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Topic: The Butterfly Effect

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The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect



Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2007, 3:44 PM

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Apparently, one of the reasons that the Insiders chose the Monarch Butterfly for a Symbol of the Bloodliners in the MKULTRA Monarch Project was because this was where proof of Inherited Memory came from, so I am gonna take a look at this subject.

They are putting all their bets into one of Y'shua's children 'remembering' what it was like to be God in the Flesh and thus clothing themselves with divinity however, if the theory is faulty to begin with, then there is absolutely no chance of any of his kids 'clothing' themselves with divinity via this method which, then, makes all their torture of these people for the last forty years to have been a very bad 'investment' to say the least.

I don't think you want me to say the most.

Anyways, one thing that needs to be stated right now is that the majority of proof which comes from pseudo scientific sources, has got absolutely nothing to do with Inherited Memory but 'Inherited Demons' where events that the Demons experienced hundreds or thousands of years ago, are then played back to the current host making that person(s) think that, "I've been here before" - G. Patton. I will not bother recording any of those proofs for that is a waste of time for Y'shua didn't have any demons to pass on to any of his descendants.

The only argument against this conclusion was by one person who said that kids under the age of two don't get possessed much, if at all, and yet, Demonic Possession of Children, in order to Program them, is the sick and demented and perverted Foundation of the Monarch Project which, then, throws his argument right out the window.

The Wiki Article said that the Migration of the Monarch 'seemed' to be a result of Inherited Memory of the Circadian Cycle and the Path of the Sun which, then, means that there is no Inherited Memory at all, but they are just responding to the environment around them, including, no doubt, the Magnetism of the Earth which is also true of Birds. There are no Monarchs in Hawaii and this is because the Wind is from the West and they are not stupid enough to fly against the Wind although some of them seemed to get detoured to Britain by that same wind, but they ain't gonna spend the Winter in the Atlantic cause there ain't no food to eat so - duh - they fly south for the Winter until they catch wind of their favorite Fir and lodge there for the Winter along with the Sun.

So, if you want to prove your little theory than take one of them thar fancy little chips you all love so much and paste it on one of those puppies and see if they make a Bee Line for them Firs or if they just fly south until they smell em and then take a right turn to the west to find em.

At least that is what I would do if my eternal destiny was dependent upon the life cycle of a brainless insect.

In an interesting Catch Twenty Too Twist to this little story, it is the people who don't believe in Reincarnation who try and teach some type of Inherited Memory as the explanation.

How you gonna explain that one Bert...

"The 'Inherited memory' argument has fundamental flaws. If a person was remembering the life of one of his or her ancestors there would have to be both a racial and geographic link between the remembered life and the life of the person's ancestors. However, many people remember past lives as members of totally different races."

"The instincts might therefore be taken as supplementary senses, on a different plane from the five ordinarily recognised. Between the perception by means of a sense and the intellectual result of rational effort there was an evident distinction, and a parallel distinction could be traced between instinct and reason. The terror of a horse at the odour of an unknown wild beast might be accounted for by inherited memory, but it seemed more reasonable to attribute it to the immediate perception of a maleficent quality. Protective instincts like this were found through-out nature, but were so rudimentary in man that, physically, as compared with beasts and insects, he was the inferior animal."

Editor's Note : September 8, 2007 :

The Illuminati, as standard operating procedure, always have at least two, and in the most important cases, three meanings per symbol (check out Buch raising three fingers in a photo on the net somewhere).

The first is for the average person or even the average member of the brotherhood who is not entitled to know the innermost secrets.

Thus, with the symbol of the Monarch Butterfly, they used this to 'motivate' the 'commoners' to "crush" the Bloodliners psychologically as part of their "Imperial Training."

For the people who were running the show, they used the symbol to illustrate the process of recreating the conditions of the cross in the hopes that one of these kids would clothe themselves with Diety.

2007-11-20 13:28

Here is a thread from the Godlike Productions where someone is trying to get me to consider the possiblility of inherited memory and that proves that this is their goal. The thread was posted for my benefit.

Note the comment from the person who posted just after me trying to emphasise the 'inherited memory' of the Monarch using the Moth symbol - you know illumination with the Moth traveling towards the light.

2008-01-09 17:57

See Thread And Fallacy of for the conclusion.

2008-02-16 14:40

Just watched the movie "The Island" last night and it is basically a modernization of "Logan's Run" but modified to apply to the Monarchs with a Monarch Butterfly actually being used by them as the turning point in the movie and the hero's quest for the truth.

The movie was a piss pour attempt to provide a reason for the Insiders of this world siring people and braggin about them on the cover's of Time Magazine to cover over the truth that these are actually the children of the Veil.

If we were just "clones" of rich and famous people we would look just like them, they would not allow us out into the general population at all to avoid any of us catching any communicable diseses, etc.

At the very end of that movie the link it back to the Monarch Project, once again, by using the symbolism of the Holy Grail which is a direct referrence to the Monarchs as I have stated elsewhere once again showing that this movie is a Signiature that they have performed these experiments with resulting psychological torture and that it still continues to this day.

2008-02-16 14:45

I just wanted to add a more 'conclusive' conclusion to the ongoing project called Monarch.

The reader will recall that the Monarch Butterfly was chosen for this Project by the Insiders for a specific reason and that was because, as I have shown, that this species was supposedly capable of Inherited Memory.

Now, with this in mind we were told by CIA Director William Colby that the Monarch Project was suspended in the 60's or early 70's.

However, the proof that this project continues to this day is not only proven by the testimonies on these pages, but by the fact that they bragged about it in the movie The Island.

In this movie, a bunch of clones are virtually prisoner to the people that produced them but the turning point in the movie comes about when one of the clones finds a Monarch Butterfly zipping around the prison which eventually leads him to a way to escape his prison.

During the course of the movie we find out that this one clone is special in that, out of all the other clones, he has inherited the memory of his Original - he 'remembers' how to drive a motor cycle and a car, the name of his Original's boat, etc.

The name of the boat also directly applies which was Renavatio which is the Latin word for Reborn which the Monarch Catapillar is when it comes out of its Cacoon (remember the movie of the same name which was obscessed with the Fountain of Youth?). Then, in case you missed all that, they then link the entire 'project' of the movie to the Holy Grail which I have mentioned elsewhere is referring to all the Monarchs.

In Criminology, this would be called the Monarch Signiature and conclusive proof, admissable in a Court of Law if there were any left that still worked for Justice, that the Monarch Project still continues to this day.

They also used the butterfly in the movie Silence of the Lambs and the movie Total Recall starts out with a butterfly in the opening scene which doesn't surprise me at all.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

(From MTV Movies Blog. 22 October 2009, 3:30 PM, PDT) Ugly Betty: Preview of Season 4 Premiere "The Butterfly Effect" (From BuddyTV) - A young man blocks out harmful memories of significant events of his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life...


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