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Topic: Sheep Dipping : Tavistock Institute and the Monarch Project!

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Sheep Dipping : Tavistock Institute and the Monarch Project!


Spy Book Fact of the Day: Sheep Dipping

Sheep Dipping. U.S. intelligence term for camouflaging or disguising the true identity of equipment or individuals, especially for the use of military  equipment or services--including personnel--in clandestine intelligence activities, generally under the direction of a nonmilitary sponsor. - Cached - Similar

The Crest of the Monarch Project Mind Control Institute known as Tavistock 


Let me explain the symbols of the crest for ya.


The Dragon at the top is referring to Cain's Descendants who are the Seed of the Firery Red Dragon of Revelation (note the three 'flames' on the top of the crown which is a mimicy of the trinity as in Revleation 13 with the dragon, Antichrist and False Prophet) and who became immortal before the flood after having obtained some of the fruit from the Tree of Life (depicted for us in the constellations and mythologies).  According to the book The People of the Secret (Octogon Press, 1983), these would be the Judicial Group at the top of the worlds pyramid and their Headquarters are located in Shamballah somewhere in Afghanistan (so, cause I was gonna post this they just killed fourteen Americans in Helicopters in Afghanistan today October 27, 2009 which serves to tell us that they did not relocate their Headquarters as the book would have us believe). 


The Fleur de Lis (which is also a spear symbolizing a militant group) is symbolic of the Executive Branch of the World System composed of Herod's Soldiers from Gaul (per Josephus) who became immortal by drinking the blood of Y'shua while they were whipping him and their Headquarters are located somewhere in Gaul as is a host of other organizations including SHAPE (specifically SHAEF) where I was stationed in the Air Force and which one site has connected to Tavistock and thus the Monarch Project.


The Lion represents the mortals who run the world for the immortals (the pinnacle of which is apparently the Black Pope) and they would be the Legislative Branch of the World System with Headquarters somewhere in London - possibly at Tavistock itself and composed, primarily, of the Committee of 300. Thus, when the Monarch Project was 'de-commissioned' in the early seventies, they just contracted it out to the Tavistock Institute if this were not the originating organization itself.


The Sheep actually represents the Monarchs themselves - children of Y'shua - whom the commoners (which they obtain via kidnapping, apparently, and brainwashing) are trained to crush psychologically and they are actually represented by the Rope that is being used to dip the sheep.  It turns out that there is a direct connection between the Monarch Project and Sheep Dipping, thus confirming my contention, for there is a breed of sheep that have been called the Royal Sheep in France and they don't have horns, just as the picture itself shows for those are the sheeps ears and thus it has no horns and the sheep is a Royal Sheep or a Monarch.


Tavistock would have been chosen specifically for the name as is the habit of the Insiders in accordance with their belief that words themselves have inheirant power in and of themselves (for details of this see Cirlot's book on Symbols and Mark Booth's book on the Secret History of the World) and, in this case, the Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet and refers to the Seal of the Divine and the Stock being referred to would be the Stock of Y'shua which is born out by the remainder of this symbolism.


The Blazen of the crest above is that of the town itself : "Per pale. gules and azure; a fleece banded; a chief, dexter, a lion passant gardant, sinister a fleur-de-lys, all 'or'" and, I would guess that the symbol of the Sheep and Fleece serves a dual purpose for these sheep have Yellow or Gold fleece and the fleece on the crest itself is also pictured in gold and this is a direct referrence to the Quest for the Golden Fleece which is the ultimate goal of the Monarch Project and, for the immortals it is not immortality but divinity itself which they hope to obtain via one of the Children of the Veil.


The Motto also describes the crushing of the Monarchs themselves : "Crescit sub pondere virtus - Virtue flourishes under a burden."


This virtue is talked about in the above book published by Octagon Press and their goal of having one of the Monarchs clothe themselves with divinity is dependant upon the virture of said Monarch which is the primary reason for chosing one of Y'shua's sons.


There is little doubt, therefore, that Tavistock Institute represents the missing Monarch Project and they will be judged appropriately.


I hope you like you Dragon well done...


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