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Topic: The Twin Signature

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The Twin Signature


The Twin Signiature

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You wouldn't believe the amount of information I used to have on this subject that is now hopelessly lost in Cyber Space however, as time goes on I will continue to add more information and there will remain no doubt that the Insiders are leaving this particular calling card all over the place. The importance of the Twin Signiature is that it can be found throughout history and its continued use by the Insiders is circumstancial evidence that it is the result of an immortal and not just a philosophical sytem of duality.



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This one came out today and I wasn't going to post it as the opening example to this thread and I may end up removing it at some later date but what you have is twin power outages caused by Squirrels. That it was planned can be seen in the name games involved which I will place in Bold.

I would direct the reader to the Worm Turns Picture that they used to sign their handiwork at the conception and birth of myself and my three twin brothers which, then, makes this event connected to, and for the 'benefit' of the four brothers.


The outages occured on the 19th which means its probably in reaction to something I wrote on the 18th and I spent the day in GLP and probably one of these two threads would hold the answer but it could also have been a comment I posted arbitrarily.

And this is the statement that they probably reacted to on the second URL above : Already then - there goes the British Crown.

Either that or they were just bored.

Anyways, I would point out to the reader that the article states that this is not a rare occurance so, why is it in the news today?

The connection to the Power Company is also referring to my years working at a Hydro Dam. A guy with the John Signiature is stuck in an elevator awaiting Thanksgiving which I have mentioned on another thread - You won't believe what happens next - ElWood is referring to 'god's woody' and is a sexual inuendo referring to my phallis, believe it or not - I won't tell ya about Brian but you can probably figure it out for yourself - Brian's got El's Woody you know where. The Enterprise is referring to my comments about their mission to design and built a stellar craft cabable of zipping through a Black Hole. You have Two Squirrels and Two Power outages affecting Two Cites and the Squirrels are Toast - as in Ashland. Lamech Signed this Signiature so this could acutally go under that thread.

I guess this was what they were referring to in yesterday's headlines about Blair's Plan - giving jobs to Palestinians.

We're gonna start armageddon by frying a couple of rodents.

I think it will work just swell...


Squirrels cut power


Squirrels briefly kill power in Two Cities

Tue Nov 20, 6:01 AM ET

ASHLAND, Wis. - It was an unlucky day for two squirrels and hundreds of Midwestern power customers.

Brian Elwood, a spokesman for Xcel Energy, said a squirrel came in contact with an overhead transformer and knocked out service to 177 customers Monday. Power was fully restored in just under an hour, and repair crews found the remains of the "unfortunate squirrel," he said.

By coincidence, another squirrel got into a substation 40 miles away in Ironwood, Mich., Monday morning and caused a temporary outage that affected about 1,400 customers in Ironwood and two nearby communities, Elwood said.

The utility takes many preventive steps to keep the curious animals away from lines, he said, but they are one of the leading causes of outages, trailing only severe weather.

"We kind of liken it to anyone who's had a bird feeder and tried to keep the squirrels out," he said. "They find a way."

Rodney Johnson was stuck on an elevator at the city's Enterprise Center, where he works, when the power went out.

"For a couple of minutes there, I wasn't sure if I'd make it to Thanksgiving," said Johnson, who said he is somewhat claustrophobic. "They kept talking to me while they were trying to open it up, though, so that helped."

Once a firefighter opened the door, Johnson wasted no time in getting out.

"I'm surprised I didn't knock him down," he said.;_ylt =AttqfZgxzGL7RJmf_V3Y4Lus0NUE


International Herald Tribune Quote of the Day : I couldn't resist :

"It amounts to terrorism and we're the hostages."

Ludovic Boltz, a French commuter



Welcome to my World...

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