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The Dominicus College


Ten Kings : [4]

1) France.......................................King Charles Bonaparte..................................Crown Prince Jean A

2) Italy...........................................King Victor Emmanuel IV..............................Crown Prince Emanuele B

3) Greece.......................................King Konstantinos II......................................Crown Prince Andreas

4) Turkey.......................................King Ertugrul Osman V..................................Crown Prince Orkhan C

5) Austria.......................................King Otto von Habsburg.................................Crown Prince Karl D

6) Spain.........................................King Juan Carlos I.........................................Crown Prince Phillipi

7) Netherlands................................Queen Beatrix................................................Crown Prince Willem

8) Portugal.....................................King Dom Duarte...........................................Crown Prince Afonso

9) Serbia........................................King Alexander..............................................Crown Prince Peter E

10) Lebanon...................................King Wadih el Khazen ....................................Crown Prince Sari F

Imperial Knight's Notes to the Dominicus College :

There is absolutely no prominence given by the numerical order above (or in my use of 'King' and 'Crown Prince') excepting in the first one and is solely for my benefit as I complete this task. For that reason the first four simply reflect the fact that their inclusion in the Dominicus College is imperative in order to fulfill the prophecies, whereas the others only fulfill the prophecies as they are alloyed to the first four. The latter positions reflect the practical principle of only having one King from any one language group included in the Ten. In other words, for sake of the unity of the Empire and with due consideration to the extent of the territory that must be represented in the College it would be impractical for one language group to have two representatives. This principle is actually supported by the ancient Kingdoms themselves as a Map of the Empire will easily verify, where France and Belgium were the territory of the Gauls. A similar situation applies to the German Language Group and Territory etc. This is a similar process that occurred at the Treaty of Luneville when, "The number of states was greatly reduced, and the remaining States were aggrandized at the expense of the petty Princedoms."

During the course of this commission [2] one hath said that, "The Imperial Thrones must have the preeminence" to which I reply that it is the Prophecies [15] that must have the preeminence with due consideration to the Imperial Thrones a secondary consideration. Therefore, the Imperial Thrones of Greece, Italy and Turkey, in order to fulfill the prophecies, are all included in the Ten for they would best reflect the peoples included as well as their Imperial History, more so than a Germanic Imperial Throne over the same territory. Further, as far as the Germanic Empire itself is concerned, as of right now, I am convinced that this is best represented by the House of Hapsburg whose name alone is synonymous with the Imperial Germanic Empire. Thus, as at Luneville, though there may be others who have more Royal or Imperial Titles and thus, presumably more Royal Blood, for the sake of the unity of the Empire they must give place to others in order to represent the greatest amount of peoples and territories of the ancient Empire. And, this principle itself is not without modern precedence, as the recent Elections in America evidence, where the Candidate with the least Royal Blood was placed on the Throne.

Several of the countries listed on the Imperial College website as having Thrones and Royalty were actually part of the Warsaw Pact Nations and the Iron Curtain Countries and, as such, they are actually members of the Bear Kingdom and cannot be included in the list of the Ten. And, with that, the process has been sped up substantially and, along side the principle of only one Ruler per Language group, we are now down to the final positions. Thus, the Netherlands and Portugal, since they have Royals in their midst, and since they were part of the Ancient Empire, then they can rightfully take their place among the Ten. This is especially true of the Netherlands which was on my original list but it is equally true of Portugal and their history and their significance to the Eurasian Arena and Influence around the Globe.

In all fairness, I decided to consider The Almanac de Gotha that also deals with the Royals of Europe and found some names that were not included in the Imperial College and these also have been studied to determine their inclusion or exclusion from the Ten. All the others on that site, as far as I can tell, were covered by the previous material, which is to say that they would be represented by one of the Ten. Many of them were German names but none more pronounced than Hapsburg so I would defer them to that House. The House of Doria would, I believe, be deferred to the House of Savoy.

A) In my opinion this individual would be the fulfillment of the prediction of the revival of the Empire via the French. Jean Chistophe was actually designated heir by his grandfather however, this is being contested by his father Prince Charles Bonaparte. Though, normally, I would not agree with this, as a will is a will however, the Crown Prince is only 19 currently [4] and, therefore, may not be ready for such a position. The other claimant, Prince Luis Alfonso de Borbon, as far as I know, has no Imperial connections to the Empire and, along with all the other Royal Houses of the French, would have to defer to the House of Bonaparte and has been listed as such in this current study. I have noticed that the Imperial College does not place much emphasis on the Imperial Throne of Bonaparte which would explain the failure, to date, of any revival of the Empire for the Emperorship of the French, under Napoleon, drastically altered the European arena and, in fact, the events in Europe and the rest of the World over the last two hundred years is a direct result of his reign and, therefore, the House of Bonaparte must be included in the Dominicus College of Ten since he was the last reigning Emperor of the Roman Empire and to this the Scriptures give their testimony as well.

