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Topic: Planet X and the Background Hum

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Planet X and the Background Hum


And, once again, David Hill the Intrepid Investigator of all things Mysterious has solved one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe.

Or, at least, our planet anyways.

Pears that the Kolbrin Bible tells us that when Planet X passes through we will be able to hear the Trumpet of the Destroyer and, it turns out, that Cosmic Radiation can, in fact, under the right conditions, become audible - the real music of the spheres.

Thus, when Planet X gets close enough, its radiation will hit our atmosphere and generate an audible tone similar to that of a Trumpet Blast.

Well, this, then, is probably the source for the Back Ground Hum that began to be reported in the 90's and which they still can't explain to this day!

Planet X is back and its bad.

Bad to the Bone...


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