longer have their mood controlling drugs to keep em happy and what do you get with that recipe? Then throw in a lot of racial tension and bring to a slow simmer for couple of decades then throw the lid on and turn up the heat - barbeque time!]

During the earth's crust shift with its titanic quakes, hundreds of nuclear plants on our planet may be destroyed.

Life-threatening and toxic products from chemical factories will be dumped into our environment.

Electricity and telephone networks will be torn apart and completely useless.  Most, if not all, electricity generating plants will be reduced to ruins.

Even more serious will be the following: due to the generated induction currents together with the pole reversal, all electronic and electrical equipment's will be useless! Airplanes and Satellites will crash, caused by the electromagnetic storms sweeping the globe.



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