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Topic: Lone Wolf

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Lone Wolf

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United States 8/11/2010 3:43 PM

TS/SBI : 911 Attack on Pentagon was not part of the plan!

Well, now, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now privy to what is probably the most closely guarded secret in the corridors of powers in Washington and London today. There is a Lone Wolf on the Global Scene - a Lethal Weapon, you might say - who can do pretty much whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and there is not a phoking thing the Insiders can do about it and they don't want this information getting out - either to the common people or to any other politicians in any other countries - so they came up with the bull**** cover story that a plane flew into the (Occultic) Pentagon (thus part of their overall plan for 911 - get it?) so that no one knows this individual (and possibly his army) are out there and that he launched a missile into their pretty little Castle on the Potomac, cause then they will lose a certain amount of control and if the information spreads like wildfire, they lose alot more control. They had to go with the (missing) airplane cover story cause that was the modus operandi of the 'terrorists' - not missles.


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