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Topic: The Last Immortal!

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The Last Immortal!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The Last Immortal



So, now that we have established the possibility of immortals among us and have actually proven that it is more than a possibility, what else do we know about them.

Well, since I have been looking into this for some time I have whittled it down to the observance that there are actually three groups of immortals in existence.

The First Group of Immortals are those who became immortal via the Tree of Life. Before the flood there was a battle for the tree of life in which some of the fruit was obtained by the opposing army. Though the Scriptures are seemingly silent on this war, it is implied simply by the fact that the Creator felt it necessary to post a guard over the tree of life by leaving at least two Cherubim with flaming sword to protect it. The constellations and mythologies, however, are very specific (i.e the Gilgamesh Epic for starters portrayed by Hercules who holds the Tree of Life in his hand battling Scorpio for its fruit) that some of the fruit was obtained and, if so, assuredly consumed resulting in an unknown number of Cain's descendants becoming immortal which is probably why Adam included a list of Cain and his descendants in his Creation Account in Genesis.

These people would have 'survived' the flood in underground bunkers or the pyramids in Egypt (probably drowning several times in the process, no doubt) and then dug themselves out after the flood. This is actually pictured in the second Highlander movie on Immortals where one of the them had been buried for a very long time in a pile of rocks. This is also specifically stated in the book by a Denver author called God's Assassin which tells much the same story (specifying their immortality) and which the author claims to have learned via some type of spectral telepathy from one of the individuals himself.

They would have slowly worked their way up the world's corporate ladder after the flood as humanity repopulated the globe until they eventually ended up ruling the world. I believe they were Pharoah's House during the days of Moses as well as the rulers of Sodom which explains the necessity for God's direct intervention on behalf of his people (including the hardening of Pharaoh's heart which many people have stumbled over but the point is, in fact, that an immortal can't repent if he has to). They probably ran the world from Tyre until Nebachadnezzar sacked it and then chose another Island Stronghold called England, in my personal opinion (Tarshish of the Scriptures) however, their original preflood Stronghold was what is now called Shamballah somewhere over in Afghanistan near Tibet (i.e. the king of preflood Babylon, Marduk, had a stronghold in the mountains "north" of Babylon and they portray it in the Superman Comics as his Ice Fortress in the North).

This, by the way, explains how the Antichrist, who is consumed by the Glory of the Appearance of the Lord at the end of the tribulation, is then subsequently thrown alive into the lake of fire before the general resurrection at the end of the Millenium.

The Second Group of Immortals are a group of Roman Soldiers (and possibly more including Judas Iscariot) who became immortal as Herod's Soldiers who whipped Y'shua. Edersheim, referencing Josephus, tells us that Herod's Body Guard were Gauls who were in the habit of drinking the blood of their enemies and thus when they whipped Y'shua and drank his blood, they became immortal (Judas, when he kissed Him in the garden, came into contact with the great drops of blood He had just previously sweated) and Y'shua himself refers to this possibility in John chapter 6 when he was setting the foundation for the Christian Eucharist by stating that whoever ate his body or drank his blood would achieve everlasting life - immortality.

They have set up shot in their old stomping grounds in Gaul where they, along with the first group, run the world. The first group is like the Legislative Branch of the current world system with the Soldiers being the Executive Branch (both together called "They" or "Them" by the scriptures in Daniel in several places) and the Committee of 300 Mortals run the world for the immortals as the Judicial Branch of the current world pyramid (for the support for these conclusions see the previously mentioned book, The People of the Secret by Octagon Press).

In the movies with the Vampires (Antediluvian immortals) and the Werewolves (post flood immortals), they depict these two groups (your duality complex again) as at each others throats and killing each other (like the Highlander movies), but they actually are working together and this is one of the ways they control the masses under the committee of 300 - the recent movie of the same name was made in their honor. They actually admitted all this in the Highlander movie for when Conner asked how he became immortal the answer was, "Why does the Sun rise and set and the stars come out at night" where the sunrise is referring to the birth of Y'shua and its setting his crucifixion (he himself used this very typology when he asked, "are there not twelve hours in the day" implying the sun would not set before its appointed time) and the stars represent the immortals (i.e. Angels which they consider themselves equal to now that they can not die) via his blood or the Eucharist (see next section). If you doubt this, or in case you missed it, they pretty much spelled it out when Conner got run out of his home town through the gauntlet of villagers with his hands bound to a cross beam exactly how Y'shua journied down the Via Dolorosa (see Barbet's "A Physician at Calvary" for the proof that his hands were tied to his cross beam).

This, by the way, explains why those who pierced him will be able to, literally and physically, see Him at the return, per John in the Revelation, referring to these immortal soldiers.

The Third Group of Immortals are those who have become immortal through faith alone in Y'hova's Word and that via the Eucharist, in one form or another and note the similarities between the Apostle John and Ezekiel both eating the little book which is very similar to Catholic and Orthodox Communion (they believe in the Real Presense of Y'shua in the Bread and Wine thus making us partakers of the Divine Nature per Peter) and note that both Manna and the Books tasted like Honey where the Honey from the Lion is a type of the Eucharist.

I don't know how many there are in this group but I suspect it is more then anyone would think and possibly about equal to the total of the other group. I suspect that John Mark is in this number and, eventually, the man who becomes the Angel of Y'hova (one of the Cherubim left behind to guard the way of the tree of life) will become immortal also through Theosis via the Eucharist and will then be subsequently taken back in time to the beginning which is where the First Creation account in Genesis comes from. He is the one that I call the Last Immortal.

At my niece's wedding reception my mother asked the table we were at the immortal question, "Who wants to live forever?"

And, of course, I replied.

I do...


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