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Topic: The Mystery of the Real Presense

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The Mystery of the Real Presense


Well, I was just thinking about Polonium 218 Radio Halo's this morning during liturgy at the Pious Xth Chapel this morning and realized that it is a near perfect symbol of, or it signifies and possibly helps us to comprehend, the Mystery of the Real Presense in the Eucharist.

How cool is that, hey?

These little Halos are centered around one element of Polonium 218 and there are, literally, trillions of these elements scattered throughout each granite block and the Florite Crystals in the Granite - just like cells in the body.

The Granite had to have been called into existence, and the Radio Halos had to have formed, is less then three minutes time which, of course, is Instantaneous Creation and undeniable at that.

The Native American name for the Creator is the Spirit who moves through all things and at the time of Creation - and hence at the time of 'Transubstantiation' - the Spirit moves through all things, including the Species, and, in doing so, calls into existence, within the two Species, the very cells of the Body and Blood of Christ and thus the Granite is Symbolical of the Bread and the Halos the Spirit and the Element of Polonium 218 the very cells of Y'shua's Body.

That is absolutely incredible.

Our Abba is the Coolest, hey...

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