B) Obviously, there must be a King of Italy included in the list of the Ten and it would appear that the House of Savoy would be the Prime contender. All territory that, supposedly, reverted back to the Germanic Empire that is in his back yard, so to speak, would actually revert back to the Kingdom of Italy, except certain portions acquired in the interim by the Eleventh Horn. [8] The Royal House of Monaco is ruled out as being only an Italian speaking Principality and that of the Two Sicilies because it was a Norman House [16] (not-with-standing the Imperial Knights affinity for the same) and both of these are also ruled out due to the "unification of Italy" under this same Savoy Monarchy.

C) From my studies it is apparent that the King of Turkey must be included in the list of the Ten and, as far as I can tell, this individual is the current claimant to the Throne however this requires more research, and I have not been able to find the Crown Prince after him. He apparently doesn't have an heir and thus the next in line would be H.I.H. Prince Muhammad Salim Orkhan, if I am not mistaken and I also don't know if he has an heir. After him it would appear to be H.I.H. Prince Orkhan Murad Effendi. b. at Henley-on-Thames, 16th December 1972, who I have designated above as the Crown Prince. Again, this requires further study.

D) I have come to the conclusion that he would be considered the King of Germany and what I mean by that is that he would have the most authority and seniority over the German speaking peoples and best able to forge them into a unit and thus, all the other German speaking Thrones would have to defer to him (i.e. Luxemburg, Lichenstein etc). Apparently, the line of succession would go to Crown Prince Karl, if I am not mistaken, unless this is another case of full cognatic primogeniture.

E) The Monarchy of Serbia was never part of the Bear Kingdom and, rightfully, is included in the list of the Ten. I gave it a prominence over the remaining Monarchs under consideration purely from a Military point of view (which, it turns out, wasn't actually necessary to narrow the list down) and that is because of their location overlooking the Iron Gates of the Danube and, perhaps prophetically, this would be a necessary addition for the unity and stability of the Empire which I don't think anyone could contest. The Monarchy of Montenegro, contrary to my first opinion, cannot be included in the list of the Ten for they originated as a principality of the Serbian Monarchy and would have to find their representation there, since they are the same language, ethnic and religious grouping as the Serbs. The last one on the list, the Principality of Andorra would have to find their representation either through Spain or France. This, then, left the Tenth spot still open with no contenders for the position from the previous mentioned Royal Web Sites and, to be consistent with the afore mentioned Prophecies and Principles, I could not back track and place a second Monarchy from one of the previous ethnic groups in this spot and this, then, required me to look beyond their pedigrees for the final position. Before I get to that, it should also be stated that when Yugoslavia broke up there were several other countries that came into existence. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina all of which, as far as I know, have no Royals and they would then have to defer to either the House of Hapsburg or possibly the House of Savoy and maybe even the House of Osmanli. The last one, Macedonia, would probably have to defer to the House of Pavlos.

F) The choice of the tenth position is a result of narrowing down the Royals of Europe via the Prophecies and Principles previously mentioned [6] which then left no one to fill that spot so it was necessary to consider any other Monarchy whose territory was part of the Ancient Roman Empire, but was not represented in the Ten (as the Monarchy of the Druze would be through the King of Turkey), and which was not part of the Lion, Bear or Leopard Beasts (again as the Druze Monarchy would be) and the only other candidate for this position is then the Monarchy of the Maronites in Lebanon which meets all these requirements and is, therefore, rightfully included in the list of the Ten. I believe that this will have far reaching consequences but I cannot arrive at any other conclusion than this. There may be other Monarchys that meet all of the above requirements however, I seriously doubt that they would be of more strategic value than Lebanon and thus, for the unity, stability and security of the Empire, they would have to give way to the same for representation in the Dominicus College, which I don't think anyone, who is wise in these matters, would be able to contest. [7]

G) And, one final note is that some may suggest that Israel meets all of the requirements above and would be of equal or greater strategic position than Lebanon, to which I would agree however, the Scriptures make it clear that the House and Throne of David has been cast down to the ground and Y'shua the King of that Throne, specifically stated that he was going to leave it "desolate" and it will continue as such (contrary to popular opinion) until He restores it shortly before the Millennium and, therefore, there is no clearly recognized or publicly proclaimed Crown Prince to whom one of the positions of the Ten could be given. Therefore, the list above is complete and assuredly correct.

It should also be stated that no one of the people above are obliged to step into any of the positions and if they turn it down it would move to the next one in the proper line of succession, but within the same house.

