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Topic: Baby Killers

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Baby Killers


Saturday, December 5, 2009


Baby Killers



You want to know what the article below is all about?

Well, I had just started attending Our Lady of Perpetual Help Byzantine Catholic Church in the process of conversion. The Church is located about one block away from that park on the corner of Alvarado and Aspen Avenue. Some of the people involved in my conversion process tried to insinuate that they thought I was the one responsible (and as I type this up today, December 5, 2009, they have just had two kidnapping attempts from a couple of schools here in Santa Fe).

The day that this happened, I was in the Library of the Church and my eyes alighted on a book on their shelf titled, "Rachel Weeping for her Children" and I knew right then, that they would use their little MKULTRA toy to kill someone's kid.

APD: Mother smothered buried boy twice

Tiffany Toribio's booking photo Tyrus Toribio Albuquerque police say the woman charged with murdering her son and then burying him in an Albuquerque park smothered him on May 13, felt remorse and used CPR to revive him, then smothered him again.

Tiffany Toribio, 23, faces a charge of first degree murder and several child abuse charges. She was taken into custody Wednesday night after her family members recognized a composite sketch of the buried boy and identified him as three and a half year old Tyrus Toribio.

According to Albuquerque police Chief Ray Schultz, Toribio had been asked to leave her mother’s Albuquerque home on May 7. She moved to the home of friends, but three days later was asked to leave again.

Schultz said that Toribio and Tyrus then wandered the streets of Albuquerque and witnesses reported that the little boy was often seen trailing the mother at a great distance.

Schultz said that on May 13, Toribio and her son had been walking around Alvarado Park near San Mateo and Lomas early the morning of May 13 while sprinklers were running in the park. He says when the sprinklers stopped, the two entered the park and Toribio placed her hand over the little boy’s mouth and nose, smothering him.

Schultz said Toribio felt remorse and used CPR to revive the boy, but then smothered him again.
According to Schultz, Toribio said that she killed the boy because she didn’t want him growing up with no one caring about him-- the same way she had grown up.

After the boy’s death, Toribio has been wandering the streets around East Central, said Schultz. When her picture was released Wednesday evening, police received a tip that that’s where she had been seen and began searching.

When they found her near Third Street and Central, she initially denied her identity. When she did confess who she was, she told officers that Tyrus was in the custody of the state Children, Youth and Families Department, but later confessed.

Toribio is a member of the Zia Pueblo Indian tribe. Tribal Gov. Ivan Pino said the tribe has asked that Tyrus’ body be returned to the pueblo for burial. People living near the park raised about $4,000 for a funeral for the boy.


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