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Topic: Now its time to panic...

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Now its time to panic...

Immortal Departure...

Its about a month old, but it is definately an Alarm Bell for anyone who is paying attention. 

He is one of the Immortals and, in fact, one of my Donar's and where I get my Bi-Polar condition from - and his departure from this country under the conditions of selling the farm is a clear indication that the Executive Branch of the Immortals who run this world are done with America and it has been sold to the highest bidder, you might say.

He is also sending a message to the Lavendar Prince which is Lamech - which I was kinda expecting - who heads the Judicial Branch of the Immortals that they have done everything they can and they are giving up on the American side of the Monarch Project.

If it continues to operate it does so at its own risk and without their blessing.

I stated about a year ago that if you see the Immortals leaving this country, it is a good indication that judgment is coming one way or another and here is the first indication of that.

Keep in mind that this is already one month old...

Troubled Mel Gibson leaving the States

Mail On Sunday Reporter

Last updated at 8:36 AM on 18th July 2010

Mel Gibson is poised to quit the US after selling his mansion near New York.

The Lethal Weapon star, who faces allegations of violence from his Russian former girlfriend, sold the mock Tudor property, known as Old Mill Farm, for £16 million – £10 million less than the asking price.

Gibson has also put his Malibu home, Lavender Hill Farm, on the market for £10 million, according to a property newsletter.

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Welcome to my World...

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