And this, then, completes this study except for some finishing up research mostly to confirm the decisions already made, as I don't believe the list above will change as far as the actual Houses go, but solely on who is the Heir to the Throne. If you care to follow the thought process involved, you can look at the two lists that I drew off of the afore mentioned Web Site. The first is The Thrones of Europe and it follows very closely that of The Imperial Thrones of Europe and I would refer the reader to those two posts for more details if they are interested. Further, this study needs to be understood in light of the preceding post The Prophetic Revival of the Roman Empire to which I direct the readers attention.

I find it interesting that, when I consistently applied the above Prophecies and Principles, that this list actually narrowed itself down to exactly these ten. If I were to say that the last position should go to a Richer or more pronounced Monarchy, lets say another German one, than we would break the natural unity, not only of that Language group who would then be divided between themselves, but also the rest of the Empire for then the other Language groups would insist upon this right as well which would increase the list at least two fold, if not more.

That it ended with Ten Kings indicates that it fulfills the Prophecies.

Finalized and attested to this 4th Day of March in the Year of our Lord 2005

The Right Hand of The Imperial Knight Crown Prince David Thomas-Roberts Hill Son of Y'shua Ben Y'hava

Claimant to the Houses of Jehu, Zara and Pharas which includes the Davidic Throne.

Foot Notes :

1) I might as well add here that it has been brought to my attention that I may be related to the above House of Savoy via my surrogate mother Joan who is one of the original Children of the Veil (sired via the Shroud of Turin which actually used to be owned by the House of Savoy). I have also been led to believe that I am related to the Houses of Greece, Spain and France listed above via donarship. I did not know any of that at the time so there was no Conflict of Interest at the time I fulfilled the Commission above and I stand by what I have written.

2) They have yet to pay me any commission for this post which is worth Ten Million Euros if its worth one. This project is beyond the original commission of a Domici and, therefore, demands compensation.

3) There were actually two major news events as a result of the post above - the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and Operation Almanac du Gotha which saw the arrest of the King of the House of Savoy probably thanks to the Monarchy in Britain.

4) These Ten European Monarchies maybe the Ten Horns of the Beast of Daniel and Revelation.

5) The Elections referred to were, of course, those between Kerry and Bush.

6) The English Monarchy was not included in the Ten because it is the Lion Beast of Daniel 7.

7) The only other geographic area of equal strategic value would be the Caucus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea, anciently the divide between Europe and Asia (per Peter Green's translation of Apollonious's Epic), at the rivers near Colchis. I don't know if this area was ever part of the Roman Empire or not, but it probably was. Any Grecian element would defer to the House of Greece, any Catholic to Italy, any Muslim to Turkey, etc. See notes 10, 8, 9.

8) This now requires more study on the history and ethnicity of the area for this could be the location of the rise of the Eleventh Horn if the one so designated does not fulfill descriptions of the same. This however will require another commissioning since they failed to pay for the first one. See notes 11 and 12.

9) I believe Babylon controlled this area (between the Sea) and if they did then the Medes and Persians did. Assyrian probably did as well as Greece and thus probably Rome did as well and will again.

10) The House of Turkey would be the representation for all Muslim countries. This includes all of the African Coast around the Mediterranean Sea including Egypt and Palestine which would make Elam a buffer zone between the Empire and Asia.

11) Now, of course, you have three possible contenders for the position of the Eleventh Horn, from some peoples perspectives.

12) I was studying all this on my own when someone made known their interest in the results of this study which is why I addressed the post to them. The further research needed, however, I don't personally care about so that is their problem.

13) The Title of that post, if it ever actualizes, would include the timing of the rise of the 11th Horn and from what location as well as the timing of the change from the 4th Beast of Daniel into the Beast of Revelation 13 and would appropriately be labeled the Dominicus Empire.

14) I decided, in order to support the statements I have made in these two posts and subsequent footnotes, to establish the significance of the year 1999 AD which the reader can see at the link below.

15) Perhaps I should expound. The statue vision makes it clear that the world empires are under the Babylonian Umbrella even in its Roman stage therefore, just because Greece, Spain and Turkey were obviously never crowned Emperors, they must be given Emperor status to insure the Scepter's representation from Babylon to Rome - period. This will garnish an enormous amount of latent charisma when the world sees these ten rulers standing side by side. The inclusion of the last two not only serves military purposes but will also be seen by the 'little people' of the world as being eminently wise and fair as opposed to two from Germany or France, etc.

16) I suspect this decision is what led to the arrest of the Merovingian King of Savoy for, with England not included in the Ten, this required a foothold via some other Monarchy under Anglo rule - the Two Sicilies. However, neither Sicily or England ever attained Emperor status that I am aware of, and have absolutely no claim to that title in any way. I stand by my original conclusions in this matter. See next note.

17) Further, truthfully, the Anglo Saxons would have to defer to the Emperor of Saxony which is the House of Hapsburg, plain and simple. See next note.

