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Topic: Immortals Among Us!

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Immortals Among Us!




For six thousand years - until Darwin completely changed the world view - every culture on the Planet talked about em.

Scientists today at the Immortality Institute say its only a matter of time before we can produce em.

There are three groups of em.

Those who became immortal during the battle for the Tree of Life before the flood - depicted by the mythologies and constellations including Cain who is destined to become the Antichrist.

The second group became immortal from the Blood of Y'shua - soldiers who nailed him to the cross and Judas Iscariot who kissed his bloody cheeks in the garden and who is destined to become the False Prophet.

The third group became immortal from the Eucharist. The Apostle John came up missing after his burial so that the Greek Orthodox Church believe he is still alive. Peter and Paul were both seen walking the streets of Rome after their deaths.

Notes :

1) I forgot to explain in the video above that Rasputin was not strangled and he was mortally shot between the eyes before he was thrown in the river and yet the actually pickled his erect sexual organ which can only mean that, after he was thrown in the river he subsequently came back to life and then subsequently drowned and this is actually incontrovertible proof of immortality.


Welcome to my World...

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