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Topic: Nature Gone Wild - The Planet X Effect!

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Nature Gone Wild - The Planet X Effect!

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RE: The Nibiru Effect - Nature Gone Wild!

Intro : Since this thread is longer then I thought it was gonna be I might as well make a short introduction. The closer that Nibiru gets the greater and more frequent and intense the effects listed on these pages will become and though some may be explained naturally such as in Global Warming this is to be expected since it will effect the natural world around us and this Solar System as well but the fact that all of these are occuring now and can all be explained by Nibiru leads to the conclusion that most, if not all of them, are a result of the approach of Planet X. I have decided that I will run through and make a list of the more important ones and the page they are on and if I leave pages out it is cause there were shills and trolls trying to bury the thread - however some people took the time to reply to them so they may still be worth a read and there are also some miscellaneous events that I didn't consider important enough to include here.

Index :

Page 1 :

1) Hole in the Magnetosphere
2) Mysterious Cosmic Rays from Unknown Object close to our Solar System
3) Jupiter loses one of its Belts
4) Norway Spiral
5) Space Spiral

Page 3 :

6) Two Suns
7) Two Moons
8) Water to 'Blood'
9) The BackGround Hum
10) Planet X Recorded in the past by various Cultures
11) Earth's Rotation slowing down
12) Increase in Plagues
13) Hurricane on Land
14) Monstrous Solar Flares
15) Severe Weather

Page 5 :

16) Dark Object lurking near our Solar System
17) Increase in Comets and Asteroids and Meteors due to said object
18) Erratic behavior of comets indicates said object is near
19) The Ozone Hole
20) Strengthening La Nina
21) Increase in Earthquakes and Volcanos
22) Increase in Mine and Pipeline Explosions
23) Mystery Force baffles NASA affects Space Craft
24) Mysterious Star seen Worldwide

Page 6 :

25) Seismic Sand Geyser
26) Sink Holes
27) Earth's Wobble becoming erratic

Page 9 :

28) South Pacific Blue Whale Pod off Coast of California
29) Earth's Atmosphere Shrinnking
30) Melting Ice Caps

Page 10 :

31) Wildlife Dying off
32) Seasonal Variations
33) Sunspots cease for three years
34) Comet Holmes explodes but not due to our sun
35) Global Warming kicked into High Gear starting 2000
36) Global Dimming occured at same time

Page 13 :

37) Norwegians prepare for Global Chaos
38) Nationwide FEMA Detention Camps are real
39) Dutch prepare for Global Chaos

Page 14 :

40) Subduction Rate of Earth's Northern Mantle in overdrive due to large mass under earth
41) Pole Shifts in the Past

Page 18

42) Pluto originally a Moon of Neptune
43) Two Comets' tails torn off

Page 22 :

44) Russia preparing people for Nibiru
45) Sedna anomalies imply a past visit of Nibiru

Page 24 :

46) Video clearly shows Nibiru beside Sun and Lens Flare dancing around both proving existence of Planet X
47) NASA admits Interstellar Energy Cloud will create "Global Catastrophe" in 2012 AD
48) Pioneer X being pulled back towards the Sun
49) Lens Flare and Lens Artifacts conclusively ruled out of video - see also page 31

Page 32 :

50) Irregular orbit of object only explained as the New Jerusalem - the City of Eden

Page 34 :

51) Deepwater proven Smokescreen literally - Nibiru kept out of the News
52) NASA Censoring SOHO Images
53) What NASA calls and Intersteller Space Cloud everyone else just calls Nibiru...


The Tabernacle of David

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