18) Someone's statement about the Imperial Thrones and the subsequent arrest of the house of Savoy.

19) This was 22 days after they elected the next Pope and exactly 66 days (exclusive) before Y'shua told me I was the Crown Prince of the Davidic Throne since I was his son sired via the Shroud of Turin.

20) For instance. I have shown in my post on Daniel's Last Vision, that the Angel revealed the rise, fall and revival of the Ottoman Empire, but also that of the House of Napoleon before then.

21) The 2009 Date is based upon the Sacking of Samaria in 722 BC - which we can not confirm and since there is an error factor what we have is that Samaria was sacked in 721 BC leading to the judgment of Ephraim in 2011 AD under normal circumstances. However, the Parable of the Barren Tree leads to a one year extension in which the Husbandman digs down to the roots and fertilizes it to see if it will bear fruit. The first year, therefore, was 2009, second 2010, third 2011 and fourth was 2012 in which, apparently, the tree was still barren and will be cut down. Another additional year ("after three years" - Amos) resulted from mocking (Is 28) ending with judgment in 2013 - this actually harmonizes Isaiah with Ezra's Apocalypse (where the times there were Lunar Years of 354 Days each) and results in the 'shortening' mentioned there. All this just happens to correspond with the years that I started attending Apostolic Churches and discovered the Truth about York Rite Masonry in the last year.

22) The individual mentioned in Foot Note 2 'requested' the identity of the Three Kings that are uprooted by the Eleventh King because he deludes himself into thinking that he might be the Antichrist one day.  That France is one of them is inescapable from other passages in Daniel and this directly leads to the rise of the Antichrist.  The other two are a little more difficult however there are internal indications in the Scriptures and current events that lead to the inescapable conclusion that the other two Horns are the German and Turkish ones.  These three, together, are also the last 'leaders' of the Roman Empire and the amount of Charisma, just waiting to be tapped, alone is sufficient to draw this conclusion but this would also be the machinations that stand in his way and would, therefore, need to be Dominated by his rule at some point in time.  As far as the other Scriptural indications, suffice it to say that this information is classified, so to speak.  The individual who is the Antichrist knows who he is and has probably already drawn the same, basic, conclusions.

Well, there ya go genius.

Knock yourself out.

And, that will be 10 Million Yuan's for each King for a total of 30 Million Yuans.

By the way, you do know that the British Crown never made it to "Imperial" status, don't you?

I'm guessing its because they are ruled by Senile used up Whores.

Course, what do I know?

I'm just an American...


Monarchy of the Maronites :

Original Posting :

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Concerning point G above - on exactly May 10th of this year I untied the Gordion Knot of the Apocalypse, you might say, by correcting several mistakes made in endtimes prophecy (probably by Hal Lindsey) concerning the building of the next Temple which he, erroneously, assumed would be completed under the authority of the Antichrist which is no where stated in Scripture. In fact, that task assuredly will fall to the Prince of the Covenant mentioned in Daniel who, it was determined, must be a Davidic descendant, Torah observant, Hebrew Speaking and, preferably, born in Israel. The main reason for this is due to the fact that the Temple must be built in the City of David and only someone with that Pedigree can claim legal right to that city.

There are actually, assuredly, many Monarchs (from Y'shua's Lineage what I call the First Pedigree) in many different countries all vying for that position but they are loath to use the First Pedigree so they all have to provide a Second Pedigree back to King David for public consumption. In this case, with the determining points above it appears that the House of Dayan fits the bill perfectly. Some say that they can only trace their lineage via the Maternal Lineage however they have been Endorsed by a leading Orthodox Rabbi who would certainly not do so if it was not Kosher. This, in fact, is exactly the case with the First Pedigree and no one challenged Y'shua's right to the Throne so they certainly can not challenge Dayan's right either. This does, however, prove that Y'shua's lineage is still the most pure he being the last King of Israel which is the lineage that I has publically presented for my own right to that position but this is as far as I can go on the Temple Project because Israel, as of yet, refuses to acknowledge Y'shua's Right and Sacrifice so, for my own benefit, I don't have problems with a Proxy Ruler from the House of Dayan completing what I started on the above date. 

As with the original posting of this material, there have been reactions in Current Events all across the Globe because it solved a lot of disputes over this position with the Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea being the most notable.

And, of course, we just had a Pure Red Heifer born in Israel of late.  Interestingly enough, someone on a Radio Program called in and suggested that the Red Heifer is very similar to the Native American Legend of the White Buffalo which I tend to agree with.  Really, when you think about it, the Red Heifer is the only animal specifically born so that it could die.  As a female, in my opinion, it becomes a type of the Holy Spirit who, in a sense, died, bringing us life.


Welcome to My World...

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