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Topic: NASA calls it Orcus

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NASA calls it Orcus


A guy produced a video of pictures of it that he acquired from NASA and he says that they call it the Orca.

Well, they do, and they got that name from the
Millennium Group and I can assure you that this article has been untampered with for about ten years cause I read it back then and have referenced it several times in some of my own posts.  Thus, the pictures that the guy provides in the video are assuredly correct.  I tried to leave comments on  his video and they were instantly deleated and he has not touched his site in over a year.




November 25, 1998

[updated 26 December, 1998]



Earl L. Crockett, Writer

Truth In Science Team Members

Gary Goodwin, Ray Ward

Alexey Dmitriev, Hal Blondell

     There is an increasing probability that one or more never before reported significant celestial bodies have joined our Solar System in the last one to two years. We further believe that the comet Hale-Bopp, and the more recent Comet SOHO J1 have directly contributed to the appearance of these new bodies, and/or are still closely involved with the celestial dynamics of the inner Solar System. In retrospect, our very first clue that something new had established a permanent Solar System residence appeared on January 14, 1998 03:40:07 Universal Time (UT):

The Bloom




[click on picture for enlargement]

   As our suspicions increased the next major clue came on June 24, 1998 16:31 UT in an image we dubbed "The Orca":

The Orca



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