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Topic: Germany arrests Duke

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Germany arrests Duke


This one is really loaded with information to the people who know how to read the Headlines.


The News behind the News is actually that the British Empire is getting kicked out of the Middle East and Europe and most people have missed it. That is why Lourds pulled their support of the Euro. All those Arabic Regemes that just got ousted - they were pupits for the Anglo Saxon Empire but not any more.


What you are seeing is the beginning of the rise of endtimes Babylon starting with the revived Roman Empire - and it has no room in it for the British Empire.


Now, note the choice of the person they arrested.  The Insiders play word games all the time and what they are saying is that the Dukes (Princes, Presidents, Politicians in general and the rich, etc) of the Anglo Saxon world are no longer welcome in Europe - remember that Germany is the 'ancestral' home of the skinheads like Duke and this, then, speaks volumes.


Mainstream Media ignores the arrest of David Duke in Germany

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