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Topic: The Proofs of the existence of Immortals!

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The Proofs of the existence of Immortals!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Proofs of the existence of Immortals


Now that we have, tentatively, established the possibility of immortality, at least in theory, we can go on to show that, in fact, there is a very good probability that some have actually achieved immortality and thus I offer below a list of indications or proofs that this is actually the case.

Proofs of the existence of Immortals :

1) They run the world and nothing changes (yeah, you know who I'm talking about). This is actually acknowledged by many people from Woodrow Wilson's famous Whisper Speech to the Queen of England's reported attempt to warn Dianna of their pathological behavior. There are so many quotes of this nature that it is not deniable except by disinformationalists.

In other words, there is a Hidden Power Structure somewhere that gives orders to, or controls, the (arguably) two most powerful nations on the earth - America and England. This, in fact, is supported by the word of God via the prophet Daniel who spoke about 'Them' several times (2:35&43, 7:5, 4:19&25, 8:23, 11:6&21 - see also Mt 24:9&24&37, 25:44) and the most notable is the group that told the Bear (chapter 7) to rise and devour much flesh.

Now, the proper interpretation of this passage is that it is referring to the old Soviet Union and thus, from Daniel's use of this Signature, we can learn two important points about this mysterious group called They and Them.

First, they were powerful enough to tell the USSR what to do which puts them on a greater footing then the United States of America at the time and, secondly, they have been in existence since Babylon was having its Hay Day or about 2600 years or so. And, actually, we can learn a third important point and that is that these people have been trying for all that time to "fulfill the vision" which the Angel tells Daniel in his last vision. That particular verse is specifically referring to Shabatai Tzvi in 1666 AD but it is a very popular Signature among the immortals and you can see it in many most, if not all, of the propaganda spewed out by them all across the globe - like the Cosmic Christ, Maitreya, the Disclosure Event, Operation Armageddon, the Armageddon Script and a host of, so called, Prophecy Experts all claiming Armageddon is gonna start tomorrow with the latest attempt being the Mayan end of the world 2012 Date just made popular by their latest propaganda movie of the name number.

Now, the chances that various secret societies that run the world (see Mark Booth's The Secret History of the World as well as the various books written by the author's of Holy Blood Holy Grail as well as a book called the People of the Secret published 1983 by Octagon Press all who verify that this power structure exists and two of which imply that there may be immortals at the top), have consistently worked to fulfill the vision for over 400 years - all the while supposedly being at each others throats like the Templars and Hospitalars - is extremely hard to believe outside a inner core group that never changes simply because they are immortal.

2) Signatures prove their existence. The point is that if a group of immortals ran the world, they couldn't help but leave their signatures every where and every when and that right in plain sight and that is exactly what they do. They brag about themselves in various movies and books.

An example is the Vampire and Werewolf movies (for a fuller discussion on this see my next post and note the duality involved which is how the power structure of the earth is divided) whom are 'immortals' as well as comic books, believe it or not (you know, like when Superman died but then came back to life).

The Highlander Movies were their most detailed admission to their own existence to date. Now, one of the most ancient Signatures that I have found is the number 77 which is Lamech's Signature from his lament in the Bible ("if Cain is avenged 7 fold then certainly I will be avenged 70 times 7 fold").

Just do a Google search for all the famous people who died at age 77 (Ted Kennedy was the most famous recent one) and you will begin to understand what I am talking about. The one that clued me into this was the death of Danny Casolaro who had his wrists slit seven times each for the 77 Signature. People mistakenly call it the Revenge of Lamech Signature but they are completely wrong for this is, literally, Lamech's Personal Psychopathical Signature. Its first occurrence, that I have found was Zoroaster who was slain on his own alter at the age of 77. Lamech was claiming to have killed him for whatever the reason and I would remind the reader that the date for that event is circa 600 BC or a time span of about 2600 years that this particular Signature has been in vogue with the people who run the world.

3) Constellations and Mythologies confirm it. The mythologies of the world are drawn from the constellations which have been dated to about 6000 years ago as to their formation (and that by a single individual by the way) or about 4KBC which was the Age of Taurus. Hercules holds the tree of life in his hand and he is fighting with Centaur and the Dragon for its life giving fruit and it is confirmed by the mythologies that, in fact, there was a war for the tree of life (preflood) and that some of the fruit was obtained (and then returned - yeah, right) and the most notable one is the Gilgamesh epic.

It was Cain (Gilgamesh where mesh is a suffix title and Gilga is just another version of Gog of Ezekiel) and his descendants and the Dragon (Cain's sire) who led the charge and thus they are the ones who obtained some of the fruit which is why Adam lists Cain's lineage and descendants in Genesis - those are some of the ones that became immortal at that time. Cain himself is the destined to become the Antichrist and the reason he will survive a mortal head wound is, simply, the fact that he is already an immortal anyways.

4) Scripture specifically states that the tree of life exists and if one were to eat the fruit they would become immortal. Y'shua himself, since he was sinless, was, in fact, an immortal who had to lay his own life down or he would still be on the cross (as one Pastor put it one time) and he was certainly immortal after his resurrection. Moses was immortal during his 120 years in that he never aged, nor did Caleb (who, unlike Moses, was never stated to have died). John was, potentially, given immortal life by Y'shua and there remains the possibility that the angels who were left to guard the way of the tree of life are still here among us and thus are immortals (note the angel visited Israel after the death of Joshua and the elders, as if he was living among them). This is supported by statements by Scientists that our bodies were "designed to live forever" and thus, were it to have access to that particular mineral or element, our bodies would, in fact, live forever.

5) Eye Witness Testimony from various people in history to the existence of immortals. The Chinese believe there are eight (?) immortals and the Persians had an army of immortals, according to the legends and folklore involved. The Greek Orthodox Church has always believed that the Apostle John is still alive - and that from Theosis via the Real Divine Presence in the Eucharist.

There is another story from a Royal Lady who lived in the times of the Count of Monte Crisco (pun intended) otherwise known as the Lavender (Lunatic) Prince and who knew him when she was a child and also as an aged woman and she said he never aged the whole time.

Others say they don't need to eat or sleep etc. Marduk the King of preflood Babylon (Sumeria) was supposedly so hard to kill that they finally ground him up under a Mill Stone (to which Y'shua possibly made reference - millstone around the neck deal). Another example of this is Vlad the Impaler who was so difficult to kill that they finally cut his head off and pickled it in honey. This was the accepted method of killing an immortal which is why David was in a rush to cut off Goliath's head (although the Giant was probably just a semi-immortal or someone hard to kill whereas a true immortal could still be revived after a beheading as occurs to the Antichrist during the tribulation).

However, the clearest example of this - actually it is a proof - is the 'death' of Rasputin. It is recorded that he was Poisoned, Shot, Beaten, Shot again (right between the eyes which was reported by a physician to have been terminal) and then thrown in the River. He is not reported to have been strangled, as one website mentioned, confusing this with Rasputin himself, after the first time he was shot, getting up and strangling one of his would be assassins. Now, the interesting thing is that if you do an image search for Rasputin you are gonna find that they actually pickled his erect sexual organ, for whatever the stupid reason, but in doing so, they have proven the existence of at least one immortal for that proves that Rasputin died of asphyxiation and that from drowning. Problem is, he was already dead when he got shot between the eyes. The only conclusion is that, after he was shot and thrown in the water, he came back to life and subsequently drowned.

And, there is your proof for Immortals Among Us...


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